Than to remove an itch at a psoriasis?

Itching in psoriasis is distinguished by its strength: medium, strong. Unpleasant sensations cause a great desire to comb all the affected areas.The process of combing leads to an increase in the area of ​​spread of the disease.It is clear that not every itch is a symptom of psoriasis.


It can accompany other skin diseases or infections of the body. Medical sources say that the itching confirms the manifestation of psoriasis in the majority, turned to the specialists of patients, about 80% of cases. Clinical changes in skin with painful symptoms are accompanied by the disease itself, and its recurrent phenomena.


  • 1Causes of symptomatology
  • 2Ways to get rid of an unpleasant symptom
  • 3Classical methods of burning off
  • 4Procedures that enhance symptoms

Causes of symptomatology


Psoriasis becomes noticeable with the appearance of itching, requiring treatment. To him can lead an independent treatment without special examination from a specialist - a dermatologist. Another option for the withdrawal of an unpleasant symptom may be secondary infection on the background of incomplete treatment of the disease.

Itching is thought to be a consequence of a psychogenic or neurogenic process.

The main factors include the following factors:

  • Progression during psoriasis.
  • The use of various hygienic and cosmetic products that irritate the skin.
  • Intoxication of chronic and acute development.
  • Disorders in the endocrine system.
  • Allergy to unidentified drugs and funds with a complex degree of detection of sources.
  • Skin diseases (scabies).
  • A virus process that develops in the human body is not established, not detected by a doctor.

The causes that contribute to the activation of the disease can be malnutrition.

Itching in psoriasis occurs from a variety of food components, foods, excessive alcohol addiction, sweets, fatty and spicy. It is caused by coffee and chocolate, certain types of fish and cheese.

Concomitant causes of the symptom include:

  • Components of medications.
  • Contact and work with complex compounds of the chemical industry.
  • Harmful conditions of the workplace and production process.
  • Differences in temperature and climatic conditions of residence.

Skin itching accompanies various diseases: gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract), endocrine system, liver.

One of the active sources of burning sensation is home plants, flowers, smells.

Ways to get rid of an unpleasant symptom

There are many options for burning off. All of them are aimed at restoring the work of the epidermis, the production of skin cells by the body.

Treatment begins with external effects on the foci and rashes of psoriasis. But ointments, creams and other external means can aggravate the problem, intensify the seizures. Then the treatment cardinally changes to the internal administration of drugs or a set of measures.

The patient, who could not immediately eliminate the itching, observed deterioration. He falls into depression, becomes anxious, tries to avoid communication. Changes in behavior do not improve the patient's condition.

In the treatment of the patient include special methods aimed at relaxation, avoiding psychological problems. To understand why there is no improvement in the disease is quite difficult, even almost impossible, without medical knowledge alone.

Only an expert will understand the formula, determine whether there are errors in the chosen method and medicine. The action of medicines reduces the desire to scratch the foci and places of skin changes. The appearance of cracks and injuries is undesirable for any degree of psoriasis, and intolerable burning leads to them.

Psoriasis itches, it seems to the patient that an easy scratching of the affected areas will not change the course of the disease. In fact, it turns out not at all. Combing removes scales of the skin, opens infection access deep into the dermis, widens the affected area. To injuries, scratches and cracks can lead to rough clothing and stiff shoes.

Doctors recommend natural, soft, delicate tissues. The most popular materials are cotton.

The fabric allows the skin to breathe, receive the necessary sun baths. Cotton is safe in composition, but it is important and right to choose a style and cut out clothes. A large number of seams can cause scratches.

Classical methods of burning off


There are some rules for containing psoriasis, which are used for prevention and treatment. There are no exact prerequisites that they will help to eliminate the itching, but adherence to simple recommendations will help to delay the disease or, in general, prevent it from developing.

  • Use of hygienic means and devices for shower and bath.
  • Use of gloves when working with chemical preparations, detergents, various ointments and creams.
  • Nail cutting is short and smooth.
  • A good effect is provided by a balneological treatment. Mineral water has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, it removes toxins from the body, flushes the infection, saturating with useful components from thermal springs. Treatment with water from the bowels of the earth facilitates psoriasis, allows you to remove soreness, swelling. Drinking water will have during the day, replacing it with coffee, teas, various favorite drinks.
  • Ultrasonic and light procedures. To get rid of the itch will help various modern therapies with the help of ultrasound. Beech rays, X-rays, magnets relieve inflammation. They act on the epidermis, returning it to its normal state and functioning.
  • Reception of hyposensitizing drugs. The treatment brings relief to the condition, the itching passes, the skin softens. Passes dryness. Psoriasis plaques stop growing, white coating gradually disappears.

Frequently used methods include the use of folk recipes. Doctors do not abandon the long-known means, prepared at home. Many of them have found their application in the pharmaceutical industry. They can and do not do on their own, and buy in a pharmacy.

Most, of course, try to make medicines at home. They want to be sure that all the ingredients will be natural, proven, and not chemical substitutes, provoking a relapse or delay of psoriasis.

The most famous plants that eliminate itching are the following:

  • Nettles are common.
  • Peppermint.
  • Melissa is a curative.
  • Violet is home.
  • Valerian.
  • Thyme.

If the affected areas of the genitals and crotches are advised to lubricate the decoction of the bark of oak, tar tar, birch tar.

Itching foci on the body are washed with juniper, pine, St. John's wort, chamomile extract. They make baths with beer yeast, drink English herbal teas.

Procedures that enhance symptoms

There are also means that do not help, but, on the contrary, intensify an unpleasant symptom. They also need to know, so as not to get into a difficult situation while getting rid of psoriasis.

  • Salt baths. Salt does not heal, but corrodes the foci and the place where the disease exits.
  • Coniferous compresses and trays.
  • Highly chlorinated water. It negatively affects the treatment. It is better to use purified, boiled water, which is also settled.
  • Heating and drying with electrical appliances. There are descriptions when patients dry the skin with a hairdryer. The procedure is dangerous and unreliable. The effect can be temporary, and relapse may be prolonged. Dry areas of the body become inflamed, dry out, and burning is intensified several times.
  • Warm up the body and hands in hot water. Increasing the temperature of the bath for a short time relieves unpleasant sensations, but the opportunity to get a burn, and therefore expand the area of ​​lesion with psoriasis, is quite high.
  • Freezing of foci. The effect is comparable to hot water. Freezing for a while will remove symptoms, but only for a while. The danger is getting side effects of colds, reducing immunity. To treat several ailments is more difficult than to prevent one.
To get rid of itching will help regular care of the body, the correct mode of sleep and work. It should be remembered that any water treatment for psoriasis increases the burning sensation.
Be sure to treat affected areas with a recommended agent, which will avoid the appearance of dryness, peeling, psoriasis flakes..

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