The process of blood renewal in men


Table of contents

  • Theory of anabolism of the human body
  • How to know the gender of a child according to the theory of anabolism?

Most young couples would like to have the opportunity to determine the sex before conception. This would allow the family, who want to have a girl or boy, to attempt to conceive an infant in a certain period. This idea has been stirring people's minds for a very, very long time.


During this time, a lot of theories have arisen, which are based on counting different data: birth dates of parents, their zodiac signs, lunar and solar cycles, groups blood in men and women, etc. At the heart of one of the new theories, which has not yet been confirmed or documented, is the renewal of the blood of male and female organism.

Theory of anabolism of the human body

This theory is based on the fact that after a certain period of time in the life of each representative of the strong and weaker sex the whole body is renewed. At the same time, tissues, mucous membranes and blood are completely replaced. In men, the body can be updated 1 time in 4 years, and in women more often - 1 time 3 years.


Blood renewal in men and women occurs cyclically and amounts to strictly defined periods, beginning with their birthdays. Assuming that it is updated from the maximum (the beginning of the process) to the minimum (the end of the process), and combining data for both sexes, you can find a certain relationship, which is called the youth of the blood or its force. It is this parameter in theory that determines the sex of the unborn child. For example, if the blood has been refreshed earlier in a man, that is, he will be younger, then the couple will have a boy if the woman is a girl.

How to know the gender of a child according to the theory of anabolism?

According to this theory, you can find out the sex of the future baby as follows:

  • the age of the father should be divided into a constant coefficient (cycle), which is 4;
  • the mother's age should be divided by 3;
  • compare the resulting residues.

During mathematical calculations, it may happen that the remainder of both spouses will be the same, or one of them will be zero. In this case, according to the theory, twins can be born in the family.

As an example, the situation will be given where it is necessary to know the sex of the unborn child by anabolism for the couple in which the woman was born in 1989 and the man in 1985. According to theory, the male body will have a blood renewal in 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017 and so further, and female - in 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2017, etc. For example, conception is planned to be implemented in 2014 year. This year, her husband turns 29 years old, and his wife 25. Dividing the data value into a cycle, you will get:

  • husband - 29/4 5;
  • wife - 25/3 3.

That is, the remainder of the man will be, 5, and the woman 3. Therefore, in 2014 the young family will have a daughter.

In the calculations it is necessary to take into account all situations in which there is a large loss of blood: surgery, donor procedure, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth. In this case, the calculation should be carried out not from the date of birth, but from the date when blood loss was observed. For example, a man at 27 years old was updated blood, and at the age of 29 there was an unforeseen event that led to an operation, resulting in a large loss of blood. So, the next update will be observed not in 31 years, but in 33 years.

x = wZmp-ZdXXX0

To predict the sex of the baby by anabolism of the body, when the representative of the weaker sex negative Rhesus, it is necessary to change the sex of the child, which turned out according to the results of the count, on opposite.

When carrying out calculations for the sex of the future baby, it is also necessary to take into account the possible serious or chronic diseases that the husband and / or wife have. Many experts argue that the disease is not an indicator, so the result can not affect in any way. But this is not so, because even the slightest change in the functioning of the human body can affect the process of renewal of the body.