Does sea salt help with psoriasis?

Sea salt with psoriasis has a good positive therapeutic effect on the affected skin rashes and It is widely used in treatment for a long time by many patients, since it has fast positive results on psoriatic rashes.


On the healing properties of the sea is known to many not by hearsay, the same qualities have sea salt.

It concentrates contains all the same trace elements, minerals as the water of the sea, so with the proper use of this product, patients with psoriasis very quickly relieve their condition.


  • 1What is the use of sea salt and its effect on psoriasis?
  • 2Baths with the addition of sea salt as one of the methods of complex therapy of psoriasis
  • 3Other methods of using sea salt in the treatment of psoriatic eruptions

What is the use of sea salt and its effect on psoriasis?


Psoriasis is a chronic ailment of the skin, which is manifested by characteristic rashes. Sometimes it can affect the joints. Despite the development of medical science, this skin ailment is still considered incurable. The main tactic of treatment is the reduction of its main manifestations (itching, plaque peeling) and carrying out measures to eliminate the cause of the onset of an ailment on the skin.

Most often, with acute manifestation of psoriasis, doctors prescribe hormonal creams. The main disadvantage of these drugs is the gradual adaptation of the body, which leads to the need to change the drugs for stronger ones.
Therefore, along with the appointment of a doctor, many patients are trying to find their way to ease the ailment. Among such means, as treatment of psoriasis with salt takes its special place. This simple substance not only has a therapeutic effect, but also restores the epidermis of the patient.

The positive qualities of the product include:

  • antiseptic action;
  • restoring effect;
  • decrease in the work of sweat glands;
  • regulation of metabolic processes in the skin;
  • restoration of local immunity.

It is very important to understand that it is necessary to use sea salt, since its chemical composition is very different from ordinary kitchen salt. Here there is iodine, zinc, calcium, copper, iron.

It can be purchased at any pharmacy or cosmetic store. Prefer marine salt without a variety of additives, dyes. It's better if it's a raw look of her.

Baths with the addition of sea salt as one of the methods of complex therapy of psoriasis

Even dermatologists recommend using this product in the complex therapy of psoriatic diseases. It really can significantly reduce the manifestations of this skin ailment.

But here you need to remember that the use of sea salt in psoriasis has its own special features of use, and they should be adhered to to achieve the desired result.
  1. With exacerbation of psoriatic manifestations, it is recommended to take baths with the addition of sea salt. Temperature indicators of water should be up to 38 degrees, and the duration of this water procedure - no more than 20 minutes. Sea sick bath should be done daily for three weeks. In this case, the amount of salt should be quite a lot (about, kg per bath of water).
  2. If the disease is in chronic form and does not manifest itself sharply, then the procedure is done every other day for three weeks.
  3. If the patient knows that in a certain period of the year he has an exacerbation, then to reduce the probability of new psoriatic plaques, it is recommended to use salt baths twice a week 3 weeks before the expected exacerbation.
  4. After taking a salt bath, rinse the body with warm running water and apply a moisturizing cream or dermatologist's prescription.

Despite the fact that the salt bath really helps against psoriasis, significantly removing it manifestations and restoring the skin of the patient, it is not recommended to dwell only on her application.

Such water procedures should be part of complex treatment, in this case they will give their positive result.

Other methods of using sea salt in the treatment of psoriatic eruptions


Sea salt is an affordable remedy for the therapeutic procedures of psoriatic patients, so it is a great success among such patients.

Baths with the addition of this product - this is a very good and convenient method of exposure, if large skin areas on the body are affected.

For patients who have only a small manifestation of psoriatic plaques, there are other methods of affecting the ailment with salt.

  1. Salt compresses. To do this, folded several times gauze soaked in a warm solution of sea salt (100 g of product per 1 liter of water), applied to a sore spot and fixed for the night.
  2. Hot compress. The product is prepared in a ratio of 20 grams of sea salt per 1 liter of boiling water. The solution is allowed to cool slightly and warm enough to be applied to the wound, leaving for 2 hours. Heat increases the flow of blood and the ability to assimilate all useful substances.
  3. Compresses in pairs of salt. For this, sea salt is heated to a temperature of 70 degrees, placed in a tissue sac and in this form is applied to the rashes.
  4. For patients suffering from psoriasis scalp, it is recommended to rub fine sea salt after washing and leave such a mask for 1 hour.
Regular application of such procedures gives a very quick positive effect and a long remission.

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