How to choose the right makeup knowing your color, shape of the face and eyes



  • By type of appearance
  • By face shape
  • Eye shape

In order to properly choose makeup, a woman needs to take into account a lot of points. Correspondence to the type of appearance, the shape of the eyes and the face oval is crucial. No less important criteria are age, skin condition and a combination of clothing and accessories. However, it is almost impossible to create a harmonious image, guided only by one's own intuition.

There are several rules, following which you can pick up makeup, emphasizing individuality.

By type of appearance

There are four main color types of appearance. For convenience, they are compared to the seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Having decided on the color, picking the right make-up for your appearance will not be difficult. Below are listed the main features of each of them.

  • "Summer"

Women of this color type is distinguished by the richness of skin color and hair, but without sharp contrasts. The skin is tender, calm even tone, light-colored hair - from platinum blond to light-brown. Eyes have a cold shade - from gray to blue, sometimes there are green eyes with golden specks.

For such women will be appropriate cold, soft colors - silvery or lavender shades of shadows, lipsticks and rouge of pink tones.

  • "Autumn"

Girls of the autumn type of appearance are easily recognized by their red or golden hair and light matte skin. Very often you can see placers of golden freckles on the cheeks, eyes - from amber to dark brown.

It's enough to emphasize this appearance a little with rouge and lipstick of warm tones, beautiful shadows of emerald shades look beautiful. Makeup is better to choose without shiny inclusions, matt textures will be more appropriate.

  • "Winter"

This color type implies a bright contrasty appearance, immediately attracting attention. Bright, juicy colors of hair and lips, thick dark brows, expressive lips of intense color. Eye color is often dark, sometimes there are blue and green. Hair from dark-brown to black, less often - ashy. Lips of cold pink or scarlet.

The color palette of cosmetics is better to choose on the basis of cold shades, you can use bright colors of shadows and lipsticks - for a woman of a winter type this will look quite appropriate.

  • "Spring"

Women of this color type are very rare, their appearance is characterized by tenderness and a combination of calm shades of skin and hair. Most often these are blonde girls with blue eyes and a gentle blush on the light skin.

For this type is unacceptable bright catchy make-up, the best solution is to use peach and pink shades of lipsticks, blush and shadows.

The definition of color will help avoid common mistakes in make-up, make the image fresh and harmonious.

By face shape

No less important criterion in the selection of make-up is the shape of the face. Conventionally, there are three main types of persons.

  • Square (rectangular)

For the square type, the massiveness of the forehead and chin is characteristic, the length and width of the face will be approximately the same.


The main task when applying tonal and decorative means will be smoothing of sharp contours, visual narrowing of the chin and drawing of cheekbones. Tonal means you need two - one to lighten the skin, the other (tone-two darker) - to adjust the shape. A dark tone is applied to the wings of the nose, lateral parts of the forehead and cheekbones.

After application it is necessary to thoroughly shade the transitions of shades in order to avoid the effect of "mask".

  • Round

The round face has a weakly expressed chin, chubby cheeks and the same length and width.

The foundation and foundation should be applied in such a way that the face becomes visually longer. To do this, a dark tone is applied to the side surfaces of the cheeks and the wings of the nose. The main emphasis should be made on the central part, the contour is better darkened, this will help visually lengthen the cheekbones. Lips enough to emphasize with a transparent luster.

  • Oval

Owners of the oval form do not need a significant correction, because it is such a person is considered ideal. The distinctive features are the absence of sharp chin lines, the length is about, times greater than the width.

When applying a tonal tool in a dark color, the cheekbones and wings of the nose are delineated. A light tone is applied to the central part of the forehead, the back of the nose and the chin.

Eye shape

Not always the nature gives the woman beautiful eyes of the correct form. With the help of decorative cosmetics, they can be quickly adjusted, making it more expressive. Almost any defect can be made unobtrusive if you pick up your eye makeup correctly.

Swollen eyelids occur most often, the cause of this unpleasant defect is insomnia, depression, long work at the computer. With the help of cosmetics you can make the swelling less pronounced. You should choose calm matte shades. The dark tone should be applied to the outer corner of the eyelid, bright - you need to emphasize the area under the eyebrows and the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids.

Sunken eyes strongly spoil the appearance, giving a painful look. Correctly pick up the makeup in this case - it means refreshing the image. It is necessary to paint the lower eyelid with a dark color, on the upper it is better to use light shades. Under the eyebrows you can put a warm dark shade. More about the make-up of deep-set eyes, we wrote in one of our previous articles, by reference.

Close-set eyes are enlarged by means of dark shadows applied to the outer corners of the eyelids. Movable eyelid and inner edge should be covered with a lighter color, so they will look visually larger. With far-set, you should do the opposite - dark shadows are applied to the inner edge of the eyelid, light to the outer edge.

Magic transformation with the help of decorative cosmetics is quite possible, it is enough just to choose correctly and correctly apply funds. Female beauty is a powerful weapon, so do not neglect the basic rules of applying makeup. The reward for the work will be admiring men's views and excellent mood throughout the day.