How is the nail fungus transmitted?

A lot of people from different families are interested in how the nail fungus is transmitted, because they try to comply with all hygiene rules. First we must remember that onychomycosis is considered an infectious disease, so it can spread very quickly. Despite all the conditions of civilization, people affected by this pathology, every year does not become less.


Onychomycosis is an extremely unpleasant infectious infectious disease that affects both adults and children. To protect yourself from it, you need to find out how the fungus localizes on the nails.


  • 1Features of reproduction of a fungus and group of risk
  • 2Where and how is the pathology transmitted
  • 3Prevention of disease

Features of reproduction of a fungus and group of risk


To learn how the nail fungus is transmitted on the legs, you need to consider the process of its reproduction. So, moisture becomes a favorable environment for the development of a pathological microorganism. Even minimal sweating of the legs can trigger the spread of the disease. The maximum accumulation of fungus can be found in baths, saunas, swimming pools.

It is almost impossible to destroy pathogens. They only temporarily suspend their development, and once favorable conditions are activated again.

Even drying out wet places does not help. For example, a cut infected nail or skin particles falling on a carpet can store viable spores for years. Therefore, the fungus is passed completely unnoticed.

This pathology is equally common men, women and children. However, some people are at risk, that is, they have a higher risk of getting an infection than others.

It includes:

  • servicemen and sailors who are constantly in contact with a moist environment (close proximity to water, excessive sweating);
  • public service employees;
  • employees of mines;
  • employees who constantly wear branded clothes;
  • people who use the common shower room and cloakroom every day;
  • athletes;
  • visitors to gyms.
It is contagious whether the fungus of the nails is on legs, it is no longer necessary to talk. Disputes of this disease are widespread almost everywhere. But if you follow the recommendations of dermatologists, then infection can be avoided.

Where and how is the pathology transmitted

Is the fungus passing from a sick person to a healthy person? Definitely, yes. You can get the infection directly from a sick person (a woman can get it from her husband even with a simple touch to the affected area). In addition, pathology is transmitted through infected surfaces.

So, now you can consider where and how you can catch a fungus of nails, more:

  • With direct contact. And it does not matter what the person touched, the infected sex, the skin of the patient or the general bedding. You can get an infection even on the bus, especially in the summer. Wearing a common shoe or clothing increases the risk of transmission of pathology. If adults become infected in one family, the appearance of symptoms in children is a matter of time and the degree of strength of immunity.
  • Since the nail fungus can only be transmitted in a moist environment, it can easily be infected in rooms that are poorly ventilated and for which the accumulation of condensate is characteristic.
  • In shower cabins, pantries, sports and gyms, hotel rooms. Everything here depends on how thoroughly the disinfection of beds, sports equipment, furniture items is carried out.
  • In beauty salons you can get a fungus through nail polish or instruments for pedicure.
  • Disputes quickly spread in shoe stores, because there are the same shoes can measure dozens of people and they do not go to the boutique with sanitary books.
  • Since you can catch a fungus on the beach, then you also need to follow the precautionary measures. It is possible that in the sand that is washed by water, there is a wide variety of fungal spores waiting for their prey.
Presented pathology is considered highly contagious, but it can be saved. To do this, just follow the recommendations of specialists.

Prevention of disease


Despite the fact that the nail fungus is contagious, meetings with it can be avoided. There is no need for expensive protective creams or medications.

Only caution and hygiene rules are important:

  1. When visiting swimming pools, public baths or saunas, you should always use individual slippers, towels and other hygiene items.
  2. You should not walk barefoot at home or at home.
  3. In the beauty salon it is necessary to require that the instruments be disinfected in the presence of the client. And the simple rubbing of scissors and tweezers with alcohol is ineffective.
  4. Daily used shoes should be comfortable. You can not have it sting or rubbing the skin. It is better to buy shoes made of natural material. Daily it should be treated with a special antifungal spray.
  5. Professional athletes or people at risk should carefully monitor their health.
If you know how not to catch a fungus of nails, then this unpleasant pathology can be avoided. If it is not possible to use a separate footwear in the pool or sauna or contact with the infected skin another person has occurred, it is necessary as soon as possible to process nails antiseptic and antifungal drug.

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