Does the geyner affect the potency of men and why?


Table of contents

  • Does the gainer have a potency?
  • Can glutamine and creatine affect the potency?
  • Taurine and its effect on the body
  • Why do sports and eating sports have potency disorders?

The potency of a man depends on many factors. If there are no sexual infections and congenital pathologies of development, then libido and male potency depend on the quality of nutrition. The food that people use is the source of vital substances used in the work of the human endocrine system. Androgens, which are responsible for the male essence, affect the usefulness of potency.

Doing sports, rejecting bad habits improves the quality of sexual life, because physical activity increases the production of male hormones. Many men during sports training resort to a special diet that contains a large amount of protein, amino acids, vitamins.Sports nutrition consists of a percentage increase in protein food to increase muscle mass.Gainer is a protein cocktail, in which, in addition to protein, the necessary building material for muscles, there are carbohydrates and fats.


As part of the weight gainer, there are some additives that can affect the potency.

Long training alone can lead to a decrease in potency for a while.

Does the gainer have a potency?

Gainer is a harmless and natural raw material, which is used as a full-fledged additive for food. A feature of this sports nutrition is the presence of substances that are quickly absorbed by the body. It includes protein, which is a powder concentrate of high-quality proteins. It promotes stimulation of protein synthesis and is a source of amino acids that promote the growth of muscle fibers.

Protein strengthens the immune system, accelerates the healing of wounds, improves skin condition. It was specially created to balance the amount of protein the body needs with increased physical activity. Protein, when properly used, is completely harmless. If the protein powder used is of good quality, then there are no harmful components for the potency.


If necessary, the geyner can be made at home. To do this, take a little milk, egg whites, juice, creatine monohydrate, taurine and glutamine. Of all the products listed, this recipe uses the most common in sports nutrition substances related to amino acids that are not always well tolerated by the body and can, in case of an overdose, be to do much harm.

Can glutamine and creatine affect the potency?

Glutamine refers to the amino acids that enter the body with food. This amino acid is well tolerated by the body and is absolutely harmless. In some people, an overdose of glutamine causes an intestinal disorder.

Creatine is a substance that is needed to restore muscle energy reserves. It interacts with ATP and restores its balance in the body.

Studies have shown that creatine accelerates protein synthesis and increases body weight. The more creatine is stored in muscle cells, the more rapid the recovery of ATP molecules and, correspondingly, the higher the energy potential of muscles.

Creatine improves immunity, causes increased production of growth hormones, restores the body after training and damages the potency can not.

Taurine and its effect on the body

Taurine is a biologically active substance that is produced from bovine bile. It affects the human body negatively, if its amount is excessive. It is referred to as vitamin-like sulfoamino acids. Taurine is produced in the human body, and the largest amount is found in:

  • muscle of the heart;
  • the brain and spinal cord;
  • kidney;
  • the retina of the eye;
  • skeletal musculature.

Taurine takes part in the work of the nervous system, in lipid metabolism. It causes inhibition of the transmission of nerve impulses and stops seizures. It is possible that an overdose of this substance in sports nutrition can lead to impaired potency due to the effect on the nervous system.


His influence on the biliary tract and liver is negative. Taurine can strengthen the formation of bile, it is harmful to people with liver pathologies.

This additive is harmful to the human cardiovascular system. The active amino acid causes a decrease in blood pressure, in hypotonic substances the substance can cause serious disturbances in the activity of the heart. With an overabundance of taurine, too much activation of the organism appears, which begins to wear out quickly. Work on wear and tear causes the failure of all systems of the body, which affects the potency.

All harm of taurine occurs only with uncontrolled admission, when they abuse sports nutrition. With the right dosages, which the doctor determines, the substance is only able to influence the male body positively.

Why do sports and eating sports have potency disorders?

The reason for weakening the potency may be an excessive level of physical activity. Fatigue, accumulated after a long training, weakens the body and reduces male strength. The body needs some time to restore and consolidate the results of training. The psychological mood and the placebo effect can have an effect on the potency.


If sports nutrition contains soy protein, then with its continued use increases the content of phytoestrogens that are contained in it. Phytoestrogens belong to female hormones, and their high content in the body reduces the production of testosterone. If the content of male hormones is lowered, then the soy protein is replaced with serum, which does not cause harm. It is popular among athletes and perfectly restores strength.

To find out the reasons for the lowering of the potency, you need to consult a doctor so that he gives advice on the use of sports nutrition and the right loads, if there is a history of chronic diseases.