Sperm as a jelly is a sign of disease


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  • Information about seminal fluid
  • How to restore the consistency of seminal fluid?

Sperm as a jelly - such a complaint in the office of the urologist of a man, if spoken, is extremely rare. Men worried about their issues in most cases are experiencing themselves, trying to collect information on grains. They are prevented by false shame and the idea that they are ashamed to bring their intimate questions outside.


So it turns out that when they come for medical help, the disease is neglected.In order to prevent infertility and problems with erectile function, medical consultation is required in a timely manner.

Information about seminal fluid

Sperm is a fluid that is thrown through the urethra of a man during ejaculation. It contains spermatozoa and many other components: potassium, zinc, citric acid, amino acids, prostaglandin... Seminal fluid is produced by seminal vesicles at 65%, 30% produces prostate and 5% - testicles and their appendages. These 5% account for the bulk of the sperm content: the testes and appendages produce spermatozoa.

The number of sperm in different men is different. On average, from 2 to 8 ml can be allocated at a time.


Healthy semen should satisfy the following qualities:

  1. It is an opaque liquid, in the form of white or grayish color, which thickens after ejaculation, and then passes into a liquid substance. Dilution can occur after 10-30 minutes - this is normal.
  2. When the sperm is healthy, then it emits a slight smell of chlorine.
  3. The taste of the seminal fluid can be sweet, although its taste depends on the nutrition of the man.

If the sperm is thick but homogeneous, diluted after ejaculation and satisfies the rest of the above requirement, then its quality does not need to worry.

On the problems with the quality of sperm and health in men indicate the following symptoms:

  1. Dense sperm does not liquefy after orgasm. This may indicate the presence of inflammatory diseases associated with the male reproductive system.
  2. Seminal fluid in the form of jelly has a reddish or brown color. This can be with gepospermia - increasing the number of red blood cells in it, with a rupture in the prostate of a blood vessel after trauma. But if the color change does not end within 1-2 days, this may indicate the onset of oncological process.
  3. Sperm changes color to greenish, dirty yellow, and weak chlorine smell to repulsive, unpleasant, putrid. This indicates the presence of sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Seed fluid as a jelly in consistency. During the ejaculation, soreness and unpleasant sensations arise. It is necessary to be surveyed, as for certain there are inflammatory diseases.
  5. The sperm are thick, like an unsuccessfully brewed milk jelly or semolina porridge, with characteristic lumps. This happens during the gluing of spermatozoa.

The reasons for which the seminal fluid can thicken are many:

  • various kinds of infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • dehydration;
  • high content of protein in the diet;
  • taking anabolic or some other medication;
  • smoking;
  • alcoholism;
  • taking narcotic drugs.

The consistency of sperm can change even when wearing warm or synthetic pulling clothes, with various allergic reactions, with overheating.


How to restore the consistency of seminal fluid?

To determine whether the sperm is thick and its quality is not the norm, the visual picture and perception of the fragrance is not enough.

It is necessary to pass the analysis, which is called spermogram. The study yields a single amount of seminal fluid obtained after ejaculation with the help of masturbation. Functionality and quantity of semen content of spermatozoa, their qualitative composition and viscosity of ejaculate are checked. Surrendering ejaculate is best in a special container. Contact with latex can distort the overall picture of the study.

If infectious, inflammatory or systemic diseases in the genital area are identified, the man needs medication, including anti-inflammatory or hormone therapy.


http://www.youtube.com/watc? = rFDKisn2J1k

In other cases, thick sperm can be tried to make it more liquid on its own:

  1. Arrange the drinking regime, use at least 2 liters of liquid per day.
  2. Refuse bad habits, do not abuse the intake of anabolics to the detriment of one's own health.
  3. Correctly and fully eat.
  4. Do not wear too tight underwear and protect the body from overheating.

Folk therapy can also help in solving the problem. The consumption of parsley and cilantro is diluted by sperm. Effectively remove the excessive viscosity of pumpkin seeds. Half a handful on an empty stomach in the morning or royal jelly (5-7 g) is absorbed before breakfast.

In time, male infertility is corrected by medication or lifestyle changes.