The effectiveness of mesotherapy from gray hair


Table of contents

  • Technology of procedure
  • Procedure of mesotherapy in the clinic
  • Contraindications and prophylaxis

Color ringlets for women - an indicator of youth and well-being, so many try to use any method, and mesotherapy against gray hair is no exception. Most often gray hair appears after 35 years. At the age of 50-60 years old, gray hair becomes much more. This process is due to the amount of pigment in the bulbs. When special cells (melanocytes) cease to produce a coloring pigment, the white color of the hair becomes stronger.

Gray locks appear due to a decrease in the activity of melanocytes. This is due to the genetic code of each person. Early gray hair is a consequence of a lack of certain vitamins and elements in the body. Hair coloring is not a solution to a problem, it's just a disguise. Cure and restore the color of the strands will help mesotherapy. It improves the nutrition of cells in the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles, promotes good growth.


Technology of procedure

Mesotherapy - injection of therapeutic cocktails under the scalp. These mixtures contain:

  • a large amount of vitamin B;
  • microelements;
  • amino acids.

Also, they contain various natural analogues of melanin, magnesium, zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids, medicines, etc. Sometimes it is used and hyaluronic acid.

To achieve an effective result, a whole course of treatment is necessarily carried out. On average, about 10 injections are needed. Their number and frequency are assigned individually.

This cosmetic operation consists in the introduction of a useful cocktail under the scalp to a depth of 4 mm. Do not be afraid of injections. Mesotherapy itself is a comfortable procedure that is transferred without problems.


In addition to the therapeutic effect, manipulation helps in nourishing the skin and improving blood circulation. Most often, enrolling in a clinic for mesotherapy of girls causes the process of hair loss. After consultation and examination by a doctor, a course of treatment is prescribed. This operation helps with:

  • loss of brilliance;
  • the appearance of dryness;
  • dandruff;
  • brittle hair.

Vitamin cocktails are harmless and will not be superfluous even with minor problems or their absence. Given the cost of procedures, it is more rational to resort to them as necessary. The cost of the drug, which depends on the set of components, varies between 50-150 dollars, and the services of a cosmetologist are not free.

The procedure is as follows: useful elements act on bulbs of the hair follicle, after which increases the duration of the growth phase, enhances the synthesis of pigment melanin, which allows to stop the process of appearance gray hair. There are many disputes and discussions on the effectiveness of this procedure.

The results of the study and the results of the treatment made the following verdict: mesotherapy restores the hair natural color at the initial stage the appearance of gray hair, and at later stages, vitamin injections will help to strengthen the curls and give them a density, but the colors do not will return.

The healing effect is not only in a well-composed complex of vitamins, amino acids and other substances, but also in the addition of melanin pigment.

It is he who helps restore color and accelerate hair growth.

Another secret lies in the areas of injections. Sometimes injections are made not only under the scalp, but also in the under-neck part of the neck. Thus, blood microcirculation normalizes faster.

Procedure of mesotherapy in the clinic

There are 2 variants of the injections: manual (using a small syringe) or hardware. The last method is the use of a special mesoinjector gun, which allows you to automate the process and shorten the duration of the procedure. The level of administration of a vitamin cocktail may vary.


The specialist uses thin and short needles. Given the minimum depth of the injection, it is easy to understand that the procedure is almost imperceptible and absolutely painless. To the action of therapeutic cocktails is sufficient for the entire area of ​​hair on the head, a cosmetologist or doctor cracks the skin of a person every,

After the procedure, bruises are extremely rare and only in too sensitive patients. In special treatment, residual bruises do not need and pass for 1-2 days. The main advantage of mesotherapy in the treatment of weakened hair and gray hair is the absence of side effects and versatility of the drugs.

The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Carried out necessarily in a sterile environment. For a long-term effect, a course of mesotherapy procedures is prescribed. As a rule, the result is noticeable after 3-4 sessions, after which 2-3 more procedures are performed to consolidate success. In complex diseases, a serious lack of vitamins or in the case of using mesotherapy against gray hair, a course of 10-15 sessions is prescribed.

Often because of a lack of confidence in the doctors-cosmetologists or desire to save women try to find a way on their own. Quality and safe conduct of mesotherapy is possible only with a good doctor. Having bought expensive drugs and special devices for injections, women are at risk of causing great harm to their health and appearance. Do not forget about the importance of experience and knowledge, which has only a good specialist.

Contraindications and prophylaxis

Mesotherapy is one of the curative clinical procedures, there are also contraindications to its conduct. Strict medical prohibitions operate with oncological pathologies, severe skin infections, hemophilia and kidney diseases. Harm to health can be applied during mesotherapy during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, exacerbation of any chronic diseases, epilepsy, allergy to components.

Completely restore the production of melanin in already grayed hair is still impossible. Only at an early stage of the appearance of such a symptom it is possible to avoid the problem by contacting the doctor on time and by conducting a course of vitamin injections. Given the harmlessness of the procedure, mesotherapy can be carried out as a preventive measure. It will strengthen the hair, give them strength and shine, and in some cases will delay the appearance of gray hair. Before taking the shots, you need to consult a doctor.

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For the prevention of early gray hair it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid lack of sleep, stress, negative emotions, debilitating diets. It is important to remember that gray is an external manifestation, and the reasons for this lie in the body itself.