Application of acupuncture ring against snoring


Table of contents

  • History of appearance and dignity of the accessory
  • Indications for use and how to use the jewelry
  • Combination with other drugs, contraindications, price and feedback

The ring from snoring refers to non-traditional ways of dealing with this problem. Having appeared on sale relatively recently, it quickly won the world market due to its safety, efficiency and ease of use. This device does not need to be installed in the nose. To get rid of snoring, it must be worn before going to sleep on the little finger. By acting on the acupuncture points located on this finger, the ring quickly removes the person from snoring, providing him and his close people with a full night's rest.


History of appearance and dignity of the accessory

The inventor of the ring from snoring is English saxophonist Michael Carter Smith. The musician for many years sought an effective method of combating this pathology and came to the conclusion that to eliminate it you can by pressing during the sleep to 2 points located at the base of the little fingers of the upper extremities.

To achieve a permanent impact on the active points, the Briton developed a special device in the form of a ring, the inner part of which was equipped with two tubercles. Being during a night rest on the finger, the ring with its protruding sections puts pressure on the necessary acupuncture points. As a result of this effect, the person's nasal passages widen, breathing normalizes and snoring disappears.

Before launching into mass production, the ring was subjected to scientific research, in which 20 volunteers with night snoring of varying degrees of intensity participated. Employees of the laboratory "Aspen Clinical" suggested the participants in the experiment to wear the ring before going to bed first on the little finger, and then on the other fingers. This was done in order to exclude the possibility of a placebo effect.


During the experiment, it was found that 85% of the volunteers snore disappeared or became much quieter on those nights when they put the ring on the little finger. His finding on the index, middle and ring fingers did not bring any result. The conducted research proved the efficiency of the device invented by Smith and entailed the beginning of its mass release.

The ring, designed to combat snoring, is produced from environmentally friendly materials and is safe for health. It has a universal size, suitable for any thickness of the finger, and is created as a design decoration. The undoubted advantage of the device is that it must be worn on the finger, and not inserted into the nose like a clip. This allows you to use the decoration to reduce the intensity of snoring in situations where a person is forced to sleep in an environment strangers (at a party, plane, train compartment, etc.) and can not use the means of snoring that must be secured On the nose.

Indications for use and how to use the jewelry

It is worth considering that the acupuncture ring has only a temporary effect in the fight against snoring. It acts when it is at night on the little finger of a man. It is necessary for the patient to fall asleep without decoration, as snoring will return to him again. For this reason, the ring is recommended to be worn every evening before going to bed and not to be removed until awakening.

Acupuncture rings do not always allow you to get the expected effect. Experts recommend that they be used only in cases when snoring is caused:

  • inflammatory process in the nasopharynx;
  • swelling of the nasal passages;
  • improper position of the body in a dream;
  • overweight.

The effect of using the ring will be less noticeable or completely absent if extraneous sounds in the process of sleeping in a person arise due to:

  • curvature of the nasal septum;
  • polyps or malignant neoplasms in the nasal cavity;
  • increased pharyngeal tonsils;
  • congenital pathologies;
  • age changes inside the nasopharynx.

The method of applying the ring from snoring is quite simple. To get rid of unwanted night sounds, the snoring should wear the jewelry on the little finger of any hand every night before going to bed.

The bulges present on the inside of the article begin to act on the active points immediately after it is on the finger. Thanks to this, a person can quickly and quietly fall asleep, not bringing inconveniences to household members because of their snoring.


In the morning after awakening, the ring should be removed and placed in a dry and protected from sunlight place. Periodically, it should be cleaned of contamination with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol.

Combination with other drugs, contraindications, price and feedback

With strong snoring, the use of a ring does not always allow you to get the expected result. In case of insufficient efficiency, it can be used simultaneously with a special clip, which must be inserted into the nose. Interacting with each other, these adaptations enhance the effectiveness of each other and allow the snorer and the people who surround him to enjoy a quiet and peaceful sleep.

Rings from snoring have no contraindications to use, so they can be worn by everyone, regardless of age and health. Their use does not have a negative effect on the human body. Abstain from wearing an accessory should only be when the patient has increased sensitivity to the material from which it was created.

Today, jewelry for the little finger from snoring is produced by different manufacturers. The most popular device in this area is the "Good Night" ring, which is produced in the UK. Its cost is about $ 50, which is not affordable for every citizen of the Russian Federation. People with modest income can purchase cheap analogues of an English accessory in pharmacies and Internet shops, which are mainly produced in China. The cost of such rings starts from 50 rubles.


People who managed to experience the action of the ring from snoring on themselves, leave him with mixed reviews. Patients with a mild form of pathology are pleased with the accessory and note that it really helps to get rid of the accompanying acoustic effects. However, in patients with intense snoring, the tool did not receive positive ratings. To get rid of their problem, they are forced to use more effective devices that need to be inserted directly into the nose.