Oriental style make-up for different eyes and hair colors: the best options



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Recently, the trend has become oriental makeup, which is distinguished by the clarity of lines, the richness of dark shades and the accent on the eyes (the rest of the face of a woman in the East is covered with a veil). Despite the erroneous opinion, it is suitable not only for burning brown-eyed brunettes. If you know the basics of application, it can harmoniously fit into any color type.


First you need to decide what kind of make-up in the oriental style you will be doing.

  • Indian

It presupposes an ideal skin condition, the deficiencies of which are corrected by masking cosmetics. Blush is not used. Arrows are mandatory, and they are output to the temples, and do not rise up. The eyelids are divided into 2 zones in the horizontal direction. Eyelashes stain very intensely. The emphasis on the lips is allowed. Often used bindi - a bright point on the bridge of the nose, like Indian girls.

  • Japanese

Characterized by brightly selected lips "bow". The skin tone is maximally clarified with a powder of marble color. Shadows are used at a minimum. Eyebrows - clear, but very thin. The most restrained of all oriental makeup. Well suited brunettes with fair skin.

  • Arab

The most popular technique of oriental make-up. Assumes the use of rich and bright colors. A perfect example of an evening make-up. Blush is taken mostly bronze shade. Eyebrows should be of perfect shape. The eyes are drawn in detail, so often makeup artists call it a piece of jewelry. Lipstick - exclusively natural tones.

From the life of celebrities.Oriental makeup eyes are preferred by Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Aishwarya Rai (the star of Indian cinema).


Basic rules of oriental make-up:

  1. Bright shadows are used.
  2. With the help of arrows an almond-shaped incision is formed, they are stretched to the outer corner.
  3. Black pencil for padding is required.
  4. Both centuries are drawn, both upper and lower.
  5. A unique effect of the oriental eye is created with "povolokoy."
  6. The eyebrows are given the ideal shape (how to do it correctly, we wrote earlier).
  7. Eyelashes should look curved and long. Therefore tweezers for their curling and overhead materials are welcome.
  8. Tanned, perfect skin tone is balanced by warm, peach shades.
  9. The emphasis lies on the line of cheekbones and nose.

Oriental make-up is a real masterpiece, and from the first time it is not enough for anyone. Only perseverance will help to master this art to the full.

On a note.Want to see the perfect oriental make-up? Revise the series "Clone". The main character, played by Giovanna Antonelli, shows him perfectly in different color variations.

Under eye color

To make the oriental eye makeup look good with any color, you need to select a palette for the shade of the iris, otherwise the effect will be blurred.

For green-eyed

  1. Align the complexion.
  2. Apply the foundation to the eyelids.
  3. Winning shadows for green eyes - peach, gray with the transition to violet, copper, plum, golden. Green is allowed. Blue and blue are not recommended.
  4. Cover the upper eyelid up to the eyebrows line with light beige shadows.
  5. Draw an outer corner on the upper eyelid by a black liner.
  6. To feast it with dark gray or dark brown shadows along the growth of the upper lashes from the outer corner to the middle and upwards, but not bringing them to the eyebrows.
  7. Select the outer corner of the dark purple or dark gray pearl.
  8. Cover the upper eyelid right up to the eyebrow with light turquoise pearlescent shadows.
  9. On the outer line of the century, draw a white line, protruding slightly beyond the outer corner.
  10. Black liner to emphasize the lower eyelid and highlight the inner corner.
  11. Emphasize the lower eyelashes with turquoise or green shadows.
  12. Dye eyelashes with voluminous ink.

For brown-eyed

  1. First, a neutral tonal base is applied to the eyelids.
  2. Recommended shades for brown eyes are purple, brown, beige, golden, blue.
  3. On the mobile eyelid lies the first layer of the lightest (silvery or golden) shadows.
  4. On the hollow is applied a second layer - purple.
  5. Produced shading.
  6. A single contour distinguishes the lower and upper eyelid by a bright black liner. Arrows are displayed far beyond the border.
  7. Black mascara in several layers should be with an extension effect.

