Regenerating face mask at home: what is it?

  • September 16, 2018
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The skin of any person is subject to aging processes, and they are inevitable. However, this is not a cause for frustration. Slow down them can regenerating face mask, which does not necessarily buy for fabulous amounts in the store. It can easily be prepared with your own hands at home from fresh vegetables, fruits and oils. Possessing pronounced rejuvenating properties, such a remedy will not allow the appearance of premature wrinkles, will make the skin smooth and elastic.


Skin rejuvenation and effective restoration of damaged cells become possible, because regenerating face masks at home are made mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain active substances, which just contribute to all these processes:

  • antioxidantsdo not allow cells to break down under the action of free radicals, since they know how to block them;
  • numerous vitaminsintensively nourish the epidermis, maintain the normal functioning of metabolic processes, promoting increased production of collagen fibers and elastin;
  • flavonoidsrefresh, tone, improve the complexion, rejuvenate, smooth wrinkles.

Enriched with these substances, a regenerating face mask made at home will prove very useful. Especially they are recommended to try those who have a dry, fading, mature, already wrinkled skin. A woman should not put up with the processes of aging. They can, if not stop, at least slow. Then wrinkles will not appear too soon, ptosis (sagging) will begin much later, and the epidermis will retain its youth and elasticity for a long time.


To be happy with the action of regenerating masks, you need to be able to properly prepare and apply them at home. After all, this is not a store tool, supplied with detailed instructions. If you listen to the below tips, regeneration will occur much faster than you would expect from such masks.

  1. Indication: not only wrinkles as the first signs of aging, but also various damage to the skin on the face, which do not heal too long.
  2. Contraindications: open wounds on the face, individual intolerance of those or other components of the regenerating mask.
  3. Ingredients: fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, as well as oils - cosmetic, vegetable, ethereal. All of them have a rejuvenating and restoring effect.
  4. Before the procedure of regeneration at home, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of cosmetics and dust.
  5. The action time is from 10 to 25 minutes.
  6. The frequency of application is from 10 to 12 procedures, after which it will be necessary to take a break.

Observing these recommendations on the preparation of regenerating face masks, it is possible to significantly improve the state of aging skin that is already beginning to age. After all, a woman at any age should be beautiful, always remain mysterious and young. So be sure to pick yourself a few recipes for home rejuvenation.


Carefully study the recipe of the regenerating face mask that interests you. If there are no above mentioned products (fruits, vegetables, greens, berries), it is better to find something else. The more vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants will be in the mask, the better it will feel after her skin.

  • Regenerating mask with gooseberry and mandarin

Powder of blue clay (1 tablespoon) is mixed with mashed to the state of mashed potatoes, juicy berries of gooseberries with seeds and with skin (2 tables. spoons), diluted with freshly squeezed mandarin juice so that a thick gruel is obtained. Keep recommended for about 10 minutes, rinse first with warm, then with cold water.

  • Regenerating agent with fruit juices

Fresh gelatin mix with any fruit juice (currant, grapefruit, tomato, lemon). Proportions for the regenerating mask: 1 tablespoon gelatin and 100 ml (half cup) of juice. Keep the mixture on the fire until the gelatin is dissolved, cool, put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

  • Regenerating Pumpkin Mask

Pumpkin flesh (so that it does not have seeds and peel) cut, cook for 15 minutes. Mash until smooth with a blender, mix with starch (1 tables. spoon), natural olive oil (2 teaspoons. spoons).

  • Regenerating Herbs

Fresh herbs (currants, strawberries, plantain, yarrow) chop in equal proportions (by pinch), mix with yolk.

Now you know that the regenerating face mask is a powerful, very effective cosmetic with the effect of rejuvenating and restoring damaged and aging cells. It quickly and without consequences will smooth out wrinkles, help small wounds to drag on, will prevent infections from entering them. Be sure to use such wonderful recipes and enjoy the eternal youth and beauty, forgetting about old age.