Biomaniks for improving male potency


Table of contents

  • What are the Biomanix capsules?
  • Effect of the drug
  • Advantages of Biomanix
  • What is included in the preparation?
  • Who should take this medication?
  • Contraindications
  • How to take the drug?

Biomanix is ​​the newest drug in capsules for potency, which acts in several directions. Despite the fact that it was invented not so long ago, the product received rave reviews from doctors and patients.

It contains carefully selected substances, with which you can significantly increase the size of the penis. Thanks to this drug a man can take control of ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Male sexual organ becomes firm and elastic, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases to the pleasure of partners.

About a small size, men prefer not to spread, but this problem worries them greatly. According to numerous surveys, more than 30% of the representatives of the stronger sex feel discontent and complexes about their small secret organ. At the same time about 37% of the fair sex do not feel satisfaction from sex for the same reason - the small size of the partner's penis.


What are the Biomanix capsules?

Biomanix - capsules for potency, which were developed by the best doctors from several advanced countries. They long searched for a unique formula that would help millions of men get rid of complexes associated with sexual life. Biomanix for men is able to solve male problems without surgery. This is indicated by various studies and numerous reviews.

The useful substances contained in the capsules are selected in such a way that after a few weeks the sexual organ becomes larger. Normal natural erection, which appears on the basis of man's desire, is normalized. The duration of sexual intercourse is significantly increased. A man is able to control his ejaculation. Thanks to the miraculous drug sexual intercourse brings complete satisfaction to both partners.

Biomanics - capsules, which are completely free of chemicals. It is created on the basis of various natural components in the form of extracts of plants and extracts.

Effect of the drug

Biomanics differs from analogues in that after the end of the course of treatment, the acquired properties are not lost. The sexual organ does not decrease to its former dimensions, it remains for a long time increased. Potency for a long time will remain excellent, the duration of sexual contact will also be longer than that which was before the treatment.

After taking all capsules in the package, additional drugs, surgery or other medications will not be needed.


Erectile function consists of several important factors - the number of hormones, the libido of men and circulatory processes. This may depend on the quality of the erection, and the size of the penis.

The action of the drug Biomanix is ​​aimed at dilating the blood vessels in the penis. After taking the drug inside the penis, complex processes begin to occur. The blood flows to him as much as possible. Thus, the male organ increases.

Naturally, this does not happen 1 time. Usually the positive effect becomes noticeable after 2-3 weeks. The size of the penis increases by about 30-35%. Thanks to the influx of blood flow, the penis becomes firm and firm.

In this case, a huge role is played by the psychoemotional state of a man. Even the most insecure person will feel like a hero-lover thanks to the miraculous preparation Biomanics.

Advantages of Biomanix

A unique medicinal product has a large number of advantages over other agents:

  1. Significantly increases the size of the male organ. It is difficult to predict exact results, since each person is individual and it is not known how his body will react. On average, the penis becomes larger by 3 cm in length and by 2 cm in width.
  2. There is a natural desire, libido increases in men. The drug is able to influence the psychological level. Representatives of the stronger sex become more confident in themselves, because they know that this tool will help them. Sexual contact becomes bright and intense, and orgasm is strong and prolonged.
  3. A unique remedy has all the useful properties of a natural medicine. It prevents impotence and decreased male libido.
  4. The duration of sexual intercourse is significantly increased. It becomes quality and gives pleasure to both partners.
  5. The drug has a beneficial effect on the quality and quantity of semen.
  6. It contains useful vitamins, which have a good effect on the natural processes in the body of a man.

What is included in the preparation?

The preparation consists exclusively of natural components:

  1. The root of the moiaki. It is a miracle ingredient with unique properties. It contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, normalizes the production of hormones in men. Due to it, the libido rises. Extracts of the root of this plant serve as an excellent soothing agent. The component relieves nervousness and strengthens self-confidence.
  2. Amazing plant of Muir Puam. Its medicinal properties were known in ancient times. It grows in Brazil. This ingredient has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background of a man and excites a passionate desire in him. This plant is widely used in many countries for the treatment of impotence.
  3. Tongkat ali is a tree that grows in exotic countries. Extract its root extract for the preparation is very difficult. First of all, it is necessary to find a tree that is at least 10 years old. After extraction, the processing of the ingredient takes several months. But in the end, patients get an excellent result, which surpasses all the boldest expectations. This component can immediately increase libido. It is used for erectile dysfunction, as it provides a significant flow of blood to the male organ.
  4. L-arginine is an amino acid that promotes vasodilation, provides strong blood flow, normalizes the natural growth of enzymes and normalizes the hormonal background. Being in the composition of Biomanics, it is responsible for increasing the size of the genital organ.
  5. Tribulus terrestris. This substance produces testosterone, which is extremely important for the male body. This component prevents impotence, and it is also known as an effective remedy for infertility. It stimulates the production of seminal fluid.

Consumer feedback claims that absolutely all ingredients have a beneficial effect on a man's health. They were carefully selected in order to enhance the positive influence of each other. In addition, the drug improves the work of other important organs.

Who should take this medication?

The drug is indicated for use with the following problems:

  • violation of ejaculation;
  • decreased sensitivity during sexual intercourse;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • suspicion of infertility;
  • small penis size.

In addition, Biomanix can be taken as an adjuvant for the treatment of male diseases such as prostatitis. Capsules effectively help with this disease, because quickly relieve swelling of the prostate. This is due to the fact that in the small pelvis after taking the drug, blood circulation is activated.


Despite the naturalness of the unique remedy for men, there are some contraindications:

  • an allergic reaction to the components of the drug;
  • age to 16 years;
  • heart and vascular disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • recovery period after a stroke or heart attack;
  • taking various inhibitors that belong to another group.

Even if there are no contraindications, in any case it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking Biomanix.

How to take the drug?

The drug acts in different directions. Proceeding from this, it is necessary that the doctor determines the required dosage:

  1. To increase the libido, you must take the drug 1 capsule per day. The course should last 3 weeks. After that, you should take a break, and then repeat the course.
  2. To get rid of erectile dysfunction, you need to take 2 capsules a day for 3 weeks. Then there is a break in 1 month and the full course is repeated.

Capsules can be drunk at any time - it does not matter whether before, after, or during a meal. Be sure to wash them with clean water. At treatment it is necessary to refuse fat food and alcoholic drinks.


With improper admission, side effects can occur in the form of severe headaches, dizziness, various redness and rashes on the skin, general poor health, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, pain in the extremities. Incorrect intake or overdose is not a danger, but you should immediately stop using the product for a while. Therefore, it is very important to carefully study the attached instructions and visit a specialist before starting the course.