5 best creams from nail fungus on legs

For those people who face this disease for the first time and are still at the initial stages, a remedy such as a cream from the fungus of the nails on the legs helps.


Onychomycosis usually catches people in different situations, but in any case you need to start treatment as soon as you see the first signs and symptoms of the fungus, the first changes on your legs:

  • yellowing and exfoliation of the nails;
  • the growth of new layers;
  • pain;
  • redness;
  • burning or itching.

If you start treatment immediately, then the cream will help you to get rid of the disease quickly and effectively.


  • 1Why use cream
  • 2Which cream to choose
  • 3The most well-known ointments and their advantages
  • 4How to use creams, reviews

Why use cream


It is used in case you want to protect yourself from the disease (if your family has a fungus on the legs of a person) or if you have an initial stage of the disease.

The cream helps that:

  • Do not give the fungus spread further to the adjacent skin;
  • relieves a person of itching, burning, redness and pain;
  • helps to make the skin around the affected nail less sensitive and more durable, impenetrable for the fungus;
  • also protects the body from infection of other organs;
  • limits the territory of further spread and development of the fungus;
  • helps to restore affected areas of the skin and nails.

But nevertheless it is worth noting that not always creams have a positive effect. In cases where the fungus is in the middle or severe stages, creams for treatment and ointments no longer give such an effect, these stages prescribe heavier drugs that help to affect the whole body, and not one infected a place.

To find out what your stage is, you need to consult your dermatologist. He will give you all the tests with which you can determine your doctor about the further treatment of the disease, drugs and other prescriptions.

Which cream to choose

To choose a cream, you need to know certain components that must be in the media, namely:

  • bifonazole;
  • sertaconazole;
  • ketoconazole;
  • terbinafine;
  • naphthyfine;
  • cyclopyroxolamine;
  • oxyconazole.

All these components are included in antifungal drugs, which are used in many types of fungus to suppress their vital functions.

In order to choose a suitable cream, it is necessary, as it was already written, to undergo tests and reveal your type of ailment and stage. Against this background, the doctor will make a verdict and prescribe to you certain medications. Do not self-medicate at all, because if you are in the initial stage, the disease can be cured easily with the help of medicines prescribed by the doctor.

If you prescribe drugs to yourself, then you can bring your condition to the extremely difficult. In this case, you will not cure the fungus with usual ointments and creams.

Therefore, it is better to think a hundred times before doing such things with your body.

In general, there are only two types of creams and ointments:

  1. Azol - drugs that help to get rid of the fungus on the nails in the early stages. They suppress the growth and spread of the disease throughout the body. Very effective in the fungus of nail plates and skin. The azol" suffix will help you to understand where the azole medicines are, and where not. Treatment with such means against nail fungus on the legs lasts up to one month.
  2. Allylamine - not as expensive as in the first option. This species helps to get rid of all kinds of fungus, caused by various factors. They also limit the growth and spread of the disease, adding to their advantages also the disposal of pain, redness, itching and burning. They are not as effective and effective as azole, so the course of treatment is approximately three months.

The most well-known ointments and their advantages

Of course, now in the pharmacy you can find a lot of different creams and ointments, but which of them will act most effectively?

Below is a list of the most popular and effective drugs at the moment:

  • Clotrimazole. This cream is considered the best, as it helps to get rid of all kinds of fungi, and not just from mycosis on the legs. The effectiveness lies in the fact that the result is visible after one and a half weeks. It helps to stop the reproduction of the fungus and its development in the body. To cure completely, sometimes it takes a month from the beginning of taking the medicine. There are contraindications such as taking during pregnancy, allergy and intolerance of the components included in the drug. Not as expensive as the rest, the price fluctuates around 50 rubles.
  • Lamisyl. Perhaps you often see the advertisement of this product. But these are not empty statements about its effectiveness, it really is so. The result is visible after five days! The course depends on the type of fungus and the stage, generally from five weeks to fourteen. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to children under 12 years old. There are some side effects that are described in detail in the instructions. The price is already much higher than the previous medicine, from about 500 rubles.
  • Mycosis. This cream is suitable for those with onychomycosis, which was caused by dermatophytes. It is considered one of its kind, it has no analogues that would also be made from rye and would be effective. The effect is visible after one to two weeks of use. This drug kills the fungus from the inside, affecting its structure and formula. But if you have a disease like diabetes, then you are not allowed to use it. It is also prohibited in pregnancy and children under the age of four.
  • Nizoral. To treat nail fungus on legs often use Nizoral. Dermatophytes are killed from the inside, as in the previous case. The course of treatment approximately lasts from two to six weeks. Also, it is taken for prophylaxis, if you do not want, for example, to get infected from a sick family member. But if you have any kidney or liver disease, and you are pregnant, or want to give a medicine to a child under the age of four, then you are not allowed to use Nizoral. The price is quite large - about 500 rubles.
  • Terbinafine. This drug already costs about 60 rubles. It will help you eliminate the fungus in a short time, as the result is visible after a few days. But if you finish the appointment before the deadline, then the relapse will not keep you waiting. Unfortunately, this drug is not suitable for everyone. If you are pregnant, you have cancer or kidney and liver disease or other diseases, then it is forbidden for you.
Such means have a lot of advantages:
  • if you apply a cream or ointment on a fingernail, then it acts directly on the hearth of the problem;
  • creams are not so strong compared to antifungal tablets, they do not harm the body;
  • there are contraindications, but they are not so numerous;
  • Creams can be applied to all problem areas (but if the affected areas are very large and large, then the fungus creams will not cope well with them);
  • they are not as expensive as other drugs for nails.

How to use creams, reviews

To prepare for use, you need to know the following points:

  1. If the disease has spread to several parts of your body, you should immediately consult a doctor and decide what to do next with this. Creams are unlikely to help you in this situation.
  2. If you apply ointment, then pay attention also to nearby sites, and not just the affected area.
  3. Wash your hands before this, and also with clean hands, perform all procedures so as not to get infected with anything else. And before the procedure, rinse also the treated area with water and a special soap that protects against bacteria.
If you do not see the proper result and effect after a certain amount of time, it can mean that this drug is not suitable for you and you need to change it to another, before consulting with doctor.

Reviews of people who have used ointments and creams:

  1. A woman writes that when she contracted a fungus, she searched for various ways that would help her get rid of the ailment that caused her great inconvenience. She was heard of ointments and creams that some helped, and some did not. She decided to try it and realized that a wonderful result was seen in a week. The woman initially did not think that creams would help her in such a difficult matter, but they really helped get rid of the fungus!
  2. The man writes that he tried many different creams, ranging from the best, ending with inexpensive and little-known. After applying a good cream, he did not see any effect. He was disappointed in this, so I decided to try an inexpensive cream. And, about a miracle, he acted. As a result, the man concluded that the main thing is not the price, but the quality of the drug.

Of course, there are many such stories that are based on self-medication or prescribed treatment. But, as we already wrote earlier, you should not treat yourself, let it be better for the professionals of their business. And we will enjoy life without worrying about the fungus!


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