How does the nail fungus remove the laser and how effective is it?

The prevalence of fungal infections has created a new branch of medicine - mycology, promoting the introduction of new development as a medicamental property, and hardware, among which there is a nail fungus removal laser. The percentage of recoveries increases in the treatment of neglected forms of the nail fungus when using hardware processing. But we must take into account the insidiousness of the disease by its relapses.



  • 1Mycosis, onychomycosis, diagnosis
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Mycosis, onychomycosis, diagnosis


According to statistics, there are about 500 species of mycosis pathogens. Among them there are very severe species, leading to death. Onychomycosis - a kind of mycosis, a disease of the nails, to the number of deadly diseases does not apply. Those who are classified as aesthetic defects are deceived. If the patient is not treated, then actively spreads the infection, harms the health of others. One third of cases of infection with a fungal infection is in the family circle. Often in the forums or reviews of the articles of the sites flashed stories about the incurable diseases that have appeared. People need to understand what they are treated for, and among the 500 species of mycoses, what is your case. To do this, we must deal with specific diagnostics.

Laboratory diagnosis of fungal infections uses 2 methods:
  1. Microscopic examination.
  2. Sowing of the material from the nails.

The guaranteed qualitative result of the analysis is dependent on:

  • experience of a laboratory worker;
  • quality of laboratory equipment;
  • a doctor who takes the material for research.

The culture of the nail fungus only grows in half the cases of crops. This is due to the fact that thermostats are not always in good repair, there are claims to the quality of the environment where the material is sown, and little trained specialists in mycology. This creates a difficulty in diagnosis. The percentage of overdiagnosis increases.

Effectiveness of treatment

Errors that are allowed in cure are related to the mythology of the various methods.

There are methods to ensure the eradication of fungi, rapid growth of nail plates that do not have a scientific basis:

  • impact nail plates with instruments using radiation, current, ultrasound;
  • physiological therapy;
  • baths with chemical compounds.
Destroy the fungus on the nails, growing fully healthy - the only goal of healing. To date, there is only an integrated approach to treatment.

In the overwhelming number of cases, the active elements of ointments and solutions do not penetrate into the thickness of the nail plate. As for the procedures, those that take away hyperkeratosis are effective. remove the dead particles. However, the fascination with such a cure leads to excesses and turns dermatologists into pedicure specialists, because the principle of an integrated approach is violated. A special pill, having drunk that, you will cure the fungus on the nails, for today there is no. Yes, and new drugs in dermatology to remove the fungus forever, too. But there were many analogues - generics containing identical substances with the original, but produced not by the developer company, but packaged by a third country such as India, Spain. The essence of cheapness, but no one will guarantee the quality of such medication.

Laser in treatment

In recent decades, approaches to the treatment of fungal infection have completely changed. Do not always need a hardware cleaning, and with some complications of onychomycosis it is generally counter-indicative.
Long-term studies of fungal infections have made it possible to develop a new method for combating the disease by the method of influencing the nail with enhanced light radiation:
  1. Photodynamic treatment of infected nail foci.
  2. Laser removal of fungal infection with special laser devices.

Installations for the treatment of onychomycosis differ from surgical and cosmetology devices by their operating modes. Treatment of fungus with laser along with antifungal therapy reduces the period of the disease.

A high-intensity laser beam can penetrate deep into the nail plate by about 7 mm. At this depth, all antimycotic drugs can not be obtained.

The laser beam thoroughly warms the tissues, the nail bed, the growth zone. The high temperature created inside destroys the mycelium and spores by coagulation-gluing.

If rapid healing is promised without the use of drugs, only one device, then this is a misconception. At the moment, there are still disputes about laser devices, as well as contraindications to their use in the treatment of onychomycosis. Therefore, the slogans of the full victory of onychomycosis with a laser should be treated to some extent as an advertisement. Still it is necessary to tell about the price - to deduce a fungal infection, it is necessary to lay out the round sum. And how it will be insulting, if after a certain period the ailment will again appear on the nail plates.

Therefore, laser treatment must be combined with drug therapy to obtain a lasting effect of healing from onychomycosis.

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