List of the most effective remedies for skin fungus

The antifungal agent against the fungus of the skin and nails should be selected by the dermatologist individually, taking into account the area and depth of the lesion, the course of the disease, and the well-being of the patient as a whole. In addition, the age and the presence of chronic diseases in a patient are taken into account. This is due to the fact that almost any antifungal drug has a number of contraindications, therefore it is extremely undesirable to treat the fungus on the body independently. Only the doctor on the basis of the diagnosis should determine which remedy for the fungus will be effective and sufficiently safe.



  • 1Features of a choice of a medicinal product
  • 2Local funds
    • 2.1Exodermil
    • 2.2Griseofulvin
    • 2.3Terbinafine
    • 2.4Zalain
    • 2.5Econazole
    • 2.6Clotrimazole
  • 3Oral agents
    • 3.1Fluconazole
    • 3.2Orungal

Features of a choice of a medicinal product


As already noted, the fungus of the skin of the body can be quickly cured due to a properly selected antifungal preparation, which is the main component of the complex therapy of the disease. If you know what the fungus is afraid of, you can be sure of the effectiveness of treatment. But for this, it is first necessary to identify the strain of the causative agent that caused the disease.

The best in the group of means from a fungus differently act on pathogenic agents. The activity of trichophytons, epidermophytons, fungi of the genus Candida promotes the development of various pathologies, and therefore requires appropriate treatment. So, if one medicine can remove a fungus on the human body, then if the skin is affected by yeast-like strains, this antifungal agent may be ineffective.

Than to cure a fungus? In the treatment of a disease, people usually use a set of measures, including various methods of drug and non-drug treatment. To treat the fungus of the skin at the initial stage of the disease is possible thanks to local therapy.

It includes the use of external medicinal products, which are available in the form of:

  • creams;
  • ointments;
  • solutions;
  • suspensions;
  • sprays;
  • aerosols;
  • varnishes;
  • lotions.

Removal of a minor inflammation focus is possible due to active components that are part of the local medicines.

They are able to remove the fungus, which struck the layers of the epidermis, while eliminating the itching of the skin, peeling and burning sensation.

Kill the fungus at the cellular level will help systemic antifungal drugs, available in the form:

  • tablets;
  • capsules;
  • suspensions;
  • injections;
  • solutions;
  • syrups.

These funds are taken inwards according to the specific admission scheme that the doctor determines. A good oral preparation against fungus due to active substances prevents the further growth of pathogenic agents in the body, besides reducing their concentration in the blood.

To treat mycosis with the help of systemic medicines is necessary for a long time and continuously, but the fungi are very afraid of them. Especially often, doctors prescribe oral medications for fungus with moderate to severe disease.
Usually, in severe infections, systemic antifungal agents are used in conjunction with local ointments or creams. Due to this, the best effect is achieved, which allows eliminating the symptoms of the disease and removing the pathogen from the body. The presence of concomitant pathologies is an indication for the use of some other groups of medicines (antibacterial, antiallergic, immunostimulating drugs).

Local funds

External therapeutic drugs are designed to eliminate the main symptoms of pathology. They should treat the affected area of ​​the body several times a day for several weeks or even months. Before the procedure, the skin should be cleaned and wiped dry. According to indications, local remedies can be combined. Usually this is due to the habit of the pathogen to the components of a given medicine.

Than to process a skin at occurrence of the first signs of an infection on a trunk, legs or feet or the face?

To do this, use:

  1. Exodermil.
  2. Griseofulvin.
  3. Terbinafine.
  4. Zalain.
  5. Econazole.
  6. Clotrimazole and others.


Effective remedy for fungus caused by almost any pathogens. The drug is capable of killing trichophytons, epidermophyton, Candida fungi and some bacterial pathogens. The active ingredients also help to reduce inflammation in the areas of application of the ointment.

The course of taking the drug depends on the location of the inflammatory focus, as well as on the fungal pathogen of the disease. So, with the defeat of the skin, the stop drug is applied every day for one month at least twice a day. With candidiasis, the course of taking the ointment increases and is equal to the period of 1-2 months. Remove the fungus of the nail plates stops in 6-8 months. It depends on the severity of the disease. The drug has contraindications.


Perhaps the best remedy for the fungus, available as an ointment combined action, tablets or suspension. Helps to remove the fungus, caused by the action of trichophytons and epidermophyton. However, when a person is diagnosed with candidiasis, the drug is usually not prescribed because of the weak activity of the ointment components.

