Death from psoriasis

Psoriasis is quite common and occurs in patients of any age. For a long time, specialists believed that psoriasis could be the cause, because of which death may occur. Cure this disease is completely impossible. Is it possible to die from psoriasis?


It can cause cardiovascular diseases that lead to death.


  • 1Effect of autoimmune dermatitis on the human body
  • 2How to cope with the effects of psoriasis
  • 3Treatment of psoriasis and prevention measures

Effect of autoimmune dermatitis on the human body


Studies were conducted on the effects of dermatological diseases on the human body. About 40 thousand people were examined, and different forms of this disease were selected.

A detailed study found that psoriasis can cause heart disease and often leads to myocardial infarction. Of the studied, such consequences were found in 24%. This depends on the complexity of the course of the disease and in light forms of psoriasis the probability is reduced to 19%.

In the detection and diagnosis of complex forms of autoimmune dermatitis, it was found that 45% of dermatologist patients are at risk and can acquire heart disease. Scientists have come to the conclusion that almost every second patient suffering from psoriasis can complain of pain in the region of the heart.

It was found that a majority of patients with this type of dermatitis had cardiac arrhythmias. A little less suffers from arrhythmia.

When conducting a comprehensive study of all the results obtained, it was determined that patients with complex forms of psoriasis (enough of the average degree of the disease) can cause premature death. These risks exist in 67% of people who have a diagnosis of psoriasis.

Therefore, scientists came to the conclusion that autoimmune dermatitis should be treated not only as a skin disease.

How to cope with the effects of psoriasis

By its nature, psoriasis is a skin disease that occurs in a chronic form.

The main cause of its occurrence lies in the violation of the immune system of the body. In this case, the skin appears characteristic symptoms in the form of papules, plaques, nodules.

They will itch and flake off. They can be formed throughout the body or in places where the skin is damaged by clothing. Immune skin cells will grow very quickly because of what on the epidermis will appear damaged areas.

Often amazed places:

  • Knee joints.
  • In the places of bending at the elbows.
  • Hands or feet.

The course of the disease proceeds unsystematically and the periods of exacerbation may occur at any time.

Sometimes it happens, on the contrary, and the manifestation of characteristic symptoms occurs depending on the season or climate change.

After this, there comes a period of remission. Its duration depends on many factors.

To keep it as long as possible and to avoid splashes, and the appearance of psoriatic plaques, you must follow certain rules:

  • Avoid stressful situations.
  • Do not contact with substances that can trigger the appearance of allergies.
  • Try to avoid any diseases that can weaken the immune system.
  • Observe the diet in the diet and eat more vegetables and greens.
  • It is not recommended to eat potatoes, citrus fruits, fatty meat and fish, all fried smoked and salted foods, yeast dough.
  • It is necessary to completely abandon alcohol, nicotine and narcotic drugs.
  • Medicinal products should be used only after consultation with a doctor.

Treatment of psoriasis and prevention measures


To reduce the possibility of an infarction or stroke from autoimmune dermatitis, which can provoke death, you need:

  • At the first characteristic displays of a psoriasis to address to the dermatologist.
  • Treat the disease at the very beginning of development, not allowing a more complex form of flow.
  • Do not self-medicate and undergo all necessary examinations.
  • Observe all the doctor's recommendations and adhere to dietary nutrition.
  • It is admissible to use medicamentous therapy together with folk remedies. But before this, be sure to consult with your doctor.
  • At the first manifestations in the violation of the cardiovascular system, turn to the cardiologist and identify the cause of these phenomena.

After diagnosing psoriasis, you need to understand that it is completely impossible to cure. But really to achieve a stable and long-term remission. Treatment will last the entire period of life. It consists not only in taking medications, but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Psoriasis, as an independent disease, can not be the cause of death, but it can become an indirect factor in the development of the disease, which will lead to a fatal outcome.

Therefore, it is necessary to use prescribed therapy and all available means for treating psoriasis in order to prevent death from autoimmune dermatitis. Avoid complications with the timely access to a specialist.


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