Drugs and folk recipes from the fungus on legs

People suffering from foot fungus often seek a cure for the fungus on their feet to get rid of this ailment. Sometimes two methods of treatment are used: when the nail plate is covered with the remedy and ointments are rubbed into the skin of the foot, and when preparations for the treatment of the foot fungus are applied inside. Of course, it is not a fact that all these methods are suitable for you, as it is determined by the doctor. Therefore, it is worth to go to the doctor and pick up a certain treatment that will help you get rid of mycosis feet.



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How to treat a fungus


There are several rules that must be followed if you notice any changes on your legs:

  • It is necessary to go to the doctor and consult about a medical or other treatment that is right for you and your situation.
  • The more you drag time and do not treat your foot mycosis, the longer you will need to apply the medicine for the foot fungus.
  • It is necessary to select medicines from the fungus on the legs in a complex manner to influence not only the outside, but also from the inside.
  • For best results, follow the prescribed prescription from your doctor and take the pills from the fungus on your legs.
  • First you need to soak your feet in hot water with soap and soda, cleanse the keratinized skin and wipe your feet dry. When fungus is also important to cut the nails on time and make sure that the fungus does not spread, for example, to the skin and nails of the hands.
  • Watch for hygiene of feet and change regularly socks, pantyhose. Wash them every day and wash your feet after a long stay in the shoes.
  • The fungal disease spreads very quickly, therefore it is necessary to limit the contact to the affected areas.
  • Choose spacious shoes that could be with ventilation to avoid sweating and re-rubbing.

Treatment of external use

If the situation is not yet completely neglected, the doctor can prescribe effective topical preparations.

There are many tools with which you can treat the fungus: ointments, solutions, nail polishes and others.

Below is a list of such tools:

  1. Nail polish, which is absorbed into the nail plate and helps to get rid of the fungus quickly. It is recommended by many, because it can be applied once in seven days and more from you nothing is required.
  2. Mycospore is considered an ointment that helps to get rid of the fungus on the feet, although it is also sold as drops and cream, which acts centrally.
  3. Many attending physicians and patients believe that Batrafen is the best assistant of all the preparations from the fungus on his legs. He quickly eliminates bad microbes and defeats the disease quickly. It is produced not only as a nail polish, but also in the form of ointments.
  4. Maybe you've often heard Exoderil advertising on TV, but thought it was just advertising, and it can not be so effective. In fact, this cream is also popular among all preparations from the fungus.

Of course, there are other ointments, nail varnishes, solutions, but listed are the most effective, according to buyers.

Internal Treatment

If the doctor believes that you have late asked for advice and that the situation is running, then he prescribes tablets from the foot fungus, which act on the entire body, helping to kill the fungus in different places.

Examples of tablets from foot fungus:

  • Which are not too or not toxic to the liver, do not destroy it.
  • There are effective pills that cope with the disease even faster, but are harmful to the liver.
  • All known Diflucan and Flukostat, which at a price is slightly more expensive than the average price of drugs from fungus on their feet. They can not afford many, so there are also cheaper substitutes for these tablets.
  • Also there are drugs against the fungus on the legs, which are popular under the guise of ointments, but have other uses (internal).

In all cases, you need to see a doctor. Only he can decide what to treat your disease, how and what is best for you. To choose your own course of treatment is easy, referring to professionals who have been treating such a common disease for many years. Some specimens, of course, can be very harmful to the liver, so it is so important to make small breaks between taking antibiotics and pills, but do not give up your medication for good.


Seeing the many side effects on the medicine packaging, some people immediately decide to give up such treatment, so as not to spoil their already fungal body. Then what kind of treatment of foot fungus, what drugs to choose? Remembering the advice of grandmothers who have always escaped from the ailments in popular ways, some will also want to quickly cure their own using prescriptions and recipes.

How many people are treated:
  1. Some people remember the recipe for apple cider vinegar, in which it is necessary to apply the remedy to the affected areas. It seems that everything is so easy and does not do any harm to the body, so people go for such an act.
  2. Others simply use products from the garden. One of these is the onion, which is also repulsed and applied to the fungus, and then wrapped tightly with some bandage. Garlic can also be used, it acts just like a bow.
  3. The latter method is very strange, so not everyone knows about it and use units. We just make coffee, dip the lotions and put them on the feet.
It is better to consult with your doctor to find the best treatment. If you are afraid of side effects, the doctor will pick up such drugs that will suit you best.

Be healthy!


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