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In cosmetology this plant is used mainly for hair care. However, its extract is also used in facial care. They are issued rarely - not all companies can find a line of such cosmetics. And if with creams and masks things are simpler, then the brand lotion from the nettle is very difficult to find. But it can be easily and simply cooked at home.

Magic composition

First, you need to understand how the nettle extract works in the lotion on the face. Its cosmetic properties are due to those active substances that contain it:

  • formic acid, decomposing during heat treatment for water and carbon dioxide, performs 2 functions - moisturizes (water properties) and pushes all debris from the pores (this makes CO2) to the skin surface;
  • vitamin A has restorative properties, heals the damage to the epidermis, restoring to life the cells stopped in development;
  • vitamin C - an antioxidant, which affects the production of collagen in tissues, which makes the skin more smooth, elastic and elastic, and improves blood circulation;
  • vitamin K regulates natural pigmentation, preventing the appearance of freckles and other spots, leveling the general tone;
  • tannins soothe irritation of the skin on the face, have anti-inflammatory properties (nettle is not in vain used to treat acne);
  • flavonoids smooth wrinkles, providing a rejuvenating effect;
  • organic acids are active participants in many metabolic processes occurring in cells on which the internal health and external beauty of the facial skin depends.

Based on these data, it is easy to conclude that face lotion, prepared from nettle extract, can be actively used against black spots, pigment spots, acne and wrinkles. It can moisten dry, damaged skin, improve the oily condition and refresh the mature, fading. So do not deny yourself such a pleasure.

It is interesting.Formic acid is a great rarity in nature. It is distinguished by red forest ants (hence the name) and bees, and also contained in needles and nettles. In surgery, it is used as a pre-operative antiseptic, in pharmaceuticals - for the disinfection of equipment.


Nettle lotion for the strengthening of hair on sale can be found very much, but such a tool for the face - a rarity. Still, there are several options.

In pharmacies, you can buy a small bottle (only 50 ml), on the label of which will be written: lotion cosmetic for the face "Nettle." It is produced by various Russian cosmeceutical companies. The price for such a small amount is appropriate - only $ 5.

This is the only way in which the concentration of plant extract is sufficient to fulfill all of its functions. If you rub your face twice a day, the pigmentation becomes light, the acne becomes smaller, the wrinkles will not be so deep and noticeable.

Bethalia (Russia)

Tonic lotion for the face on the basis of a variety of plant extracts, among which is the nettle. The cost is $ 6 for a convenient bottle with a dispenser with a volume of 200 ml. It is intended for cleansing the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Removes greasy shine and dirt.

Active components:

  • vitamins B5, C, PP;
  • coniferous extract;
  • sodium hyaluronate;
  • allantoin;
  • extracts of rosemary, basil, parsley, horsetail, St. John's wort, nettle, plantain, string, chamomile, calendula, violets, arnica, mountaineer bird, sage, clover, elecampane, ayr, juniper, caraway, dog rose, horse chestnut, licorice, linden, cones of hops, ginger, bark oak.

Suitable for daily use for any skin type. The complex of plant extracts and vitamins tones up, makes the epidermis more elastic and elastic, softens and moisturizes it, soothes irritations and speeds up regeneration.

If you can not find the data, there is an alternative. You can use a nettle hydrolyte or tonic.

First, it is a hydrolyte from the company Zeytun (Jordan). Estimated price is $ 1,. If you need a concentrated product, then you will not find a better option. By the way, it can be used to make home lotions.

Secondly, you can try an anti-inflammatory tonic for the face with extracts of fucus and nettle. Brand - Siberina (Russia). It costs about $,. Useful for those who have problem or oily skin.

Brand lotions have their drawbacks. Despite the excellent efficiency, they are difficult to find, the range is rather poor, the composition will necessarily contain preservatives, dyes and other "chemistry". Therefore, we will learn how to prepare this product at home.


Did you know that ...Many of the Roman authors wrote about the healing properties of this herb: Galen, Horace, Pliny, Catullus. It is widely used in modern medicine. No wonder the folk wisdom says: "One nettle replaces seven doctors." Therefore, cosmetics based on her extract helps with dermatoses and eczema on the face.


Little tricks

To the lotion had the desired effect on the skin, its application should be literate, and cooking - strictly according to the prescription. For this, it is worth considering the following recommendations.


