Expressive make-up for gray eyes: features and nuances



  • Choose a palette of shadows
  • We study the features of its color
  • Learning how to apply makeup correctly
  • Mistakes and secrets

If you ask the girls what color colors they would like to have, traditionally the first place will be divided into bright green and sky-blue shades. Next on the list will follow the brown, black and all kinds of options. But gray is unreasonably undervalued. It is believed that he makes the eyes more dull and unremarkable, although in reality this is not so.

It is the makeup for the gray eyes that is rich in options and spectacular solutions, like no other. And if you still think that this is nothing more than a word, let me prove to you the opposite.

Choose a palette of shadows

In the predominant majority of cases, the gray color of the eyes is not "clean". It almost always contains inclusions of brown, green, blue and other shades. Due to this, the chameleon effect is created, and the eyes can change their color depending on the weather conditions, mood of the wearer, lighting, season and many other factors.

Therefore, to create a makeup, you can use almost the entire existing range of colors except for those shades that coincide with the shade of the eyes themselves, since they can not achieve the expressiveness of the eye with them.

Good to know!Even the most beautiful make-up for gray eyes will look ridiculous, if it does not harmonize with the rest of the image. Therefore, when going somewhere, do not forget to pick up clothes, accessories and a hairdress, due to which the makeup will look as effective as possible.

We study the features of its color

Previously, we have repeatedly talked about the features of different color types and rules for their design. The same rules apply here: shades that emphasize the natural elegance and beauty of "summer" are not suitable for pale skin and gray eyes of "winter". Therefore, if you do not want to look ridiculous, be sure to consider the features of your image and try to follow the following rules.

  • "Spring"

"Spring" is the most refined and delicate of color types. For gray eyes and light hair, characteristic of it, "live "warm" tones will suit, which will make the image softer. The perfect solution will be light beige and chocolate shades, egg shell color and coffee with milk, orange-yellow, apricot, salmon, orange-red. For gray eyes and blond hair, no less interesting are combinations with azure blue, sapphire shades and apple green.

  • "Summer"

The type of "summer" in many respects is similar to "spring but it has features. The overwhelming majority of "summer" girls can observe a "cold" ashy gleam in their hair and silvery smoke in their eyes.

Therefore, for blondes with gray eyes, fine shades of unpainted white wool, gray and blue shades, pastel blue tones, and also the color of the waves, crimson and piercing yellow, are perfect.

  • "Autumn"

"Autumn" is the most saturated color-type, due to which girls, related to it, can often do without cosmetics. A pinkish skin tone combined with golden freckles makes them charming and so.

But if we talk about makeup, then the most successful for gray eyes and red hair are deep and saturated colors: the color of rust, bottle (emerald) glass, red velvet, cream and similar to them shades. Interesting variations are obtained by using orange and bright red (tomato) colors.

  • "Winter"

For gray eyes and dark hair, which are most common in this color type, any make-up except for "warm" (yellow, orange) colors will do. Optimum are blue, white, silver, dark turquoise (sea) and anthracite hues. Interesting combinations can be obtained with a saturated green color, a dark cyclamen, and also purple-pink hues. It is necessary to push off when choosing from the color of the skin (i.e. because it can be "porcelain and rather swarthy).

Good to know!For makeup for every day neutral shades are quite suitable. If you want to give your eyes expressiveness, and look spectacular, use eyeliner and shadows with glitter that will create an additional effect of radiance.

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Learning how to apply makeup correctly

The owners of gray eyes are real lucky ones. Unlike others, when applying everyday make-up, they may well confine themselves to padding or pencil. If the shadows are used, then to achieve a positive effect, they must be applied correctly.

There are many options to achieve results, however, if your goal is not a simple make-up for gray eyes, but sensual and expressive image for the release of the light, you can quite use the next (so popular among the stars) technique:

  1. The first step is to clean the face of the possible remnants of the previous makeup (how to do it correctly and the better, in our article on the link). Therefore, the application of any cosmetics always begins with washing. Then a foundation is applied to the skin, which not only allows to mask discontinuities and irregularities, but also saturates the cells with nutrients.
  2. Then lightly powder your eyelids, apply white or silver shadows on the inner corner of the eyelids. Holders of large eyes can also process an external corner.
  3. The next step is applying dark, contrasting shades. They should not be used for all the eyelid, but only up to half (from the outer corner).
  4. The last step is to achieve the maximum expressiveness of the view. To do this, we apply eyeliner, use mascara for eyelashes and a pencil for eyebrows. If you want to enhance the effect, use thin retro arrows (not forgetting to shade them from the outer corner to the inner) and lines in tone to dark shadows, only a lighter shade (for example, light blue when using dark blue shadows).

Good to know!Instead of white shadows, you can use light shades of any other colors. However, it must be done carefully, bearing in mind the compatibility. Otherwise, your bright makeup will quickly turn into a clown mask.

Mistakes and secrets

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned that the gray eyes, like a chameleon, are capable of modifying their shade. However, this effect can be achieved not only due to external factors (weather conditions, lighting, etc.), but also with the help of cosmetics. So:

  • Those who want to get a blue shade, you can use the shadows of yellow, gold, bronze and similar colors. The lead in this case should be either coal-black, or, on the contrary, light-blue.
  • Emerald and chocolate tones are perfect for enhancing the green tint. In this case, the lower eyelids should always be painted exclusively in green.
  • If you want something more than normal daytime makeup, you can surprise your friends with the effect of a "clouded" look. For this purpose, silvery shadows are used, which must necessarily be either lighter than the eyes themselves or coincide with the natural color of the iris.

Obviously, the gray color of the eyes is universal. However, this does not mean that you can not make mistakes with him. For example:

  • If you overdo it, and your evening makeup (not to mention the daytime) will be excessively bright, the eyes themselves against the background of this riot of colors will be lost, and the look will become repulsive.
  • Each color has a lot of shades, and choosing the wrong one, you risk not achieving the desired effect, but the reverse of it. This is especially true for the orange color, the juicy tones of which will add a glance to the radiance, and those close to the brick ones, on the contrary, may give the impression that you have recently cried.
  • Using a black stroke, trying to make a daytime make-up for gray eyes, you visually reduce the size of your eyes. To avoid this effect, it is better to abandon the lines along the outer and inner boundaries of the eyelash growth or, if your idea is without a contour can not do, use brown, blue and dark gray options.

As you can see, the owner of gray eyes is really lucky in life. A little ingenuity is enough, and any make-up, be it wedding make-up, evening or everyday, will look fantastic. But this is exactly what every girl aspires, starting to smarten up.

What do you think? Do you think gray is promising? What shades and combinations do you prefer to use to express these eyes? We are waiting for comments.

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