How to choose the right odorless male deodorant

At any time of the year, the feeling of cleanliness, freshness of the body gives confidence and creates a good mood. Not all fit protective fragrances. For such people there are deodorants that do not contain flavored substances.


In the fight against the unpleasant odors that occur in the allocation of sweat, a special place is occupied by the male odorless deodorant. Choose a deodorant without flavor, it seems easy. After all, it is not necessary to select a fragrance that is similar to perfume, it is certainly so, but apart from all such a product must possess the properties that are most suitable for a certain person.


  • 1Without protection from sweat in any way it is impossible
  • 2Careful attitude
  • 3Make a choice

Without protection from sweat in any way it is impossible


It seems that keeping the freshness of the body and smells is not so difficult. It just takes a bit of time in the morning and in the evening to give water treatments. Observance of hygiene, of course, helps, but such measures are not enough, so use deodorizing agents for the body. The allocation of sweat is a natural and necessary process for health. It regulates the sweating of the body itself, regardless of anything. Sweat is secreted by thermoregulation, and along with the water released, the body gets rid of unnecessary substances. The greatest activity happens in a period when a person is actively moving.

And we must take into account that on one centimeter of the skin there are 200 sweaty and about 50 sebaceous glands. At the usual rhythm, a person releases about a day of moisture per day, but this amount increases in different situations. For example, sweating can increase when a person is nervous. To protect yourself and others from unpleasant odors for some time, use deodorizing drugs.

If a person regularly struggles with the secrecy of secrets from the glands, then in order to avoid negative consequences, it is required to take water procedures more often. After work or an event, when you come home, you should take a shower to free the skin from contamination and allow it to breathe. Especially, this is important when using antiperspirants.

Deodorants are easy to use, but most of them are made using flavors. But people with allergic problems such drugs are not suitable.

Careful attitude

It is difficult to choose a deodorant from a huge number of offers, which are presented in shop windows. Attractive labels, many variants of different smells, but which one to choose? A lot of men are prone to allergies. And if you do not want to mix the smell of deodorant and fragrance perfume?

A lot of famous companies offer odorless protection for men.

For example, you can consider what their difference is. What unites them is that they do not contain aromatic substances. The choice can be made by trust to the manufacturer, either by the qualities with which a particular kind is endowed, or in the convenience of the form for use.

Rexona is widely known.

Means without the smell of this brand can be selected in different forms:

  • spray;
  • ball - balm;
  • solid deodorant.

They do not include:

  • aromatic substances;
  • coloring matter;
  • chemical parabens;
  • alcohol.

Positive traits:

  • Provides long-lasting protection.
  • There are no traces on the clothes.
  • Does not cause skin irritation.

Many prefer Dove.

Dove products are considered effective agents for excessive sweating.

Quality, which are marked by consumers:

  • Can be used for sensitive skin, since it does not contain irritants.
  • It can be used after shaving in the underarm area, because it restores the delicate skin and gives it smoothness.
  • There are no traces on the clothes, either on white or on black.
  • No sticky sensation.

Garnier has recently taken a place of honor among other cosmetics.

Manufacturer Garnier introduced a creamy deodorant NEO. The product is placed in a tube. For ease of application, you only need to press the tube, the cream appears in the lid. However, it can leave stains on clothes.

The advantage of Sim Finland Oy.

Lacto plus - suitable for men and teenagers. The drug promotes the healing of microcurrents, protects against sweat and unpleasant odors. In its composition is an extract of Aloe Vera, which acts soothingly. Economical in use, suitable for people prone to allergies with sensitive skin.

Lumene perfectly copes with the smell.

Deodorant Lumene in lilac-colored packaging contains no aromatic substances.

Ballpoint shape. The color of the cream texture is white opaque.

Advantages of it:

  • There are no coloring agents.
  • Does not contain the synthetic origin of parabens.
  • Prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor and reduces perspiration.
  • Does not leave traces on clothes.
  • It does not irritate, but moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • It dries quickly.

Clinique is the most in demand among men.

Male antiperspirant stick creates a good protective effect of sweat odor.

Distinctive qualities:

  • Does not contain flavors.
  • Does not cause allergies.
  • It differs by rapid absorption.
  • On clothes does not leave a trace.

Collistar is prolonged as antiperspirant acts.

Collistar Men 24 Hour Freshness Deo provides protection for 24 hours, without compromising the physiological balance of the skin. Its composition contains vitamins, extracts of lime flowers, as well as chamomile.

Make a choice


Skin is the largest body in area and performs a lot of functions:

  • Breathing, that is, through the skin is absorbed oxygen and released carbon dioxide.
  • Protective.
  • Thermoregulation, that is, heat radiation and the evaporation of sweat.
  • Water-salt metabolism is associated with the release of sweat.
  • Excretion of metabolic products with sweat secretions.
  • Vessels that are in the skin contain up to 1 liter of blood.
  • Accumulation and synthesis of vitamin D.
The skin performs many functions, therefore it must be treated with care. Deodorants, which are directly applied to the skin, should be selected taking into account all the features of the skin. Each package contains a detailed list of all components.

Before buying, you need to study them. Manufacturers offer a large assortment, so having spent some time, you can choose the right option.

Means of protection without odors are made by many brands, with different properties, so you can choose the right option. They can be used for every day and for special occasions, as they do not clog the fragrance of your favorite perfume. The best remedy is to perform its functions, but not to harm the skin.


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