Masks for the skin around the eyes at home: effect, application, recipes

  • September 16, 2018
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What kind of problems does not occur with the skin around the eyes! Wrinkles on it appear in the first place, very early it shows ptosis (the upper eyelids drop), more often in the mornings one can observe a sad picture: then puffiness, then dark circles, then bags, then redness…

All this spoils the appearance and does not hide under any even the most skilful make-up. To stop the emergence of new and new age changes, it is recommended after 30 years of age do masks that even at home can stop time and slow down the processes aging.


All the home masks for the skin around the eyes, depending on the ingredients in them, either have some specific direction, or have a complex effect. But in any case, their effectiveness becomes noticeable after the first competent application. Their functions include:

  • rejuvenation: smoothing wrinkles under the eyes and "crow's feet" in their corners;
  • lifting: elimination of ptosis of upper eyelids;
  • humidification: the skin around the eyes is devoid of fatty layer, which contributes to the preservation of moisture in the cells, so the regularly applied moisturizing mask replenishes the lack of moisture;
  • antiedema: normalizing the metabolism that occurs at the cellular level in the skin, such drugs can remove swelling in a short time;
  • bleaching: elimination of dark circles and bruises;
  • rapid elimination of the red-eye effect: their mucosa after such masks becomes a bluish hue, without a hint of a red mesh of blood vessels;
  • bags that are so fond of appearing in the morning are removed.

Especially useful are such masks after 30 years, when it is increasingly necessary to wake up and find out in a mirror these troubles. If all this is time, it's time to start selecting products for the preparation of saving masks.


Cucumber and aloe have a good anti-aging effect

The anti-aging masks should include products of a soft, smoothing effect, since in this area of ​​the face is the thinnest and most sensitive skin. It reacts instantly to various changes taking place in the atmosphere and inside the body. So you need to treat it as gently as possible. It is recommended to use the following products that have a rejuvenating and lifting effect:

  • fresh herbs: parsley, dill;
  • vegetables: cucumber, potatoes;
  • fruits: peach, apricot;
  • cereals: oatmeal, white bread;
  • tea: green, black;
  • dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, cream;
  • herbs: sage, cornflower, chamomile, mallow, calendula, aloe, cherry, Labrador tea, birch, plantain.

These products can be used as basic components. They can be used in pure form and mixed with each other. Some products can be used only in small quantities as auxiliary, binding components:

  • honey;
  • olive, castor, burdock oil;
  • protein.

The third group of products is strictly prohibited to use in masks for the skin around the eyes, as they can injure it:

  • any citrus fruit;
  • essential oils;
  • bones, grains, nuts.

As an exception, occasionally in the rejuvenating mask for the eyes, preparing at home, it is allowed to add 1-2 drops of lemon freshly squeezed juice in the absence of allergies to citrus fruits.



Home masks for the fading skin around the eyes require extreme caution, so as not to cause injury. A few secrets will help make these tools absolutely safe and as useful as possible.

  1. Do not apply facial masks to the skin around the eyes.
  2. Check all means for the presence of allergens in them.
  3. Before applying, completely remove makeup.
  4. Masks are usually done an hour before bedtime. But if you need to immediately remove eye swelling, remove bags or eliminate redness, you can apply them in the morning, provided that within an hour after that you do not go out.
  5. Try not to get soaked in the eyes.
  6. In liquid formulations, it is best to moisten wadded disks and apply them to the eyes. Thick - either paddle your fingers in the skin, or wrap it in multilayer gauze and leave it in front of your eyes.
  7. The duration of action is 10-20 minutes (no more).
  8. During the procedure, you should be in a relaxed, better - lying condition.
  9. To remove masks, use wadded disks, pre-soaked in water, milk, herbal decoction (they must be warm).
  10. After the procedure, use a cream / gel for the skin around the eyes.
  11. Frequency of application - 2-3 times a week.

Properly used masks will return the look of natural radiance, youth and beauty. Regularly applying them, you can forget about the panic fear that you experienced before, looking in the morning in the mirror. Now it is enough to select a couple of the most effective recipes - and enjoy the result.


Having decided on the problem that you would like to solve, you will easily select the desired recipe.

  • For moistening

Parsley and dill grease, chop, mix for 1 hour. l. Add the same fatty sour cream (cream or cottage cheese), 3-4 drops of olive oil (preferably unrefined) oil.

  • From edema

2 tbsp. l. Chopped chamomile flowers or calendula pour boiling water (1-2 glasses). Cover, leave for half an hour, drain. Dampen in the resulting liquid, even before the end is not cooled, wadded disks, attach to the eyelids.

  • From the "crow's feet"

Make a puree of unsalted boiled young potatoes, cool to a warm state, wrap the mass in multi-layer gauze and attach to the eyes.

  • For lifting

In puree from unsalted boiled young potatoes (2 tbsp. l.) Add fatty sour cream (1 tbsp. l.) and olive unrefined oil (1 h. l.).

  • Anti-Aging

1 tbsp. l. fatty cottage cheese mix in equal proportions with fatty sour cream.

  • Against wrinkles

Juicy peach to mash in mashed potatoes, add 1 h. l. honey, 3 drops of olive oil.

  • Against the redness of the eyes

Mix the steeply brewed tea (2 tbsp. l.) with fat cottage cheese in equal proportions. Tea bags also save in this situation.

  • From bags

Seeds of coriander (1 tbsp. l ..) brew a glass of boiling water. Cover, leave for an hour, strain. Wet cotton pads in the infusion and attach to the eyes.

Home masks for the skin around the eyes are a kind of resuscitation and first aid. When it seems that the newly appeared defect can not be eliminated, it is these funds that come to the rescue. With their help, the glance can again become radiant, open, not obscured by any sacks and dark circles.