Oriental style make up option for brown eyes

For the gray-eyed

  1. Pay special attention to blush: they should be beige or brown. You can emphasize cheekbones bronzer.
  2. Eyebrows should be wide enough and well traced by asphalt shadows.
  3. The best shades for gray eyes: pastel pink, purple, golden, brown, lilac, green. Under the ban - gray, blue, blue, red, light green, orange.
  4. The first layer up to the eyebrows is applied to light pearlescent shades, matte points point out the corners of the eyes and once again paint the area under the eyebrow.
  5. The last layer is closed with dark ones, the lower eyelid is also distinguished, but with careful shading.
  6. Black liner is necessary for the removal of sharp, thickened arrows.
  7. Mascara will need black, and it will have to be applied in several layers.
  8. Lipstick should be matte, better - neutral shades. Shine is not recommended, because the emphasis should be on the eyes.
  9. To make oriental make-up for gray eyes look brighter, pick up to the shadows the massive earrings of the corresponding shade.

For blue-eyed

  1. Mix the bronze and light base to give the face a golden hue.
  2. Eyebrows should be wide, dense and curved in the form of a comma.
  3. Possible palette of shadows for blue eyes: sand, brown, lilac, gray-silver, purple, pink, golden. Young girls are better to use mother-of-pearl, older women - matte.
  4. The first layer on the eyelids can be applied gray shadows, the second - purple, the fold is highlighted purple. Brush all the transitions.
  5. Lengthen eyes with straight arrows, flying to the temples. You can use a pencil pencil to give "smokiness" by applying shade.
  6. To distinguish the cheekbones with warm rouge: bronze, golden brown, peach. Apply them under the cheekbone diagonally.
  7. Densely apply black ink.
  8. Cover your lips with a lipstick of terracotta or muted carmine shades and a glossy sheen.

To make the makeup complete, add it with the appropriate accessories: long earrings with massive colored stones, monisto, bracelets, teak (national Indian decoration on the head), pendants.

It is interesting.Oriental women use for natural make-up: basmo, henna, ocher, etc.

Under the color of hair

Saturated make-up of oriental women is more suitable for brunettes with brown eyes, but you can always choose the appropriate variant for the rest of the color types.

For blondes

It is most difficult to make this make-up for blondes, since such color-type is not typical for oriental women. And yet it is possible.

  1. Tone cream is better to apply in two layers: the first - warm matte on the whole face, the second - more dark, only on the area of ​​cheekbones, chin and temples.
  2. It is desirable to extend the eyebrows to the temples. Emphasize their density with a colored powder.
  3. Shadows for dark eyes: blue, cold red, green, yellow. For light - silvery and golden.
  4. Focus on the inner corners and fracture eyebrows pearly shadows. Eye makeup is best done in three layers: the lightest shades - under the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose, the darkest - on the crease of the upper eyelid.
  5. Fat liner of black color to highlight the contour of the eyes, making their incision almond-shaped. Add a nice arrow.
  6. Apply black ink to several layers in the eyelashes.
  7. Lips make up with body lipstick and transparent luster.

For the brown-haired woman

Very beautiful oriental make-up is obtained in brown-haired women.

  1. The tonal base and powder should be golden, but without the shimmer and bronzer.
  2. Shadows - mostly dark shades: bronze, brown, lilac, blue. Apply layerwise, carefully blending all the transitions.
  3. Black liner to make thickened arrows on the lower and upper eyelids.
  4. Extension black mascara will make the look even more expressive.
  5. Blush are brown, but not maroon and not red.
  6. But lipstick can be burgundy, red, purple. If the lips are thin, they can be given additional volume with the help of gloss.

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For brunettes

It is performed in the darkest shades.

  1. Put a base for disguise.
  2. The first layer to paint the eyelids with smoky shadows of matte consistency.
  3. The second layer to put golden shadows from the inner corner until the middle of the century.
  4. The last purple layer closes the smoky sub-groove part.
  5. All shade.
  6. Connect the eyelids with black or smoky shadows.
  7. From the center of the upper eyelid to the outer corner, draw a thickened arrow with a black liquid liner.
  8. The same arrow falls on the lower edge of the eyelashes.
  9. Carefully dye all eyelashes with lengthening mascara.
  10. Eyebrows are distinguished by dark shadows.
  11. The lips are applied matt lipstick coral shade and a transparent luster.

From time immemorial men make a crazy make-up of oriental girls, who hide a mystery behind themselves. Any of you can bring the same beauty and be irresistible. Regardless of the color-type, such make-up with proper application will make the image attractive at any event.