Than to treat a fungus between fingers of hands

Scabies are similar to fungus between the fingers, so without a visit to the doctor it is impossible to correctly determine what to treat the disease. The fungus causes a lot of trouble to the victim with its unaesthetic appearance, itching, pain, unpleasant odor. And although it occurs less frequently on the hands and less popular than on the legs, it is necessary to know the reasons that contribute to its spread, preventive measures.



  • 1Causes, signs and diagnostics
  • 2Treatment
  • 3Medication Therapy
  • 4Folk remedies
  • 5Prevention

Causes, signs and diagnostics


If a favorable environment for reproduction of mushroom spores is created, then a person risks falling ill. Colonies of parasitic organisms get on the skin of the hands, hitting her with infection. The danger is not only in the local manifestation between the fingers on the hands, but also in the fact that it releases toxins, poisoning the whole body: immunity decreases, severe allergic reactions can occur, are amazed internal organs. Fungal infection is called mycosis. The degree of spread of fungus on the hands between the fingers and its symptoms in each patient are individual.

Common causes of infection:

  • frequent use of aggressive household chemicals, which can damage the skin of hands;
  • contact with the carrier of the infection, for example, through a handshake;
  • sweating or dry hands;
  • disregard for personal hygiene;
  • hormonal failures in the body, for example, pregnancy.

Initial signs are minor. Not everyone will pay attention to them.

With the development of the disease, they become more and more obvious and typical:

  • reddening of the skin between the fingers gives way to peeling;
  • watery bubbles give way to peeling;
  • cracks and wounds appear in the foci of vesicles.

This state no one will miss. To exclude other diseases - scabies, eczema and others, you need to see a dermatologist. He will prescribe examinations, among which the main analysis is scraping from the lesions. The doctor will accurately select the treatment on the basis of examination and examination. Only by correctly diagnosing, it is possible to cure mycosis of skin folds and finger surfaces.


You can treat the fungus between the fingers in 2 ways: by medicamental therapy and folk medicine. Falling into the skin of the hands, it germinates inside, giving off a special kind of substance that poisons healthy cells of the epidermis, filling them with toxins.

He can grow, spreading spores and depleting the body, until he covers the whole body. Treatment depends on the degree of damage and the severity of the course of the disease.

The disease, neglected, leads to complications in the form of spreading foci to the entire palm, the disease of the nail plates, accompanied by exfoliation of the skin in the form of fungal layers. The disease is difficult to cure.

Medication Therapy


She gives an answer to the question, than treating the fungus between the fingers is antimycotic drugs topically and orally. At an easy degree of an illness for treatment from a fungus on arms or hand use antifungal vtiranija ointments, creams.

Heavy fungal process requires oral intake of various tablets such as Orungal, Nizoral, Lamizil.

Local treatment consists of 2 stages:

  1. Removing the skin layers in the form of scales and horny deposits, using a compress. The composition of the components of the compress is prescribed by the doctor strictly individually. It includes lactic acid, salicylic acid, petroleum jelly.
  2. Then the agent from a fungus is regularly applied: gel, ointment, a solution. Among them, ointments are used: Mikoseptin, Mikozolon, Lamisil cream, Clotrimazole, Nitrofungin solutions and other antimycotic drugs.

Folk remedies

They complement the action of ointments and increase the effect of their application. Only one natural remedy completely cure the disease is not possible. Treatment at home is long and requires patience and perseverance. You need to know the effectiveness of this or that home remedy, natural plants. On the Internet, a lot of folk recipes, than to treat the fungus between the fingers. Each of them has the right to life, if he helped a particular person.

Among the best recipes of family medicine:

  • Sea salt, dissolved in water in the form of trays. With systematic use contributes to the fight against the disease. People connected professionally with the possibility of finger injuries, for example, milkmaids can be used for preventive purposes.
  • Novocaine in solution is applied overnight to the affected areas.
  • Powder of clay powder is used as a solution inside: 1 teaspoon dissolves in warm water with a volume of 250 ml and is drunk at one time. A successful addition will be powdered from the clay, which are superimposed on the foci of the disease. After removing the powder, the fingers are rinsed in a solution of water with the addition of lemon juice. Such an operation is performed more than twenty times a day.
  • Tea green and black has an excellent effect against the germ. It removes itching, heals cracks and wounds due to the acid in the tea leaves. From strong tea brewing, compresses are applied to the foci of infection.


Observance of personal hygiene - the main thing in the prevention of fungal infections. Than to treat a fungus on arms or hand longly and patiently, it is better to wash arms or hand with soap at least 2 times a day.

It is better to use tar tar or household soap, which has antimicrobial, antiseptic effect. It is necessary to avoid contact with sick people, to exclude handshake, to wipe the surface with an antiseptic such as chlorhexidine. Be attentive to personal care items, for example, manicure sets. If your tool was used by a stranger, then it must be decontaminated.

The ailment loves a moist environment. During periods of acute disease, contact with water should be avoided. Also, protect your hands from the effects of aggressive chemical agents, using gloves. If the immunity is not all right, then it is better to exclude public places: saunas, baths, swimming pools, toilets. If the disease is not detected on time, mycosis will not be cured even in a few months. With severe forms of ailment, you can fight for 1-2 years.

Therefore, the right way of life, good personal hygiene, monitoring of body health, consultation with a doctor if necessary, is a pledge to prevent mycosis of the hands.

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