Brands and cosmetics for the face of luxury: reviews and features



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Recently, the beauty industry is developing rapidly. The buyers have become more legible and no longer want to buy cosmetics, which include petrochemical products. Despite the cheapness and accessibility of the mass-market, even insolvent women try to save their finances in order to buy a better product.

These include drugs from world famous brands with big names. This is the same premium-market, luxury class (Lux), elite cosmetics, which every representative of the beautiful half of humanity dreams of. Why is she so good?


Unlike the mass- and middle-market, luxury cosmetics for the face - this is a list of advantages in the absence of flaws, unless, of course, do not consider very high prices for it.

It has the following features, characteristic only for elite products in this niche:

  • incredibly high prices (for some it is rather a disadvantage than dignity, although this is precisely the indicator that professionals have worked on the tool);
  • limited amount of funds;
  • exquisite packaging, which is more like a work of art than just a box of cream;
  • high quality, confirmed by various laboratory tests and certificates;
  • instant effect, visible to the naked eye after the first application;
  • The lack of luxury cosmetics of side effects;
  • Unique formulas created on the basis of high modern technologies;
  • 80% of the composition of luxury cosmetics - natural ingredients;
  • even preservatives in luxury cosmetics - of natural origin: colloidal silver, purified propolis, benzoic acid, tea tree oil, etc.

In an ordinary store, luxury cosmetics are not sold. It should be ordered through catalogs or intermediaries, because the number of products is very limited. Such funds are being created for those who are ready to pay a large sum for the beautiful packaging and prestige of the brand. Now we will talk about the latter.


Face cream with platinum "Cellular Cream Platinum Rare" from "La Prairie" (Switzerland)

What brands of luxury cosmetics reign in the modern world of beauty industry? There are not so many of them, but each name is a separate story, the authority of cosmetologists, recognition in beauty salons and centers of aesthetic medicine, famous clients from Hollywood. Do you want to join their ranks? Then remember this star list:

  1. USA: Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Anna Sui, Bobby Jones, Cameo Unik Colors.
  2. France: Ive Saint Laurent, Nina Richy, Chanel, Helena Rubinstein, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Christian Lacrois, Azzaro, Balman, Boucheron, Cacharel, Cartier, Chevignon, Dupont, Franck Olivier, Lagerfeld.
  3. Italy: Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Blumarn, Brooksfield, Bvlgari, Gli Eltmenti.
  4. United Kingdom: Alfred Dunhill, Ghost.
  5. Spain: Angel Schlesser, Armand Basi.
  6. Sweden: Axis.
  7. Switzerland: Chopard, Amadoris.
  8. Germany: Egger, Dr. Grandel, CNC.
  9. Japan: Kanebo.

This is not a complete list of brands that produce luxury cosmetics under their own names, but some of the most famous.


If you become a happy owner of a product under such a brand - then it will be very difficult for you go down from heaven to earth and return to the middle and mass market again, because the difference will be too much. obvious. In salons, too, this segment of cosmetics is used, so that customers always leave, satisfied with the result.

Professional lines

Japanese brand «Kanebo» and its cream with natural silk «Sensai Collection Premier the Cream»

In salons, mainly professional cosmetics for the face of luxury are used - that's why there are sometimes such cosmic quotations. But you completely forget about them after the procedures, looking in the mirror: the result more than justifies all the costs.

Here are the brands that beauticians of the whole world like to use:

  • Adina Cosmetics Professional, Leorex (Israel);
  • Alissi Bronte (Spain);
  • Beaubelle, Binella, Hysqia, Illyssia (Switzerland);
  • Bio Creative Labs, Cosmoceutical Research Center, Cuccio Naturale, Derma Pro, SpaRitual (USA);
  • Biomaris, Charlotte Meentzen, Dr.Sc. Grandel, Kryolan (Germany);
  • Centro Messegue, Resultime, Simone Mahler (France);
  • DIBI, Dr.Sc. Laurann, EGIA, Kleraderm (Italy).

All this professional luxury cosmetics is used for complex face care in beauty salons around the world and sometimes there are whole states. Despite this, it is in demand and in demand.

It is these lines of funds that refute the famous phrase that youth and beauty can not be bought. In our time, if you have money for such cosmetics, you can forget about old age for a long time. What exactly did the products of the luxury class gain special fame? They are collected in a small but indicative rating.

Rating of funds

Luxury lipstick "Kisskiss" from the French brand "Guerlain"

Among the most expensive and sensational with its price of luxury cosmetics can be noted the following products.

  1. Kisskiss - lipstick, the packing of which is encrusted with gold and diamonds. Guerlain (France). $62 000.
  2. Cellular Cream Platinum Rare - a face cream with platinum from the category of lux. La Prairie (Switzerland). $1 000.
  3. Sensai Collection Premier the Cream - cream-luxury for the face with natural silk. Kanebo (Japan). $650.
  4. Luxury mask GOLD 24 Ka is a face mask with 24 carat gold. Afrodita (Greece). $150.
  5. Repai & Lift - serum for the face with a peptide complex. Earthen (USA). $140.

Undoubtedly, cosmetics for the care of a luxury person is the pinnacle of the modern beauty industry. It is an example of what every woman deserves, regardless of her income. This quality, natural composition, refinement, maximum benefit to the skin and the absence of side effects.

Exclusive formulas and innovative developments that underlie the production of such products, allow not only to postpone old age, but also dispense with profuse make-up even while already in age. So we can say with confidence that the elixirs of youth from fairy tales have already become a reality. That's just the pocket they are not all.