Aterol medicine for cholesterol reduction


Table of contents

  • Trans fats and bad cholesterol
  • Body Signals
  • Diagnosis and administration
  • The composition of
  • Clinical trials
  • Mode of application
  • Recommendations of patients

There are almost no places on our planet with clean water, air and useful products. Therefore, Atherol - a remedy for cholesterol - appeared at the right time. This revolutionary drug for normalizing the level of cholesterol can cope with many ailments and improve the quality of life of terminally ill patients. However, before starting to review it, let us take a deep look at the root of the problem, in order to understand the circumstances under which a given medicine is needed.

The ecological situation in the world leaves much to be desired, but the situation with food products can be called catastrophic. Unfortunately, stabilizers and dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers and trans fats do not contribute to prolonging life. All these components give the products an attractive look and smell, but most importantly, they significantly reduce the cost of production and increase the shelf life of food.

And while manufacturers calculate profits, consumers slowly but surely lose their health: a decrease in liver function, disorders in the digestive system, all kinds of neoplasms, and the main scourge of modernity - increasing the level cholesterol. This problem is directly related to the quality of food, or rather, with trans fats, which almost completely replaced animal fats from food production.

Trans fats and bad cholesterol

Modified fats did not appear yesterday: at the end of the XIX century, the famous chemist Paul Sabatier developed a technology for obtaining solid fats from liquid vegetable oils.


For the sake of justice it is worth noting that the work of the Nobel laureate had nothing to do with the food industry, he could not imagine the consequences of his discovery.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Germans and Americans, having evaluated all its advantages, introduced and patented a method hydrogenation of cheap vegetable oils, having the opportunity to apply them in all spheres of production food products.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the use of trans fats, people felt their ill effects, and doctors around the world sounded the alarm. Proven fact: long-term use of transformed fats leads to an increase in cholesterol, and as a result, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease with a fatal outcome.

People are often blind in their desire to save money and have fun. Therefore, together with the appearance of the problem, the search for its solution began. Scientific research in this direction occupies the leading positions in the market of medical preparations, and new drugs are appearing every day to lower cholesterol.

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not know about the dangers of cholesterol. But unfortunately, the concept of this problem is so superficial that it does not help in its solution. But in fact, everything is simple: there is "good" and "bad" cholesterol.

"Good" is a high-density lipid, which produces the liver. Without them, it is impossible to imagine the normal operation of the whole organism. Endocrine and nervous systems completely depend on them. And in general, healthy dense lipids work as fuel and energy source for the whole body.


"Bad" cholesterol has a loose structure and gets into a person's body from the outside. Its appearance is facilitated by the constant consumption of fatty and low-quality food. He does not take part in creative processes and is not withdrawn from the body. Due to its low density, "bad" cholesterol settles on the walls of the vessels, depriving them of elasticity and hindering the flow of blood. Over time, the resulting plaques make the vessels completely impassable, and this leads to irreparable consequences:

  • occlusion and dying of blood vessels;
  • oxygen starvation;
  • diabetes;
  • stroke;
  • heart attack;
  • death.

Body Signals

In order to suspect a rise in the level of cholesterol in your body, you need to listen to your condition. What symptoms will serve as a signal for immediate access to a doctor, who is at risk? Elevated cholesterol can be a symptom of both acquired and hereditary diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus of both types;
  • disruption of liver function and cholelithiasis;
  • diseases of the endocrine system, especially with a decrease in thyroid function;
  • long-term use of immunosuppressants;
  • abuse of alcohol and nicotine, the impact of stress.

There are signs indicating that cholesterol is elevated:

  • obesity in the abdomen;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pronounced venous pattern in places of obstruction of vessels;
  • under the skin of the eyelids appear dense yellow marbles (xanthomas);
  • attacks of angina pectoris;
  • weakness in the limbs during exercise.

Diagnosis and administration

If there are reasonable suspicions that the level of cholesterol in the blood is increased, you need to turn to specialists for qualitative diagnosis. And the earlier this step is taken, the higher the chance of solving the problem:

  • First of all, a biochemical blood test is prescribed that shows the level of cholesterol;
  • further, a laboratory examination is performed on the percentage of "good" and "bad" lipids to understand the severity of the disease;
  • genetic analysis makes it possible to recognize the nature of the disease.

