Pharmacy from sweating of feet and home methods

Wet feet and a specific smell of sweat make a lot of inconvenience in the life of each person. Today, there are many affordable, effective medicines, so it is not difficult to choose a remedy for sweating of the feet.


Every third person knows first-hand what sweating of legs is, but with the means that are able to get rid of the smell of feet and sweating, only a few are familiar. Modern pharmacies offer a wide range of drugs, and traditional medicine is replete with effective methods to combat this disease.


  • 1Increased sweating, causes and symptoms
  • 2Effective methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis
  • 3Treatment of hyperhidrosis at home
  • 4Effective methods of treatment of fungus
  • 5Treatment of fungus in the home

Increased sweating, causes and symptoms


To prevent legs from sweating, it is worth considering why there is excessive moisture in the foot area and how to fight it. There are two main reasons that can cause sweating of the legs. The first are the natural processes of thermoregulation. Excess sweat appears when the temperature rises, which contributes to the efficient release of moisture from the sweat glands to cool a specific area of ​​the body.

The second factor is foot mycosis, which affects 70% of the population. This is a parasitic phenomenon that promotes the appearance of fungus and causes excessive sweating. They can get infected in public places and using someone else's clothes (socks, slippers).

Recognize the disease is easy, in addition to the fact that the feet start to smell unpleasant, there is a change in the feet themselves:

  • can exfoliate the nail plate;
  • The infected area is unattractive;
  • nails become unnaturally white.

When referring to a doctor, the patient can be diagnosed with foot mycosis, bromidrosis or hyperhidrosis. The first testifies to the presence of a fungus, and the second and third about the excessive release of moisture.

The causes of the emergence of bromidrosis and hyperhidrosis:

  • lack of proper care for the problem area;
  • stress factors and intense excitement;
  • wearing shoes from poor-quality material;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • increased sporting activity;
  • Insoles made of non-natural material;
  • the use of shoes is not seasonal;
  • malnutrition.
If a person from this list finds activities characteristic of his life activity, this may well explain the reason why there is increased sweating.

Effective methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis

Drugstores from sweating of feet are presented in a wide assortment. These can be powders, ointments, gels, pastes.
  1. Teymurova paste is a popular remedy for sweating and the smell of feet. It promotes deodorizing effect, removal of unpleasant aroma. In addition, the paste has an antifungal, antibacterial, drying effect. Hyperhidrosis is cured in an average of half a month.
  2. Formagel. This is a colorless remedy for sweating of the legs, which has the ability to stop the work of sweat glands. The main component is formaldehyde. The gel should be used on the interdigital area for only half an hour. Before using, hygiene must be carried out. The drug works for 12 days, after the procedure is repeated.
  3. An effective preparation for feet from sweat and a smell - alumokalievye alum. It has a natural effect, has an enveloping, hemostatic, antibacterial effect, it dries the skin. It is sold in powder form. Apply on clean skin when necessary.
  4. Zinc ointment is an effective remedy for sweating, which has an astringent, antiseptic and drying effect. 10% ointment contains medical Vaseline and zinc oxide. Apply daily on the foot area and between the fingers.
  5. Pasta Lassara helps to cure excessive sweating. Contains zinc oxide besides salicylic acid, petrolatum, starch. It is a popular tool, time-tested.
  6. The next remedy for sweating of the feet is Urotropin. Although he is better known, as a drug for the treatment of the genitourinary system. Use it for hyperhidrosis and bromidrosis due to its excellent drying effect. Process the skin in the interdigital zone. Then wear warm woolen socks. In the morning, the Urotropin should be washed off with water and used as a powder. Cautious in the application you need to be people who have any problems with the skin.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis at home


At home, you can use affordable folk methods to fight the disease. If a person is going to treat hyperhidrosis in folk ways, you must always remember about personal hygiene and grooming. Wisdom, accumulated for decades, offers a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic procedures from sweating and foot odor. Among them you can find pastes, baths, creams, powder - funds from sweat of natural origin.

In the pharmacy you can buy potassium permanganate, in people - potassium permanganate, which perfectly dries and disinfects the skin, besides you can use special baths. The foot after the procedure for a day will remain dry.

The process is as follows:

  • a small amount of potassium permanganate crystals is taken;
  • warm water;
  • the crystals dissolve and the feet fall into the bath;
  • duration - 20 minutes;
  • after drying your feet with a towel.

Powder from the bark of oak helps to get rid of excessive moisture and odor. Treatment consists of two types of application. In the first case, the powder is used in socks and worn during the day. The second option is to process the area between the fingers. Prepare it easily, you just need to crush the bark of oak.

At home, you can prepare an effective deodorant. He will not have artificial components, unlike the pharmacy option. The composition will include: thyme, rosemary, water and apple cider vinegar.

Ingredients advised to use in the following proportions:

  • thyme, rosemary - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • water - 1 item;
  • vinegar - ½ cup.

Herbs are poured with boiled water, cooked over low heat for 15 minutes. After the thyme and rosemary cool, add other ingredients. The prepared solution pours out into the nebulizer, but it can not be applied directly to the skin. It is recommended to squirt the broth on a cotton pad and wipe your feet several times a day. To treat a hyperhidrosis it is possible and by means of such deodorant as in its structure natural antiseptic grasses enter. At the same time, the feet will always smell good and fresh.

Effective methods of treatment of fungus

Treat the fungus with antifungal agents.

The most popular of this category are:

  • lamil;
  • tolnaphthate;
  • clotrimazole;
  • miconazole.

In addition to known drugs, you can use the following effective medications that will get rid of the fungus in a minimum period of time.

  1. Amorolfin. It is recommended for foot mycosis and other foot skin diseases. It prevents the reproduction of bacteria and stops their growth. In more concentrated use, it is able to quickly kill the fungus. The advantage of the drug is the fact that it is sold in various forms: cream, nail polish. The therapeutic course on average is 3 weeks, with a severe form of 6 weeks.
  2. Itraconazole. A good medicine of high quality, violating the process of development and reproduction and growth of the fungus. Clinical studies have been conducted that have shown high efficacy and the ability to exclude subsequent relapses of the disease. It refers to a broad spectrum of drugs.
If the patient chooses to buy the drug from sweating of the feet associated with mycosis of the foot, then, most likely, make a big mistake. No pharmacist is able to select an effective medicine from the fungus, since before treatment it is necessary to be examined by a specialist. Only after a qualitative examination and examination of the disease the doctor will be able to write out the right drug.

Treatment of fungus in the home

Folk methods of combating fungus are based mainly on the use of herbs and antiseptic oils. There are many recipes tested by time. Specialists recommend using them only as a complex effect in drug treatment.

Normal sour cream is able to protect your feet from an unpleasant disease. In addition, it can eliminate the resulting itching. Therapy involves putting sour cream on your feet, putting on warm socks and going to bed for a week. Gently rinse off the next morning with water. It is believed that the product helps to remove the diseased layer of the skin.

Wine vinegar is excellent in mycosis.

Apply as follows:

  • wash your feet and dip them into vinegar;
  • clean socks also soak in the medium;
  • after a bath with vinegar, a person puts on socks and goes to bed;
  • In the morning, wash your feet off the liquid.

The course should be repeated until the patient's affected area disappears and a new, clean, healthy skin appears instead.

Tea tree oil is an excellent option for getting rid of mycosis, as it can have an amazing disinfecting effect. It is necessary to use an aloe gel and oil in a proportion of 1: 3. The resulting cream should be applied to the feet 3 times a day until complete recovery.

Even using folk recipes, you should definitely consult before using them with the doctor. Since any effect on the skin can have its contraindications.


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