Avocado oil. - your jelly apple for the skin of the face



  • Beneficial features
  • Which oil is better - ethereal or cosmetic
  • Application
  • How to store

In the old Russian tales, the heroes cured all the ailments, acquired a second youth with the help of miraculous juvenile apples. Now, if such apples actually existed! There is such a miracle in life. Only they are called "juvenile apples but "juvenile pears". If to be absolutely exact - "alligator pears" or avocado with the curative substrate.

For the first time, avocado oil for the face was used by Mexican women. And they called it "butter of beauty". One of the most rich in content of useful substances, an ecologically clean oily squeeze is obtained by cold pressing of dried fruit. This technology preserves absolutely all the richness of exotic fruit.

Beneficial features

The resulting substrate has a rich yellow-green color, which can acquire a brown shade when exposed to sunlight.

The most valuable avocado oil for the skin of the face is unrefined. In a refined, light yellow substrate, there are few useful substances, it is not good for us to take care of the skin.

The composition of the squeeze is as close as possible to the composition of the fats of our skin. This allows the oily liquid to absorb very quickly, saturating the epidermis with its unique biologically active substances. And there are a lot of them in the avocado.

Component Interesting information What is the use?
Fatty acid Almost 80% is in the composition of oleic acid (Omega 9). Without it, the correct metabolism is impossible The development of cells, their regeneration, the removal of toxins, the normalization of blood flow
Vitamins of groups A, B, D, PP, E, F Vitamin F is 4 times greater than in fish oil
Vitamin E is 5 times greater than in olive oil
Regulation of fat metabolism, vascular strengthening, decay of cell decay
Complex of minerals More than 25 essential micro skin elements for skin Regulation of water-salt metabolism, purification, cell rejuvenation, their regeneration, increase of elasticity
Steroid phytoestrogens (plant sterols) Their structure is most similar to the structure of human hormones Powerful anti-aging effect, the strongest antioxidants
Chlorophyll Antibacterial substance, due to which the oil has a rich yellow-green color Possesses restoring properties, removes toxins from skin cells

And also lecithin, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, phosphatides, squalene, histidine. Such a rich composition makes an oily substrate an excellent assistant in the fight against impending old age and wrinkles.

Which oil is better - ethereal or cosmetic

The ether is more concentrated, very fragrant (which is ideal for aromatherapy). It evaporates very quickly. We can say that this is a "volatile mixture of odorous liquid plant substances." Efiroli in its pure form can not be used for face care. You may experience an allergic reaction.

Avocado essential oil is best used in a compartment with various ingredients. But cosmetic refuse has a wider range of uses. What kind of oil should be used in recipes can be understood by the required amount. If the ethereal is measured in drops, the avocado facial cosmetic oil is usually added in large proportions (in ml, spoons, grams).


A fragrant substrate is ideal for daily face care. It is universal, suitable for any skin. But especially oily squeezing avocado is a dry, wilting, dehydrated dermis.

  • Enrich them with their usual care products (milk, tonics, lotions, cream). Drip a couple of drops in a dose of the product, immediately apply it on the face.
  • Application in pure form. Warm oily squeeze with gentle movements rub into the epidermis. Remove the residue after 15 minutes.
  • Look after the sensitive area of ​​the eyes. Carefully apply oil to this gentle area. After a quarter of an hour, pat the skin with a tissue.
  • A mixture of squeezed avocados with lighter oils (olive, grape) can be used for spa procedures, for massage, in aromatherapy sessions.
  • To remove makeup. Oil perfectly dissolves cosmetics, favorably affecting the epidermis.
  • Cream for the night. Apply an oily substrate to your face half an hour before bedtime.

The wound healing, bactericidal properties of avocado oil are very effectively used in the treatment of frostbite, bedsores, burns. For therapeutic purposes, the use of avocado oil for the face is effective in the treatment of certain skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, mycosis, rashes of various origin), with the smoothing of scars, scars remaining after acne.

For dry, sensitive skin

  • Creamy nourishing mask

In an equal proportion, mix avocado oil, low-fat cream, oat flakes. The mass must be brewed for a quarter of an hour. We put the mixture on the face. We remove after 20 minutes.

  • Sour cream for fading skin

Lemon juice (2 drops) is mixed with a squeeze of avocado (5 ml), sour cream (10 g). After mixing, apply to the face. The procedure is for 15 minutes.

  • Raspberry against peeling

Take fresh raspberry puree (35 ml). To it, add the etherol of avocado, neroli, sandalwood, chamomile (1 drop). Keep mixture for 15 minutes.

For oily, shiny skin

  • Drying mask with clay

Take the same amount of avocado oil and blue clay. Slightly dilute the mixture with water until the state of sour cream. On the face we hold a quarter of an hour.

More masks with a blue clay look here.

  • Whitening yogurt

Add oily squeezed avocado (15 ml) to kefir (50 g). Put the mixture on your face, hold for half an hour.

  • Pearl purifying, decongestant

Pearl barley (50 gr) grind, add tomato juice (15 ml), egg white. Whip the mix with a mixer, then stir in the aether of sandalwood, chamomile and avocado (1 drop each). Keep the mask for a quarter of an hour.

Recipes for all occasions

  • Let's face the velvet look

Mix 5 ml of oil (avocado, argan, carite). Composition put on face, hold for half an hour. Remove the residue with a napkin.

  • Face mask with avocado oil against "crow's feet"

Mix the oily squeezed avocado with olive or grape (15 gr). Add there 2 drops of aether rosemary, geranium. On problem sites do the applications (napkins, impregnated with the healing composition) for half an hour. Do the procedures every day 3 times. A month later, there will be no trace of small wrinkles.

  • Against sun burns

Take the avocado oil (20 ml), mix with lavender (10 drops). Lubricate the skin after sunbathing. You will save her from possible irritations and redness.

How to store

The healing substrate in its pure form (unrefined) should be used 8-9 months after opening the jar. Provided that you keep it in the refrigerator, in a bottle of dark color. By the way, if the oil is stored for a long time in the cold, it can form a flocculate sediment. It's quite normal. The precipitate disappears after the oil is warmed.

With what molodilnym apple we introduced you! This exotic fruit - a real magical doctor who is able for a short time to give your face a second youth. And help in solving some problems that spoil the mood sometimes.