The course of taking an external remedy is a couple of weeks of its daily use. Before treating the affected area, the skin should be cleaned and wipe dry.

Contraindications to the use of ointment are:
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • oncology;
  • diseases of the circulatory system.


Effective drug from the fungus on the skin, killing and preventing the growth of pathogenic agents that provoke the development of human trichophytosis, epidermophytosis, and candidiasis. In the pharmaceutical market, it is produced in the form of a spray, solution and cream for external use. Based on the degree of spread on the skin, the doctor can prescribe a certain dosage.

The course of treatment of the drug is from 1 to 6 weeks. The drug is applied a thin layer on clean, dry skin every day up to 3 times a day. The medication has a number of contraindications: if there are diseases of the liver, kidneys, blood vessels and the circulatory system, its use is highly undesirable.


One of the most effective means of the fungus, available in the form of a cream. Active components of the drug kill the pathogen and prevent its active growth. The medication is indicated for trichophytosis and candidiasis, while it is rarely used with epidermophyte.

Mode of application:

  1. On a clean, dry skin, apply a thin layer of cream. It is important to note that the drug should be distributed not only directly to the focus of inflammation, but also to the areas of healthy skin around the lesion.
  2. Repeat the procedure is recommended every day 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is 4 weeks (usually after 2 weeks noticeable improvements, but the procedure is worth continuing).


The form of the preparation is lotions, creams, aerosols and solutions for external use.

The components of the drug are active against fungal pathogens, such as:

  • mold fungi;
  • trichophytons;
  • epidermophytones;
  • fungi of the genus Candida.

The remedy is widely used in mycotic lesions of the feet in humans. To achieve a positive result in the treatment of the disease with medication, the skin of the foot should be treated 1-3 times per day. The cream is applied a thin layer on the previously cleaned focus of inflammation. Contraindication to its use is the period of pregnancy and lactation.


One of the most effective drugs used in the treatment of foot mycoses. Thanks to the active substances in its composition, it was possible to synthesize many other medications widely used today in medicine. The forms of release are different, but their use is limited to local use.


  • creams;
  • ointments;
  • aerosols;
  • solutions;
  • lotions.

The spectrum of the action of Clotrimazole is very wide and is aimed at combating practically all types of fungal pathogens.

The drug should be applied daily to clean, dry skin, the course of treatment lasts several weeks (from 1-4 weeks). To prevent relapse, the therapy should be continued for another 3 weeks.

Oral agents

Than to treat a fungus on a skin of a body at an average and serious form of disease? Usually, to prevent infection, systemic medicines are prescribed. They are used in conjunction with local drugs and other medications. Everything depends on the general condition of the patient and the presence of concomitant pathologies.

Oral antifungal agents are taken internally strictly according to the treatment regimen. According to the indications, a certain dosage of the medicine is prescribed, it is extremely undesirable to increase it independently. The course of taking systemic drugs is quite long, and it is not recommended to interrupt it.

Well proven the following effective remedies for mycoses:

  1. Fluconazole.
  2. Griseofulvin (in the form of tablets and suspension for oral administration).
  3. Terbinafine (in tablet form).
  4. Orungal.


An effective medicine used in medicine for the treatment of various candidiasis, including foot mycosis in humans. The drug has many analogues, each of which is active against fungi of the genus Candida.

The form of the drug - syrup, solution for infusion, tablets and capsules. It should be noted that taking the medicine is necessary strictly according to the indications and in a certain dosage. Thus, in the treatment of foot fungal infections, it is highly undesirable to exceed the volume of the drug in excess of 150 ml once a week or 50 ml daily.

The active ingredients available in the composition of the oral agent are directed to the destruction and prevention of fungal growth. The positive effect is noticeable after a month of taking the medicine.


Orungal Oralgal, available in capsule and solution form, is widely used in the therapy of mycosis and onychomycosis. Its active components effectively eliminate virtually any fungal pathogen at the systemic level. Due to a wide spectrum of action of the drug, it is possible to minimize the concentration of the pathogen in the blood, and also to remove the main symptoms of the disease.

Duration of therapy for mycosis - two weeks of daily intake of the drug in the amount of 2 capsules. According to the indications, it is possible to extend the period of treatment.

With onychomycosis, take the medicine one capsule 2 times a day for 2 weeks. If necessary, the course of admission is increased.

With any type of fungal infection, medications should be used after confirmation of the diagnosis and their appointment by the treating physician.

Self-medication can provoke an increase in the area of ​​inflammation and the development of a chronic form of the disease.

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