Lacer from the fungus Lotseril


Lacer from the fungus Lotseril

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Fungal diseases of the nails - this is not a cosmetic, but a medical problem that requires a qualified approach and treatment. To combat different types of onychomycosis, medicines have been created in various forms. Very popular are special therapeutic varnishes, which are characterized by convenient packaging and ease of use. One of the most popular and recommended dermatologists is varnish from the fungus Lotseril from the famous dermatological company Galderma.


  • Operating principle
  • Form of issue
  • Indications for use
  • Laceril varicella: the way of application
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Varnish from fungus Loceril analogues
  • Varnish from the fungus Lotseril отзывы

Operating principle

Lacer from a fungus Lotseril - a preparation for topical application, whose action is directed to the destruction of pathogens of onychomycosis, prevention of the re-formation of colonies. It can be used as the main drug or in combination with other forms of antimycotics. In small doses, loceril inhibits the activity of the fungus, the development of new cells. In a higher dosage the fungicidal effect is clearly expressed in the complete disposal of the nail plate from mycosis, a return to a healthy appearance.


The main active ingredient is amorolfil, which perfectly copes with such types of strains of fungi:

  • Candida;
  • sporophytes;
  • epidermophytones;
  • tryptophyton;
  • microspores.

The therapeutic varnish has an extended spectrum of action, intended only for external use. The main principle of the active substance - softening the horny layer of the nail, penetrating deep inside thanks to the liquid form, complete destruction of the fungus at any stage of growth and development.

Form of issue

Lacer from the fungus Loceril 5%

Today, the varnish from the fungus Loceril is available in practical dark glass vials packed in 5 ml or ml for the convenience of the patient. In addition, the set includes nail files, spatulas for precise application of the preparation and tampons.

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This greatly facilitates the application and makes the further spread of the infection to other nails impossible. The calculated amount of disposable auxiliary elements is sufficient for a full course of treatment.

In addition to the main substance of amorolfine, ethanol, butyl acetate and methacrylic acid copolymer, which are often included in the formula of cosmetic varnishes, are declared in the manufacturer.

Indications for use

Onycholysis - fungus on the nails

The therapeutic drug is recommended by specialists of dermatological clinics to patients who have various kinds of mycosis diseases on the nails of the hands or feet. No less effective is the nail polish from the fungus Loceril for people who constantly visit public places and risk catching a fungus: swimming pools, gyms, saunas.

Among the features of patients are:

  • ease of use;
  • minimum doses;
  • good effect;
  • high degree of safety.
Use the varnish is necessary only in a situation where the area of ​​the nail fungus does not exceed 60%. Otherwise, the efficiency and complete cure by the manufacturer is not guaranteed. For a start, it is better to take a general course of therapy, using nail polish from the fungus Loceril after stabilizing the disease.

Laceril varicella: the way of application

Loceril - product packaging

The therapeutic agent Loceril is offered to patients completely ready for use. According to the instruction, the composition of the nails should be covered 1-2 times a week, depending on the stage of onychomycosis, prevention. Upon contact with the plate, the substance is absorbed, continuing its effect on the pathogen of mycosis for 10 days.

Before processing, it is necessary to completely remove cosmetic varnishes, decorative coatings, remove build-up. After this, the patient performs the following actions:

  • Using the disposable nail files attached to Loceril, it is necessary to carefully remove a part of the nail damaged by the fungal disease.
  • Each plate must be degreased with an alcohol solution. Everything necessary for this is included.
  • Using a disposable spatula, apply a few drops of medical varnish with precise movements, distribute evenly.
  • Allow it to dry completely (it takes no more than 3 minutes).

Disposable sticks for applying varnish on nails

In subsequent applications, the treatment varnish is removed with a conventional solvent or agent. Before use, you can take a warm bath with the addition of sea bicarbonate, soda or medicinal herbs: chamomile, sage, St. John's wort. After drying in a few minutes, you can do the usual things.

The manufacturer recommends observing certain rules that help to get rid of the fungus and prevent the recurrence of the disease:

  • the nail file and the spatula should not be reused;
  • after each application, treat all tools with alcohol solution;
  • after using the spatula, try not to touch the bottle neck with varnish;
  • excess liquid can not be wiped off the neck, wiping tools if necessary with a swab;
  • always keep the bottle closed;
  • after application of a medical varnish it is impossible to touch to nails a tampon which is impregnated with alcohol.

This will help to avoid getting fungal cells on a healthy surface and significantly speed up the treatment process. Duration of use of Loceril depends on the degree of development of onychomycosis and continues until the symptoms disappear completely. This period is up to 6 months on hands and up to a year on legs.

Contraindications and side effects

According to numerous reviews of patients and specialists of side effects when used in lacquer Loceril is not fixed. On an individual basis, there may be slight burning and discomfort, which quickly pass after the varnish dries.

The medicine is not recommended for use:

  • with intolerance of the drug components;
  • during lactation;
  • for the period of pregnancy.

At the time of the course, it is not necessary to build up artificial nails, apply a color coating. When working with aggressive types of household chemicals, washing dishes is better to use household gloves.

Varnish from fungus Loceril analogues

Exoderyl - analogue of varnish from fungus Lotseril

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly studying new substances, the principle and effectiveness of their effects. Therefore, a large assortment of Lotseril-like medicinal varnishes is represented in pharmacies: Lamisil, Batrafen, Exoderil, Tebikur, Atifin. They differ not only in price, but in different composition. Therefore, to acquire such funds should be after consulting a dermatologist and an accurate diagnosis, which will indicate the causative agent of a fungal disease.

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Varnish from the fungus Lotseril отзывы

Elena Petrovna, 54 years old


Children bought a subscription to the local pool. After a couple of days of visits, I caught a fungus on my nails. A friend (therapist) consulted with colleagues in the clinic and offered to try a varnish from the fungus nails Lotseril. I bought a package of loceril, smeared for a month, the symptoms slowly began to pass, but I did not find any special effect. Has bought or purchased still packing - again any effect. The girlfriend persuaded to buy another package (total 3 !!!), processed the nails according to the instructions, but the fungus did not pass. As a result, she spat, bought butter celandine (in vials sold - worth a penny) and a couple of medium-sized lemons. Has dispersed legs or foots in soda, has removed a touch from the amazed sites. She cut the lemon into several lobules and wiped every nail with it. She let it dry for a few minutes and cleaned her nails with celandine. The celandine dried up, wore CLEAN socks from C / B and slept. So five to six days. A week later, only the memories remained of the fungus. And now the results: for Lotseril (3 packs), I paid , 00 rubles, and celandine with lemon cost 150 rubles. Here to you and arithmetics. We draw conclusions and do not get sick.


Елена, 31 years old, Voronezh


Not by hearsay I think that the varnish from the fungus Loceril is an effective remedy for onychomycosis. Advantages abound: the first - it is convenient to apply to the affected areas (once smeared and forgot for a few days). The second is efficiency and quick results. In my case, the nail healed only 12 days, when there are cases when the fungus did not let go and for six months. The only negative is its cost. Of course, not everyone will be able to shell out an average of , 00 rubles per package. But health is priceless, they do not save on it and it needs to be understood.


Сергей, 26 years old


In connection with the working conditions I encountered the problem of the fungus on the nails. Tried many means - ointments, tablets, folk remedies, including lacquer from nail fungus Lotseril. From myself I can say that the remedy is effective, only heals for a long time. If the means allow and have time, then this is what you need. A big plus is that the varnish dries quickly, does not smear then and does not smell.


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