How to cure nail fungus on legs with improvised means

Nail fungus on the legs - this is one of the most common diseases to date. It is also called onychomycosis. It should be noted that this disease is the most difficult of all types in treatment. Although it does not lead to death, but it brings many difficulties to the owner of this disease. Appears fungus in about one in four people on Earth because of an unpleasant fungus called red trichophyton, as a result of which development takes place and spreads to other parts of the body and skin.



  • 1Signs of a fungus
  • 2Types of fungus and infection
  • 3Prevention
  • 4Treatment
  • 5Plate removal

Signs of a fungus


How to identify the fungus on the nails of the legs at the initial stage of yourself? What are the symptoms and treatment for this ailment? Symptoms of fungus on the nails of the legs are different in all people, as well as the symptoms of nail fungus usually begin to manifest not immediately, but after a while, so it is difficult to understand the causes of infection, its a source. How does the nail fungus appear on the legs in the future, in more complex stages? After a while you will notice that he settled on the big toe, and then hit the nail plates of all the fingers. How does the nail fungus appear on the legs at the initial stage?

Nail fungus on legs has the following symptoms:

  • changes in the habitual healthy color of the plate on the foot start (because of pathogenic bacteria it changes its color to yellow, black or brown, which will be immediately noticeable when viewed);
  • increasing it in height on the foot (accumulation of keratinized layers leads to an increase in the nail plate in height);
  • destruction of the nail plate (the fungus of the nail of the big toe can be visibly crumbled due to the penetration of the disease inside the finger).

How to recognize the fungus of the nails on your feet, if you just got your illness, you already know. If the symptoms of the fungus show up on the thumb of the thumb, the doctor should be urgently consulted. How the fungus can turn into chronic and bring you discomfort throughout the whole further life. It can worsen your immunity and the work of other important organs, bring allergies into your life.

The first signs of nail fungus on the legs may not cause suspicion, but then there may even appear blisters, blisters and ulcers near the toenails. Therefore, you need to regularly monitor the symptoms to find out if the disease is hidden under the fingernails and nails. Symptoms can confirm the doctor and prescribe the treatment.

Types of fungus and infection

There are three types of nail fungus (fungus on legs):

  1. Fungal nail fungus on legs. Its manifestation lies in the fact that he settles in a weak organism. It can be displayed as a stain, or completely coated surface. Cure can be after 1-2 months.
  2. Dermatophytes. At this type of nails on the legs look yellow and covered with spots or stripes. With prolonged inactivity, full coverage of the nail plates with a yellow and unpleasant eye color can begin.
  3. Yeast fungi. If your nail fungus damaged the nail plates (curved habitual shape, made them wavy and brown), then the disease can be caused by yeast.
Of course, not only a weakening of immunity can lead to an illness, but also infection from a loved one or from people in public places.

How to identify the nail fungus, we have already discussed, so the solution is in your hands: contact a doctor or self-medicate, which is extremely unsafe and can cause complications and unpleasant effects.



Prevention of fungus nails on the legs should be accompanied by some rules:

  • If you go to public places where there will be a large number of people, for example, in a sauna or a swimming pool, do not forget to take with you slippers or slates, so as not to walk barefoot on the surface on which the patient may have walked with such a disease of the limbs human;
  • if you have microcracks or small wounds, through which you can get ailment, then refuse to visit public places for a while and handle the damaged places;
  • if you choose a new shoe, then make sure that it does not restrain your legs and air them;
  • if someone from your family has fungal infections, then do not use his slippers, towels and other personal care items, but always have your things handy;
  • daily change your socks, tights, stockings and so on, and also thoroughly wash your feet regularly after work;
  • it is advisable to wash your feet twice a day, and then wipe them to dry completely, so that there is absolutely no moisture, especially between the toes;
  • You can take vitamins if you have a lack of useful microelements in your body (without a doctor's discharge you do not need this do, because you can only make it worse), it is also necessary to observe a healthy lifestyle and normalize your food;
  • one of the factors of such a disease, as the fungus under the nail on the leg, is diabetes mellitus. Confirm or refute this disease, then it will be easier for you to understand the cause and choose the treatment for mycosis of the nails on the legs;
  • if you find the first symptoms, immediately consult a doctor, do not wait for the fungus to spread further and develop in your body.


How to get rid of nail fungus on legs? Many patients with this ailment are asking such a question how to treat the nail fungus on the legs.

Of course, the treatment of nail fungus on legs is divided into two types: medicinal treatment of nail fungus and nail treatment in folk ways. It all depends on what degree of severity your disease has. Of course, the doctor can prescribe more "quiet" medications, if you have not started the stage. If you pulled to the last, they will not help you and will have to use more serious drugs.

How to know the stage, and how to treat onychomycosis of the nails? It should be remembered that professionals in their field can help you at any time to correct even the worst situation, which reaches the removal of plates. The fight against the disease is always winning, because it does not lead to death.

If you are interested in a doctor about your situation, he will prescribe you a full complex treatment and will write you such thing as an effective scheme of treatment of nail fungus on his legs.

