Griseofulvin tablets from lichen


Red flat herpes on the leg

Lichen- a special group of formations on the skin or scalp. For a patient, spots with peeling and itching are a real aesthetic problem that can provoke serious and painful complications. Each case needs complex therapy with potent drugs. Given that the main cause of the formation of lichen become fungal pathogens, specialists supplement the treatment with the preparation Griseofulvin. Well-known antimycotics has been used in pharmacology since the 1950s and is trusted by dermatologists.


  • Features of the impact
  • Pharmacological properties
  • Indications for use
  • Form of issue
  • Procedure of drug treatment
  • Contraindications for use
  • Griseofulvin reviews

Features of the impact

Griseofulvin tablets 125 mg from lichen


Tablets from depriving Griseofulvin - a special preparation of antifungal action, which is a kind of antibiotic for fighting mycoses of different shapes. Special properties make it possible to actively apply it in the treatment of certain bacterial diseases.

The main component with the same name, griseofulvin, is synthesized under laboratory conditions and is a completely artificial substance. The form in tablets is a milky white powder with a slight yellowish tinge. Some patients note the presence of a subtle specific "mushroom" smell.

Well known to pharmacologists, the chemical compound, depending on the dosage, can show two main actions:

  • fungistatic;
  • antifungal.

Molecules of the drug are quickly integrated into the growing chains of the fungus, inhibit the production of proteins. This contributes to the disruption of the natural properties of mycotic pathogens to multiply and increase in size. Penetrating through dense chitinous walls of spores and bacteria, depriving, it stops the development of the disease at any stage.

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Dermatologists prefer a preparation based on griseofulvin for one positive pharmacological property: when taken, it has tendency to accumulation in the new keratin, resists recurrence and helps the patient to grow more quickly damaged by ringworm hair. The compound is well absorbed into the soft tissues of the body, reaching a limit in 5 hours.

Pharmacological properties

Due to the ability to destroy cells of the fungus from the inside, tablets from depriving Griseofulvin effectively destroy many kinds of mycoses that provoke lichen in humans:

  • Lermatomycetes, which cause severe lesions of the skin;
  • microspores responsible for manifestations of different speciesmicrosporia;
  • epidermophytons, which are the main cause of severe inflammatory processes on the skin, nails ordeep inguinal folds;
  • trichophytons, leading to impairment deprivehair on the head.

Good results are also shown by this preparation in the treatment of diseases caused by yeast-like fungi of the candida. They often accompany lichen formations, lead to complications.

Indications for use

Most often, Griseofulvin is used by dermatologists in the treatment of various lichen formations on the skin and scalp:

  • microsporia of different degrees;
  • trichophytosisin any form;
  • mycotic inflammation;
  • onychomycosis of the nailsin the neglected state;
  • epidermophytics on smooth skin integuments;
  • favuses.

Microsporia (lichen) on the child's head

In most cases it is the pills from depriving Griseofulvin that is the basis for drug therapy, helping to quickly get rid of the disease and to stop the symptoms. Doctors consider it the best option, combining the price affordable for most patients and good efficiency.

Featurelichen formations- constant expansion of the affected area. Frequent cases are the spread of inflammation from the skin of the hands or feet to the nail plate. The most common among young children is the formation of foci on the scalp, which is referred to the group of ringworm.

Pharmacological properties make it possible to use this drug composition in the course of development:

  • pungentor color deprivation;
  • severe damage to the nails;
  • inflammation in the inguinalormezhyagodic fold;
  • herpes zoster (herpes).
In the treatment of ringworm, the drug accumulates not only in the skin, but also in the hair. This helps to resist re-infection, the manifestation of relapses for several months after the end of therapy


Form of issue

Griseofulvin tablets from lichen

In most cases, experts recommend the use of a tablet. This helps to correctly calculate the dosage in order to avoid any side effects. Griseofulvin from nail fungus is produced by several companies, but always represents a package with white small tablets, each of which contains not less than 125 mg of active active ingredient substance.

As ancillary components, manufacturers can be declared: lactose, starch and magnesium. They improve the taste and help shape the form, without affecting efficiency at all.

Procedure of drug treatment

The drug refers to potent formulations, so any treatment options should be consistent with the permanent doctor. An obligatory condition should be the availability of tests that reveal the main causative agent of lichen education.

Tablets from depriving Griseofulvin has some side effects, so regardless of the scheme and dosage it must be taken strictly after eating. To protect the mucous membrane and the walls of the stomach, experts recommend pre-drinking a teaspoon of any vegetable oil.

The usual dose for an adult patient is 1 g per day. It is better to divide it into several receptions. The duration of treatment depends entirely on the stage and neglect of the disease. The average time of application is at least one month. The specialist should extend or cancel the drug on the basis of laboratory tests.

Before buying the tablets from the fungus necessarily show the dermatologist and consult about their use.

Contraindications for use

During the period of taking the medicine, patients are recommended to reduce the time spent in direct sunlight, avoid natural or artificial sunburn. Direct contraindications in the instructions indicate:

  • pregnancy at any time;
  • patient's age up to 2 years;
  • any blood diseases;
  • problems with the liver or ducts;
  • kidney disease or inflammation of the outflow tract;
  • oncology.

Many dermatologists advise patients to combine Griseofulvin with any natural hepatoprotectors to reduce the effect on the liver, to keep its functions intact.

The composition negatively affects the genital function of partners of either sex. To avoid negative consequences and pregnancy during this period it is better to take care of non-hormonal contraception.

Among the possible side effects may be dizziness and a slight disorientation, violation of full sleep, muscle weakness and fatigue. If such symptoms appear, you should immediately notify the attending physician. It will help to select similar drugs: Fulcin or Gritsin.

Griseofulvin reviews

Marina, 31 years old, designer


At my husband one year ago on the arm there was a big red maculae and 10-12 it is less in the field of an arm or a hand and on a breast. At first we thought about allergies, but after a week, the spots became twice as large, and we decided to go to the doctor, although force your husband to go in the hospital was just a heroic deed from my side)) In short, the doctor looked at the magnifying glass and diagnosed - red lichen. We got scared, but the doctor calmed us down, because we almost all have been sick / sick. The reason, perhaps, was our new pet (gold retriever). However, the doctor said that lichen occurs mainly due to impaired immunity, so you need to first strengthen it. Of the drugs, the doctor did not want to prescribe anything, said that all will go through 4-6 weeks, most importantly, do not wet and scratch. But for prophylaxis, we queried tablets from depriving Griseofulvin 125mg. Drink exactly 20 days for prevention. Three days later the spots disappeared and did not appear again. Then my husband drank a course of vitamins and for a year now there are no symptoms of fungus. The disease is not terrible, but unpleasant. It is better not to be ill. Thank you.


Валера, 34 years old, Penza


Zdravsvuyte. I want to share my little experience. At my son (9 years) on a nape there was a red shelled maculae. I immediately realized that the fungus did not panic, as we were deprived of all the pain in our childhood. But his wife became nervous and began to take her son to the clinic. The doctor looked and said that it was an ordinary ringworm. Has prescribed tablets from depriving grizeofulvin, ointment lamizil and vitamins B and C. The cream did not buy, because it is very expensive. Tablets cost only 145 rubles. Minor drank 7-8 days, depriving began to noticeably decrease and after another three days completely disappeared. Summarizing, I can say that the tablets are relatively inexpensive, for example, the cream of lami is 5 times more expensive. It turns out, normally saved and the sore quickly withdrawn. I advise everyone ...


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