The best female deodorants

Deodorizing drugs can prevent the reproduction of bacteria on the body in a moist environment, that is, remove the cause of unpleasant odors. The main thing is that the deodorant for women does not cause harm to health. Good quality means, in addition to everything, should be quickly absorbed, without leaving traces on clothes.


Do not confuse deodorants with antiperspirants, which are designed to block sweat glands.


  • 1What to choose?
  • 2What form is convenient
  • 3The best choice for a woman

What to choose?


So many inviting suggestions in stores! On what to stop the choice? What are the qualities of a female deodorant?

If there is a problem of profuse sweating, then antiperspirant will be more effective. Since this agent contains substances that block the sweat channels. Work antiperspirant can day or more, so it is applied only once a day. It is not necessary to use it more often than recommended, and it is necessary to apply only to certain areas, since this drug clogs the output channels.

Deodorants contain bactericidal and disinfectants, which neutralize bacteria, that is, remove the cause of the appearance of odors. The composition also includes perfumed products. This product has the property of quickly absorbed, on the clothing of the tracks should not leave.

In some situations, when there is a problem of copious discharge and unpleasant odors, both products are used. Or maybe in this situation the most effective option - antiperspirant deodorant.

On what ingredients should be paid attention, that is, take into account their properties:
  • The effect of drying gives a marigold extract.
  • Softens on the skin - cyclomethicone.
  • Strengthens drying, does not create stains - stearyl diethyl ether PPG-15.
  • Softens and removes irritation of avocado oil.
  • The appearance of an allergy provokes proppropylene glycol.
  • It is believed that the presence of phthalates is unsafe for health.

What form is convenient

It should be known that in all deodorizing agents in the composition there are preservatives. Therefore, when choosing it is worth paying attention to the expiration dates. It is better to buy deodorants for women with a minimum shelf life of up to a year, because there will not be so many preservatives in such preparations.

  • Spray modern technology allows you to produce products of this kind without alcohol and preservatives. However, they are not suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergies. They are very refreshing, and since they do not have contact with the skin, a few people can use one canister.
  • Stick is popular due to its consistency and to the fact that, after using it, there are no marks on clothes. The disadvantage is poor heat tolerance, that is, it loses its effectiveness. Stick only for individual use.
  • The ball version moisturizes and refreshes the skin. After coating, a thin film is formed, which does not roll down in the heat. The film must be washed off, as it can provoke irritation or itching. The composition of roller products may contain alcohol, so it is not recommended for delicate skin. Only for individual use.
  • Deodorant creams or gels can be used by people prone to allergies. The cream significantly reduces unpleasant fragrances, softens, and also moisturizes the skin, prevents inflammation, protects against fungal lesions. The gel has the same functions, but it has a lighter structure, because its absorption is faster.
  • Powdered deodorant is an excellent choice for oily skin. Apply it only after water procedures. Suitable for evening use because it has an excellent flavor. In a heat it is better not to use.
  • Deodorizing wipes. They are irreplaceable in conditions when there is no possibility to take a shower in time, for example, in a hike, a train. Napkins should have necessarily antibacterial qualities and be refreshing, moisturizing.

The best choice for a woman

Many eminent companies produce deodorizing products. Each woman for herself can make a rating of those goods that are more suitable for her.
Here are just some famous brands:
    • Chanel gave women a deodorant perfume Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with an economical sprayer. At once charms aroma: unobtrusive, refined. The agent with the help of a special formula is able to activate the aroma at the moment when it is necessary.
    • A very high rating of the antiperspirant Rexona "Maximum protection" creamy its consistency is quickly absorbed, there is no feeling of stickiness. Softens the skin, controls sweating, eliminates the cause of the appearance of an unpleasant darling.
    • Who most likes a deodorant without a smell, then for them, probably, the representative of the best female deodorant is Crystal Body Deodorant Spray. It is hypoallergenic. Do not block the sweat channels, and therefore cope with excessive sweating can not. Suitable even for pregnant women.
    • The best deodorant Collistar Multi Active Deodorant 24 Hours Cream, cream with a texture of milk, perfectly absorbed, has a moisturizing, softening effect. Unpleasant odor is removed by blocking the multiplication of bacteria, reduces sweating. Suitable even for intensive physical training, including sports.
    • The uniqueness of the female deodorant spray Garnier Mineral, is that it can be matched to the color of the clothes. You can use it every day. Well absorbed.
  • Adidas Performance Action 3 Control in the sports ranking takes the first line. Pleasantly fragrant. Antiperspirant deodorant blocks the output channels, neutralizes unpleasant fragrances. The effect persists for a long time.
  • Ball Mineral, Active control, from Garnier does not contain alcohol. In its composition, only natural products with a pleasant aroma. Do not block the robot sweat glands, does not irritate the skin. Can be used in high heat, up to 45. The manufacturer produces with the same properties and aroma sprays.
  • A good rating for a natural Crystal Body Deodorant stone, grabs it for six months. It blocks the multiplication of bacteria, but does not block sweating.
  • For fans of the original cosmetics will be interesting Lush The Guv'ner with a natural composition of components, a pleasant natural fragrance. Suitable for daily use. May not be suitable for women suffering from allergies.

Choosing the best option, which will be a panacea for profuse sweating, each woman makes her rating. Manufacturers offer a large selection of products, which allows each individually to pick out what is more suitable. Each product has good and even unique qualities, but absolutely perfect there.


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