Effective use of rosemary oil for face



  • The Secret of the Sea Dew
  • How to use Rosemary oil for face
  • - For dry skin type
  • - For oily skin
  • - For problem skin

The birthplace of rosemary in the Mediterranean. Marine Rosa (as it is also called) is considered a symbol of eternal youth, well-being. This wonderful plant is famous for its ethereal substratum - a real elixir of youth, which is produced from its flowers and leaves. Rosemary oil for the face is of three types, having different properties (this depends on the place of residence of the plant):

  • Cineoleic (produced in Tunisia)
  • Verbenon (in France)
  • Camphor-borneolian (native of Spain)

For the skin care of the face most suitable is essential oil of rosemary, French or Spanish.

The Secret of the Sea Dew

The strongest antiseptic, with tonic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, a healing extract can heal a lot of skin ailments, heals, rejuvenates, feeding the epidermis.

Camphor-Borneol Rosemary

Perfect treatment for oily skin. It will perfectly cope with the expanded pores, restore blood circulation, remove black dots, reduce sebum secretion. Deep cleanses the skin cells.

Spanish rosemary is an indispensable assistant in the treatment of couperose, purulent-inflammatory eruptions, eczema, dermatitis, furunculosis. It effectively removes scars, scars on the skin, roughness, traces of acne.

Verbenon rosemary

The best means for healing dried, coarse epidermis. Also, it is suitable for caring for sluggish, tired, emaciated skin, prone to premature wrinkle formation. The French remedy will significantly reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, restore the skin turgor, its elasticity, normalizes the water balance.

Ethereal will significantly smooth the surface of the epidermis, removing wrinkles, creases, will significantly soften rough sections of the dermis, remove scaling, return the skin tenderness and smoothness. Eliminate pigmentation, moisturize the skin well, significantly improve tone.


The use of rosemary oil for the face will give you another and excellent mood (it has an invigorating, stimulating property, is a powerful aphrodisiac). Eliminate excess aggression, relieve sluggishness, relieve fatigue, return interest to life.


How to use Rosemary oil for face

Rosemary extract will bring maximum benefit if you mix it with the base base of cosmetic oil. Which one to choose the basis, depends on the type of skin and the desired effect:

  • For a fatty ideal will be the oil of milk thistle, grape seeds.
  • To remove acne, pimples use cumin oil.
  • For the dry type, olive or almond is best.

The mixture is prepared from 3 drops of rosemary ether and 15 ml of the base base. The prepared mass is held on the face for half an hour, the remnants are removed with warm water.

You can mix the oil of rosemary in a face cream that you use constantly. Add 2-3 drops of the agent to maximize the effect of care.

For dry skin type

  • Refreshing tonic for washing

Dissolve in apple cider vinegar (5 ml) rosemary extract (3 drops), add there 1/2 liter of cold water.

  • Banana mask

Soften half the banana, add avocado oil (5 ml), lavender ether (1 drop) and rosemary (2 drops). The mask time is 20 minutes.

For oily skin

  • Night cream

In jojoba oil (20 ml) add 6 drops of aether rosemary, lemon, geranium. Keep for half an hour.

  • Oatmeal mask

Crush the oat flakes (10 gr) and add to them half of the grated apple, 3 mashed small strawberries, kefir (15 ml) and 2 drops of rosemary substrate. Apply to the face, rest for 20 minutes.

For problem skin

  • From couperose

Make a mixture of avocado oil (10 ml), rosemary esters and rosewood (2 drops each). Apply better in the evening for 15 minutes.

  • Remove scars, traces of acne

Mix the vegetable oil (5 ml) with rosemary esters (2 drops), mint, cloves and lavender (1 drop each). Use pointwise, rubbing into the affected area 3 times daily.

A warm Mediterranean gift, a fragrant rosemary miracle remedy will be the best assistant for face care. The only restriction of its use is pregnancy, the presence of hypertension, epilepsy and a tendency to convulsions.