Revitalizing face mask at home: the best recipes

  • September 16, 2018
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  • When will it be useful
  • Recipes for different skin types
  • - Normal
  • - Oily
  • - Dry

We live in a time filled with events and a furious rhythm. Flying days in cares and worries carry constant stresses and negative influence on the skin. The epidermis gradually begins to "forget" about its defenses and weaken. The result we see in the mirror is a tired face with a skin that has lost its blooming look. But there is one means of home cosmetology, created for such cases - a regenerating face mask.

When will it be useful

At home, we can easily and quickly make a mask-SOS, which in a few minutes will restore the protective functions dermis, will help her "remember" all of her natural qualities, healthy appearance and adapt to negative weather factors. If you:

  • We spent a sleepless night or a difficult day, but we need to look beautiful.
  • For a long time, they took medication as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Love to abuse makeup and makeup.
  • Constantly experiencing lack of sleep and stress.

A regenerating face mask at home will effectively help restore the energy of health to the dermis and radiant inner light. Restoration and intensive nutrition is especially necessary for our skin in the cold and beriberi period.

Best homemade recipes

Restorative sessions can be done daily, changing recipes. Fat and combined dermis slightly rasparete with the help of hot baths. Dry it is possible to "cheer up" a little before a session, having applied to it the heated terry towel.

Attention!Use only fresh products for masks, especially for dairy products. All masks should work on the derma half an hour. This time is best spent in a relaxed state with the light turned off.

Restoration of normal skin

Normal type of dermis does not cause any special trouble. To restore a blossoming species, this skin is ideal for toning masks with whitening effect.

  • Potato

Mix the grated raw potatoes (30 gr.), Lemon juice (4 drops), yolk and a pinch of salt. This tool will not only "cheer up" and restore the functions of cells, but also lightly whiten and cleanse the skin.

  • Dairy

In warm milk (20 g.), Add liquid vitamin A (5 drops), melted honey (10 gr.) And a small piece (crumb) of rye bread. This mask has a rejuvenating effect and is well suited for the restoration of mature skin already.

  • Herbal

Fill with steep boiling water a mixture of dried flowers of lime and chamomile (6 gr.). We insist broth half an hour and we add to it yolk, glycerin (8 gr.) And honey (12 gr.). The whole mass is poured with boiled water (100 ml). This remedy is restorative and preventive. It prevents the formation of early wrinkles and gives the skin freshness and health.

Helping Oily Skin

To the sebaceous dermis you need to be more careful. She will be helped to recover and find the blossoming look of regenerating masks with the effect of narrowing the pores, able to cleanse the face and slightly dry it.

  • From curdled milk

To curdled milk (20 g.), Let the oat flour (10 grams) and the pulp of the lemon (1/2 fruit) be mixed. Thanks to oat flour this mixture has a delicate cleaning property. It lightly whitens and dries the fatty epidermis, smoothing it and pulling it up.

  • Cranberry

We make a mixture of cranberry juice (20 gr.), Potato starch and kefir (10 gr.). Such a device is aimed primarily at toning the fatty dermis. Cranberries with the richest stocks of antioxidants well heals the dermis and rejuvenates it.

  • Yeast

Dry yeast (15 gr.) Is ground with kefir (18 ml). Instead of yogurt you can take yogurt or yoghurt. The mass acts on the face very refreshingly and soothingly.

More recipes for yeast masks here.

Revitalization of dry epidermis

To restore a good face with dried skin, you need to take deep nourishing and moisturizing compounds. After all, a beautiful view of the dry dermis is impossible without its hydration and good nutrition.

  • Cucumber

One small peeled cucumber to mash and add to the pulp curd (25 gr.), Warm milk (10 gr.) And flax oil (5 gr.). This is an excellent tonic and bleaching agent that nourishes the gaunt skin and regenerates it.

  • Potato

Boil one potato and mash. To it to mix the heated milk (10 gr.) And yolk. This means, in addition to recovery, rejuvenates dry skin, it is well nourished and moisturized.

  • With Aloe

To obtain medicinal juice, we need a few lower leaves of a mature plant. They are previously kept in the refrigerator at -6 ° C. In such conditions, Aloe actively stimulates the production of biologically active substances. After the leaves are "hardened the juice of them is mixed with liquid honey in the proportion:. The regenerating face mask with aloe will perfectly rejuvenate the dry dermis and give it freshness and flowering appearance.