Before the advent of special drugs that allow to regulate the level of lipids and reduce cholesterol, the only way out for patients was a constant hard diet. But such a one-sided approach to solving the problem led to the fact that the already weakened organism ceased to receive useful substances necessary for life.

Their source is chicken eggs, fatty fish, butter, etc. As a result, after a short-term improvement in the state, a complete crisis ensued.

After the drug appeared on the medical market from cholesterol atherol, he completely turned the notion of treatment and control of diseases associated with obstruction of blood vessels.

Atherol not only lowers cholesterol, it dissolves the already existing obstruction of the vessels, and the body begins to intensively produce useful lipids.

Doctors and their patients are satisfied with the effect of the drug and leave only positive responses about it.

The composition of

To begin with, it must be said that Atherol is a drug consisting of natural ingredients. It includes:

  1. Jerusalem artichoke. A plant that has been used in folk medicine since time immemorial to normalize cholesterol.
  2. Probiotics. Special strains that suppress the growth of bad cholesterol and stimulate the production of positive lipids at the cellular level.
  3. A complex of anaerobic microorganisms, or bifidobacteria. Improves digestion and the work of the whole gastrointestinal tract as a whole, prevents the appearance of rot.
  4. Lactobacilli, or lactobacillus, responsible for the dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques.
  5. Lactobacilli is a natural cleanser, helping to remove dissolved plaques from the body and restore elasticity to blood vessels.

Clinical trials

Atherol is a young enough, but already well-proven drug. His laboratory tests were conducted in 2014. A control group of 300 people was selected, with a cholesterol index greater than 6 mmol / l. Patients took Atherol from cholesterol under the close supervision of physicians for 14 days. As a result, at the end of this period, it was found out that in almost 90% of patients the cholesterol level was fully normalized, while the rest did not exceed the upper permissible threshold. The general condition of patients improved, many began to lose weight, increased mental and physical performance.


Of course, Atherol is not the first drug in the history to solve problems with cholesterol, there are its analogues, which are successfully used to treat vascular diseases. However, in comparison with them, Atherol has tangible advantages: having a 100% natural composition, the drug does not render side effects and does not cause exacerbation of already existing ailments, and after the end of the course of treatment there is a persistent Effect.

When taking analogs, one must be prepared for such side effects as headache, allergic rashes, disruption of the digestive tract, gases. And in addition to exacerbation of liver diseases, it must be remembered that the normal level of cholesterol is kept only during the reception, after its cancellation, all problems are returned, that is, similar drugs are not inherently therapeutic and are only used to remove symptoms.


Mode of application

Instructions for taking Atherol should be discussed with the attending physician who will recommend the drug on the basis of the diagnostic tests performed. But there is a basic scheme: the drug must be taken on an empty stomach, the course of treatment is 21-28 days.

Recommendations of patients

Despite the fact that to solve problems with cholesterol, Atherol is used relatively recently, reviews about it are only positive. The drug clearly helps people cope with the problem of increased cholesterol, makes life full, restores health.

Valentina Ivanovna, 50 years old:

"After many years of work in high school, pressure problems have made themselves felt. She became very tired, there was a headache and excess weight, on her legs veins got out. The children were very frightened and sent to the hospital. Analyzes showed that cholesterol is very elevated. The doctor recommended Aterol. Surprisingly, on the second day of the reception I felt better, a month later I forgot about all my sores, and the weighing does not scare anymore - I dropped 5 kg. "

Stepan Nikolayevich, accountant, 58 years old:

"Work and so sedentary, and still am a lover of a delicious meal before bed. I did not even notice how much I recovered, there was shortness of breath, the general condition was like that of an old grandfather. So, my wife and I turned to the doctors. On their advice through the Internet they ordered Atherol. The effect is stunning, as if, along with kilograms and years, he threw off. Now I'm ordering a second course. "

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Antonina Golovko, 32 years old:

"After the birth of the child in the body, something went wrong, and instead of losing weight, I gained another 20 kg. Pressure so jumped, thought before the infarction will finish. And on the street it was a shame to go out. I take Atero for 2 years, but now only for prevention. She returned to her form after six months, but with health everything is fine now. "