Features of the use of a pillow from snoring


Table of contents

  • Principle of operation and types
  • Product Advantages
  • Selection and care

When the nasopharynx can not pass the right amount of air during sleep, a person makes certain sounds. Get rid of this pillow from snoring. This phenomenon occurs very often and causes a lot of inconvenience. A sleeping person can not control either his movements or sounds, so some may not even know that they have such an ailment.


Depending on the reason for the appearance of snoring, choose the method of combating it. If it is caused by the wrong position of the sleeping person, then you can turn to the sleeping aid for help, since the medications in this case may not give the proper result. This is a special orthopedic pillow from snoring. But it will not have any effect if unpleasant sounds are caused by a chronic illness or anatomical features of the body.

Principle of operation and types

A snoring pillow is an orthopedic device that helps to fix the neck in the right position during sleep. Due to this, the circulation of air that can safely pass through the nose is normalized. Because of this, the intensity of snoring decreases or it disappears.

This pillow relaxes the muscles of the neck, reduces the burden on the spine, promotes saturation of the skin with oxygen and blood supply to the brain. It can consist of different materials:

  • a memorial;
  • latex;
  • technogel;
  • polyester.

Such materials have the property of taking the shape of a person's head, after it presses down the pillow with its weight. As soon as a person tears his head from the product, it immediately returns to its original form.


Not so long ago a smart snoring pillow appeared on the market, which became very popular in a short time. It is a device filled with polyurethane, where a microphone is hidden, which catches and transmits signals. When a person snores, the pillow has the ability to grow in size, than wakes him up so that he wakes up and changes his posture. After snoring ceases, it again assumes its original dimensions. The shape of the pillow can be adjusted, however, it weighs a lot, about 2 kg. The product works from the electrical network through the built-in cable cord.

Another product of this type is the pillow-anti-snare "Bear cub".

It consists of 2 parts:

  1. The first is a big teddy bear, on which you can sleep (there are electrical sensors inside),
  2. The second part is a little bear cub that is put on the arm. During snoring, it catches impulses, vibrates and transfers them to a large bear. He, in turn, as if stroking his master on the head, calms him and reduces the level of snoring.

Product Advantages

A pillow against snoring has a number of advantages. First of all, it has no contraindications and limitations. In addition, this is the optimal way for pregnant women, since they often have to sleep on their backs, and taking medicines is prohibited.

Pillows do not cause an allergic reaction and other side effects, because they are made of natural materials. Therefore, you can use this tool even for children. Most of the snoring cushions do not externally differ from ordinary ones, they do not require any special care, they do not need to be beaten, and the service life is long enough.


Another big plus is that the pillow not only helps with snoring, but also has a beneficial effect on the body, the musculoskeletal system and even the brain. Thanks to all these properties, snoring cushions quickly became popular and received good feedback from users.

Such a remedy is struggling with symptoms, but can not eliminate the very causes of snoring. But it helps to get rid of the manifestation of this disease, without resorting to surgical intervention and other radical measures. At the same time, one should not turn a blind eye to the problem, because snoring can subsequently cause serious diseases of the nervous system, blood vessels and heart.

Selection and care

To get the maximum effect, you need to choose the right pillow. You need to select it individually for each individual, paying attention to the height, weight and even width of the shoulders. For example, tall people with broad shoulders need a pillow about 15 cm high, and for low patients there will be enough and 10 cm.

The user can select a filler and form. For those who like to sleep on their sides, a pillow in the form of a roller is suitable, but for lovers of sleep on the back and stomach, it is preferable to take a rectangular or pillow with a depression in the center. Thus the head will be slightly inclined forward, the tongue will not sink, and the airways will remain open.

Experts do not recommend taking a pillow with an irritant, as they interfere with complete relaxation of the central nervous system, do not allow the body to rest. Against this background, chronic fatigue, neurosis or psychosis may develop.

This pillow does not require any special care. It is recommended to air once a week and clean from dust. Approximately once a year it is desirable to clean, and you can completely change the filler itself, since the product has a long service life - on average about 10 years.


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Thus, the right choice of an orthopedic product can help in solving the problem of snoring. If there are any doubts, you need to seek advice from a doctor or orthopedist. After buying, read the instructions carefully. It is necessary to fight not only with symptoms, but also with the causes of unpleasant sound.