Safe deodorants without salts of aluminum and parabens

All, regardless of sex and age, are actively fighting with odors of this kind, so that throughout the entire time they look perfect. This is an important factor for creating a successful career.


Choose a deodorant without aluminum and parabens today is not an easy task, but feasible. To properly approach her decision, you need to know some subtleties. The struggle for a healthy lifestyle is actively promoted in modern society and it is possible that ingredients that make up sweat remedies - deodorants should also be safe for health rights.


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About deodorants

The smell of sweat emanating from a person spoils his characteristic and, accordingly, his surroundings are related to such a person. For this reason, today, funds that block sweating are enjoying unprecedented success.

Sweat is a liquid that does not have color and smell, but the salts and decay products that make up it still give a sharp sensation of trouble, because harmful bacteria are contained and propagated in them.

To fight sweating, you can use two methods:

  • temporarily block the allocation of sweat drops;
  • to destroy harmful microorganisms.

By these principles, there are two groups of deodorants. Some of them do not create obstacles for the release of sweat, but they have flavors and antiseptic properties. Others, on the contrary, serve to block sweating and do not give the opportunity to show off sweat on the surface. They are called antiperspirants. But as a small amount of sweat is still allocated, so these funds are additionally saturated with gums of various kinds. Experts are negative about such developments, since the formed sweat does not have the opportunity to come to the surface, and this is detrimental to human health. This, of course, is correct, because then harmful substances are released and the body is cleared. When the glands are blocked, toxins are not released, but accumulate in the internal organs. Therefore, doctors found that the use of antiperspirants should be no more than two times a week.

Damage to aluminum

The product often uses aluminum in the compounds with salts, it can be seen in the listing of ingredients. Scientific studies have established that this element adversely affects the formation of estrogens, and these are important hormones that form in the body of a woman.

As a result of a lack of its development, serious pathologies can arise:

  • breast oncology in women;
  • decreased sexual function;
  • hair loss;
  • brittle nails;
  • state of stress;
  • violation of the heart and kidneys;
  • the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

The pathologies listed are serious, but many continue to use drugs that contain substances that are hazardous to health.

Deodorant without aluminum and parabens reduces the risk of the above pathologies. It is for this reason that new products include zirconium products, but no solid results have been obtained about their safety.

Hazardous substances in products

Along with parabens and aluminum salts in deodorants, there are a number of dangerous substances.

These include:

  • triclosan. This chemical compound refers to a synthetic compound that has the effect of protecting against reproduction of bacteria. But along with its advantages, the constant use of funds with it can lead to a disruption of the thyroid function or dermatitis;
  • propylene glycol or antifreeze. It gives the property of moisturizing the skin, however frequent use leads to skin diseases;
  • talcum and dyes. Of these substances there is a part belonging to carcinogens;
  • amines or acidity regulators. These substances accumulate in the body and contribute to the likelihood of cancer and allergies, as well as impaired renal function.

About parabens

Parabens are substances obtained from synthetic materials, which are fillers of some agents.

As part of the cosmetics on the vial are indicated:

  • melit paraben;
  • propylparaben;
  • butylparaben;
  • ethylparaben.

They can be equated according to the degree of harmful effect on the body to the compounds of aluminum salts. They are also able to cause breast cancer, although there is no exact evidence for this factor today. But it is established that when they get into the internal organs they acquire the mask of estrogens, because of which the risk of cancer increases by 8 times.

Having a complete picture of the dangers of aluminum salts and parabens, it can be concluded that deodorants are best purchased without these ingredients. Therefore, you do not need to believe in commercials, and you have to trust your own vision. Modern people prefer to buy deodorant without harmful aluminum and parabens, and other harmful substances in order to avoid health problems.

Famous manufacturers

To maintain the health and efficiency of the body for many years when choosing deodorants, it is recommended to follow the following guidance material.

List of safe deodorants:

Vichi Deodorant. It is made on the basis of thermal water, which is necessary for the assimilation of the useful ingredients contained in the composition of the product. This is a natural deodorant. The duration of the protection is 24 hours, while the allocation of sweat occurs naturally way, and with the help of active substances, it adsorbs on the skin, while the smell is neutralized. This is one of the safest deodorants.

Aubrey Deodorantis made entirely of natural ingredients. The composition of the oils of calendula, vitamin E, arnica extract and chamomile acts against the growth of bacteria, and the calanin substance provides the effect of dehydration of the skin. For men, it comes in the composition with an extract of pine, which is a natural antiseptic. Roller deodorant is saturated with natural ingredients, which gives the skin smoothness and opacity. This agent is without parabens and without aluminum salts, which includes substances from nature.

KissMyFaceAre natural deodorants, which do not have undesirable impurities, including parabens and aluminum. A product of vegetable origin, it is highly effective and even offered to people with sensitive skin.

CrystalIs a deodorant without salts of aluminum and parabens. It effectively protects from increased sweating and neutralizes the smell, which allows you to keep your clothes and ensure freshness throughout the day. It is suitable for people with allergies.

JasonNatural- it's deodorants without aluminum and other harmful ingredients, it has been in demand for a long time. Its ingredients are rice and cornstarch, grapefruit seed, and tea tree oil. Lavender and vitamin E soften the skin, and starch acts as an adsorber.

Belita-ViteksIs a deodorant without dangerous aluminum. Manufacturing-Belarus. It perfectly copes with removing odors from sweat and neutralizing its occurrence throughout the day, there are no stains on clothes from it, and it is combined with other flavors. Ingredients are not all natural, in the composition there is propylene glycol.

"Hamamelis"- this remedy for sweating contains in its composition many natural components. It is based on alum. The smell of sweat with its help is perfectly neutralized, but there is also propylegolic.

Crystal deodorants (ReinandFresh TawasCrystal ThaiDeodorant "), made on the basis of burnt alum, perfectly perform the role of neutralizing sweat. If they are dry, they must be moistened with water before use.

An example of undesirable use of the tool.

Nivea is a well-known company engaged in the production of cosmetic products. These funds are regularly advertised. Today, she is trusted all over the world.

After carrying out some scientific research, conclusions are drawn:

  • "Nivea: double effect" is far from a safe product, it includes methylparaben and aluminum, although it guarantees dry skin throughout the day.
  • Male deodorant of the same company contains in its composition salts of aluminum, which adversely affects the skin.

There are ways for self-preparation of a means to protect against increased sweating. Deodorants, which are based on essential oils, can be both aromatizers and antiseptics. Antibacterial effect is possessed by: lavender, rose, mint, bergamot, tea tree, sage, anise, fir and other plants. For the self-made deodorizing agent requires purified water, any of these essential oils, a drop of ethyl alcohol. In 60 ml of water dilute essential oil, being guided by the smell, if this smell is not absolutely pleasant, it is possible to do it, applying other oil. To start the oil should be diluted with alcohol, and then the mixture is added to the water. All thoroughly mix and add to the spray. This preparation can be used after taking a bath or shower. If there is even a need to apply it throughout the day, then it can be done, no harm will be done to the health.

When choosing a remedy for sweat, do not focus on advertising, the fact is that this action is specially held to ensure the sale of these funds, often referring to their naturalness.

Therefore, often leads to the chagrin that the acquired means does not justify the trust of customers. It is always recommended to ask the sellers if this information is not on the vial about the composition of the remedy, while paying attention to the fact that the deodorant was without aluminum and parabens. Sweating is a normal function of the body. But still in society there are moral norms, according to which the assumption of such a smell is unacceptable.


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