How to cure nail fungus on legs? If there is a toenail toenail fungus, the treatment should include medication prescribed by the doctor, which can be applied strictly to the instructions without disrupting the medication and dose. In this case, you can go to the doctor only twice to ask how to get rid of the disease and to consolidate your success and results, finally, to finish taking the medications.

You can manage on your own, but following all safety rules. Of course, self-medication is bad, but some people do not have the opportunity to sometimes see a doctor.

So, ways to get rid of the fungus, based on folk medicine:

  1. For the first recipe we need garlic and salt. It is necessary to cut garlic in half and dip it in salt, after which to start rubbing the juice of garlic with salt.
  2. For the initial stages, a recipe is suitable, in which it will be necessary to soak your feet in alcohol. After two weeks of application, the fungus will slowly disappear due to the fact that the pathogenic bacteria will be destroyed with alcohol and the legs will be disinfected.
  3. If you are a fan of herbal infusions, then you can apply them as well. Another way - pour, for example, chamomile or mint into socks and change them daily.
Of course, the most popular means of how quickly to cure the fungus of nails on your legs is vinegar.

With him, too, there are many different recipes:

  • Here we need tincture of iodine and apple cider vinegar. All ingredients are mixed and superimposed on the affected toes.
  • If a nail fungus is found on the leg, the treatment can be performed as follows. You can put a chicken egg in a jar and pour it with acetic essence. Then add the butter, and when the shell dissolves, stir the resulting mixture.
  • Treatment of mycosis is also done with acetic baths. They act effectively and help to get rid of the disease quickly.
  • How else can I fight the nail fungus on my legs? Many people use the recipe, which is to crush the onions and the resulting mass to spread on the plates. Then you need to look at your feet and watch the progress.
  • Treatment of onychomycosis of the nails on the legs can include the help of hydrogen peroxide. How to remove the fungus with this remedy? This is most often used for running stages. Also, this recipe includes water and soda. You need to take a liter of hot water and just a little soda. In this bath you need to steal your feet and after that just spread your nails with hydrogen peroxide. A quick recovery will be provided if you wrap your feet in a towel as well, and also do the procedure twice a day for an hour.

If there is a mycosis of the nails on the legs, the treatment should be discussed with the attending physician. How correctly to treat onychomycosis? It is necessary to strictly follow the recipes written above, otherwise there is a risk to worsen your situation. We repeat that these methods are suitable only if you want to apply them together with medications prescribed by your doctor. Then all drugs will act centrally and aimed at getting rid of the disease. Therefore, it is better to seek professional advice than to engage in self-medication.

Is it possible to cure nail fungus on legs? Our answer is yes! If so, how to defeat nail fungus on legs?

Many doctors argue that mold mycosis settles not only outside, on prominent parts of our body, but also inside our body. He can actively multiply, if only treated by local treatment.

Therefore, treating doctors prescribe medication for treatment against such a disease as a fungus on the nail of the big toe.

If nail fungus is detected on the big toe, the treatment may include the following medicines:

  1. Pills. They are appointed only by a doctor, if there is such a need. Strict adherence to the regimen, instructions - a distinctive feature of antifungal tablets.
  2. Creams and ointments. These drugs help us to get rid of the disease at the initial stages. Of course, in addition to ingestion of medications, you must also use such ointments and creams.
  3. Nail polishes. We treat the fungus with the help of varnish for the plates very quickly and effectively, just applying it once or twice a week. It can be hidden even with the usual varnish varnish, if you are shy of your disease. In this case, the varnish is suitable for the initial stages, it is absorbed deep into the nail and kills the pathogenic bacteria, eliminating the disease.

Treatment of fungus on the toenails is a difficult process, so it is important to listen to the opinion of the doctor, his advice. The motto of some doctors is "We treat the fungus quickly but this is not always true. Mycosis can quickly disappear if you use these drugs.

Plate removal

What is dangerous nail fungus on the legs? In very neglected situations, doctors do not always have time to save the plate, so it must be removed. Removal of the nail on the leg with the fungus, of course, does not look very aesthetically, but people can live and so on until the nail is removed grows. Some people decide to do a nail repair on their feet. It is not allowed to everyone, there are special exceptions, but in general this procedure is quite common.

Why would such a procedure be saved? Remove the nail is difficult for young ladies, so they replace it with a prosthetic nail on the leg. The prosthesis should also be looked after, as well as about healthy nail plates, not to buy tight shoes, so as not to damage the new prosthesis. In general, there are also their own rules for leaving, so it's not so simple for the patients.

If you do not like the condition, the look of your removed nails, then you can contact specialists to get you a plan for prosthetics of the plates, which almost will not stand out.

So you can even get rid of your complexes, do not hide your legs, because the question "what is a fungus" will no longer be encountered on the way. It is definitely hard to treat onychomycosis of the nail plates, and for this you need a lot of strength, panic begins, but experienced doctors will help you in this they will write you a course of treatment, and you will forever forget about the ailment, how to get rid of the fungus on the nails, if you observe prescriptions.


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