You will need a nettle leaf. Collect it from May to July. In August, the raw materials will be too rigid, faded and not suitable for cosmetic purposes. The plant must first be cut or mown, dried in the air for 3 hours and then cut off the leaves. After that, they are dried in dryers at 40 ° C or in a ventilated room, spreading a thin layer on the fabric. Shelf life of properly prepared raw materials is 2 years in paper bags or cardboard boxes.

If this process seems to you too time consuming, you can make it easier - buy a nettle leaf in a pharmacy, in the form of dry grass or phytopacks. Both can be used to make home lotion.


  1. As a raw material, choose only the leaves of the dioecious nettle. The stems are not used.
  2. You can use both dry and fresh grass.
  3. Fresh leaves must be washed in running water and boiled water. Grind them with a knife or in a blender. Then use the prescription.
  4. If you need juice, fold the crushed leaves into multi-layer gauze and wring out.
  5. In concentrated form, the nettle juice can not be used, otherwise the face burn will be provided to you. Dilute it with water in equal proportions. You can take micellar, floral or mineral water, as well as a hydrolyte.
  6. After preparing the lotion for the first time, moisten the wrist to determine the skin reaction. In the absence of itching, redness and rash, you can apply it to cleanse the face.
  7. Keep refrigerated. The shelf life of the alcohol-free lotions is 3 days, for alcohol - 1-2 weeks.


  1. Half an hour before use, get it out of the refrigerator.
  2. Do not use such lotions for the skin around the eyes.
  3. Wipe them face after washing with foam or milk.
  4. After that, the cream is applied.
  5. Owners of oily skin is recommended to apply twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Dry - only 1 time, before going to bed.
  6. Course - 1 month. You can repeat it in 2-3 weeks.

You need to do everything right, given that nettle is a concentrate of formic acid and tannins. In large quantities, they can damage the skin. Therefore, without these recommendations lotion may not "work" the way you want it.

On a note.If your main problem - pimples on the face, with which cosmetic agents can not cope, try drinking a decoction of nettles inside. A glass a day (in small portions) for 3 months should clear the skin of unwanted rashes.

TOP-10 recipes

Prepare a home lotion in various ways, including various additional ingredients in the composition. In this case, be guided by the type of your skin and cosmetic problem. If the epidermis suffers from fatness - it is better to prepare a remedy for alcohol, if from dryness - without it.

  • Classic recipe

200 gr crushed fresh leaves pour the same amount of vodka. Infuse in a dark cool place for 10 days. Filter, dilute with water in equal proportions. Vodka can be replaced with alcohol or cologne.

  • On the infusion

50 grams of crushed dry leaves pour 200 ml of steep boiling water. Keep under the lid for half an hour, drain.

  • On the decoction

100 g of fresh leaves pour 500 ml of cold water, boil, cool, drain.

  • With vinegar

Recipe 1. To care for oily skin of the face, you can prepare a lotion of nettle and vinegar. Mix 100 g of leaves, 500 ml of water and apple (or table) vinegar. Leave for half an hour. After that, cook the same amount over low heat. Cool and drain.

Recipe 2. Pour 100 grams of crushed leaves with 500 ml of water. Keep on low heat for half an hour. Cool, add 50 ml of vinegar.

  • From Acne

From fresh leaves squeeze the juice, mix in equal proportions with water, do local rubbing in the places of the most profuse rashes.

  • From pigment spots

50 grams of crushed dry leaves pour 200 ml of steep boiling water. Keep under the lid for half an hour, drain. Add the same amount of parsley infusion and 50 ml of lemon juice concentrate.

  • Moisturizing

Mix 100 ml of decoction of nettles and parsley. Add 50 ml of cucumber juice, squeezed out of the pulp. Dilute with mineral water in equal proportions.

  • For problem skin

Juice from nettle and garlic (50 ml each) is diluted with 200 ml of micellar water. Use daily for a week.

  • Anti-aging

For these purposes, a mixture of 100 ml of nettle infusion with a glass of milk, kefir or yogurt is perfect.

  • Tonic

Mix 50 ml of broth: nettle, dill, sage and dandelions. Dilute 100 ml of milk whey.

If you prefer skin care products based on plant extracts, you should definitely try a nettle lotion. Its rejuvenating, seborrhagulating, whitening, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect will please you with results. And if you can pick up under it and the cream with a mask, the efficiency will increase several times.

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