Why do teenagers sweat their palms and what can I do?

The allocation of sweat is a natural physiological reaction of the organism of any person, regardless of his age. Sweating is an important part of the process of thermoregulation of the human body. The only parts of the body that do not participate in it are the palms and feet. In some cases, hyperhidrosis (the medical name of excessive sweating) extends to these areas of the skin, including in adolescents. In the latter, this state of sweating causes not only anxiety, but also a feeling of discomfort, which in time can develop into a complex against the background of problems in communicating with others. So, why do teen hands and feet sweat?



  • 1Causes of excessive sweating of the palms
    • 1.1Genetic predisposition
    • 1.2Diseases of various nature
  • 2Diagnosis and treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis

Causes of excessive sweating of the palms


The main reason for this condition of the sweat glands on the palms is the "pubertal period or, more simply, the transitional age. At this age, hormonal restructuring begins, as well as the active work of the gonads, throwing into the blood a huge amount of the corresponding hormones: in boys - testosterone, in girls - Estrogen. Before the establishment of a certain balance of the level of synthesized and consumed hormones in the work of certain body systems, local disruptions can occur. These include increased sweating of the skin on the palms.

In addition to changing the hormonal background, or rather, against this background, the reorganization of various systems and functions of the body of a teenager begins. For example, during this period the heart muscle grows actively, and the rate of growth of blood vessels is lower. As a consequence, the body becomes more tired and one of the manifestations of this also becomes excessive sweating on the palms and feet.

In such cases, you just need to wait for this period, as well as pay more attention to personal hygiene. Assistants in the fight against hyperhidrosis of the palms during the puberty period will be antiperspirants and special powders.

In addition to the above case, sweating of the palms may be caused by other causes of a more serious nature. For example, genetic predisposition, various diseases or causes of psychological nature. Each of these cases is discussed below.

Genetic predisposition

In some cases, excessive sweating, including palms, may be associated with heredity. This often happens if the next of kin suffer from hyperhidrosis. In the pubertal period, this becomes most noticeable. And often in such cases, the smell of sweat has a sharp hue.

Hereditary or, as it is still called, ideopathic hyperhidrosis is not subject to treatment.

In this case, it is necessary to fight only with consequences.

It is necessary to adhere to some rules that will reduce the intensity of perspiration and odor of sweat:

  • wearing clothes made of natural materials;
  • Regular shower, in hot season at least 2 times a day;
  • exclusion from the diet of products that cause increased sweating (very fatty foods, spicy spices and the like);
  • use of special talc for hands.

Diseases of various nature

Increased sweating of the palms, as well as other parts of the body, can be caused by various infectious diseases. These include influenza, respiratory tract infection, SARS, malaria, venereal diseases.

In the pubertal period, it is not uncommon for the adolescent to develop vegetovascular dystonia (VDD). Statistically, prevalence is at the level of 25% of the total number of tested boys and girls of this age.

This disease is characterized by a violation of signals coming to various organs, and hence a violation of the work of these organs. This is also affected by the systems responsible for the thermoregulation mechanism. As a consequence - disturbed or excessive sweating of various parts of the body, including the palms.

Among the pathologies of the organs of the endocrine system, which can lead to increased sweating, include diseases of the thyroid and adrenal glands. The first are characterized by an elevated level of thyroid hormones, secreted by the thyroid gland into the blood. This negatively affects the course of the main metabolic processes, which is the reason for excessive sweating, including palms.

Adrenal dysfunction causes the development of diabetes mellitus. With the development of this disease of sweating, the upper part of the trunk is susceptible.

With constant thirst, covered with palms and completely dry feet, it is possible to talk about diabetes mellitus with great probability.

Hormonal restructuring during the puberty period often makes a teenager emotionally unstable. And the cause of stress or depression can be even the smallest, at first glance, a trifle. Sweating palms often become the result of stress and constant nervous tension.

Also, the causes of actively sweating palms can be the effects of prolonged antibiotic therapy and excessive weight.

Diagnosis and treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis

To avoid ideopathic hyperhidrosis, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will be able either to determine the cause by himself, assign the necessary tests, or he will send it to a specialized specialist for diagnosis.

In search of a true cause, you may need to contact not one doctor, among which:

  • infectionist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • neurologist;
  • psychotherapist;
  • nutritionist.

After the diagnosis is made by the doctor, an adequate treatment is prescribed. If all the recommendations of the doctor are observed, excessive sweating of the palms will soon remain only in the memory.

Constantly sweating palms often cause both physical and psychological discomfort in the adolescent. If such a phenomenon occurs, you should consult your doctor, because it may not be only a sign of a transitional age, but also an indicator of the development of serious pathology in the body child.

When prescribing treatment, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician, which, naturally, will affect the timing and quality of treatment.

In addition, during this period a teenager needs psychological support, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid the development of complexes associated with such an unpleasant phenomenon as sweating of the palms.

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