Effective facial masks on the face at home

  • September 16, 2018
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  • We find out the reason
  • Determine the stage
  • Making Masks
  • - With gelatin
  • - From the egg
  • - With aspirin

Acne (or acne) is the most common skin disease. They can appear at any age and permanently spoil the mood. Usually these ugly inflammations persecute adolescents, but the misfortune does not bypass adults. Accumulations of inflamed, horrifying in appearance appearance of acne were called "acne".

We find out the reason

To defeat the enemy you need to know all of its background. Our skin is a home for numerous pathogenic and saprophytic microorganisms. These tiny creatures can reproduce. To the active fertility of them pushes the abundance of food. Well, their food is the secretion content of dirty pores.

The secret (or sebum) that produces the glands of our dermis, helps the skin to be supple, soft and smooth. But sometimes the sebaceous glands begin to act too energetically, the pores do not have time to tear off the fat and accumulate it. There is a blockage of glands.

This creates a fertile environment for the life of bacteria, which cause inflammation and irritation of the tissues. There are acne. If you do not immediately establish the cause of their occurrence, acne will cover the entire face and go to the body.

Reason 1

The skin does not breathe. And it breathes through the pores, which are hammered due to disorders in the body (hormonal changes, age, some chronic diseases). This activates the work of the sebaceous gland and the development of bacteria. Consequence - acne.

In this case, cleansing facial masks are required for acne, which must be performed regularly, not forgetting the removal of the true cause of acne.

Reason 2

Illiterate diet. Acute, fatty and salty foods provoke active work of the sebaceous glands. To this pushes and the abuse of alcohol, craze for smoking. A sedentary lifestyle, poor ecology only aggravate the skin condition and increase inflammatory processes.

What to do? Change your lifestyle (balanced nutrition, sport, walking). And, of course, skin care. Deep cleansing and masks from acne in the home.

Reason 3

Weak immunity and subcutaneous tick. When the body is weakened and weakened, when a person is in a prolonged stressful state, a subcutaneous mite (demodex) may wake up. It begins to multiply and lasts for 2-3 weeks. Then the mite perishes, which causes inflammatory processes.

Here, a dermatologist can help. He will recommend ointments or creams that completely kill demodex. Well, it helps to return a beautiful look to the skin mask against acne, which can be easily carried at home.

Doctors-dermatologists distinguish two types of acne: not inflammatory and inflammatory. Non-inflammatory forms include white and black comedones and miloons or perches (whiteheads). These are the most common forms of acne.

Determine the stage


Remember one rule! Pimples can not be suppressed. In addition to the fact that you risk spreading the infection all over the face, you can provoke the ingestion of microbes into the deep epidermal skin layers, which will aggravate acne. It has three stages of development:

  1. Easy (up to 10 inflammatory foci).
  2. The average (10-40 zones of damage).
  3. Heavy (covers the entire surface of the face and has more than 40 pustular areas).

Easy stage is very easy to correct competent care. Help different home masks from blackheads and the right way of life. But, if you have an average or severe degree, then there is not enough of your diligence - you will need additional qualified help from specialists.

Make masks from acne on the face

The recipes for effective drugs designed to combat acne are nutritional, active substances that have:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect and eliminate inflammation zones.
  • Wound healing and regenerating effect, to heal the post-traces.
  • Cleansing properties necessary for thorough and thorough cleaning of pores.
  • Disinfecting abilities to prevent proliferation of inflammatory foci.

Such procedures should be carried out 3-4 times weekly and spend on procedures 25-30 minutes.

Mask from acne with gelatin

One of the most effective means, which gently and delicately removes the epidermis from acne and gives the person beauty and health. Gelatin begins to effectively affect problem areas without deforming healthy areas. This mask film from acne also helps to rejuvenate the dermis.

  • Classical

In milk (25 ml), dilute gelatin (8 g.). The mixture is heated until it is completely dissolved. In a warm form, the gelatinous mask from acne is applied to the problem areas of the skin.

  • Oily

In warm water (20 ml) we grow gelatin (10 gr.). The mass is also warmed until the gelatinous granules dissolve and add the crushed activated carbon tablet and orange oil (5 drops).

Mask from blackheads from eggs

Egg with its unique composition is extremely useful for treatment and care of acne skin. It not only perfectly cleanses the skin and draws out all the harmful contents of clogged pores, but also has a lifting effect. In addition to healthy appearance, your face will be visibly tightened and rejuvenated.

  • Classical

Beat a steep foam of one protein and immediately put it on your face.

  • With Aloe

In the beaten protein pour the juice of lemon and Aloe (16 ml), salicylic alcohol (2 ml). Carefully apply the mass on the face. After drying the first layer, we smear the skin again.

Mask from acne with aspirin

Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which perfectly cleanses and disinfects the inflamed skin. Use for these purposes tablets need the most usual, not effervescent. And be careful! In some cases, aspirin can cause an allergic reaction.

  • Yoghurt

In yoghurt (25 gr.) Add crushed aspirin tablets (2 pieces) and mineral water (16 ml).

  • Honey

Crush aspirin (4 tablets), mix them with water (5 drops) and natural liquid honey (12 g.).