What are the ways to treat human papillomavirus in women

If there are symptoms of papillomavirus in women, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules for healing the body.To treat the papilloma should be taken in all seriousness, in order to prevent complications and not cause the risk of transformation of formations into cancer cells.Before treating a human papillomavirus in women, it is important to undergo a general examination, seek help from a specialist who will prescribe a course of medical or surgical therapy.



  • 1What are the features of the course of the disease
  • 2Methods of treatment
  • 3Medication rehabilitation
  • 4Treatment of HPV types 16 and 18
  • 5Presence of the virus in pregnancy
  • 6Treatment with folk methods
    • 6.1What folk healers advise:
  • 7Prevention
  • 8Conclusion and recommendations

What are the features of the course of the disease


This virus has many subtypes that determine the degree of complication of complications in people, some formations can cause cancer, cervical cancer, dysplasia ovaries.

This indicates that the earlier the treatment of papillomavirus is performed, the faster the recovery of the body. In addition to various pathologies, lymphoid nodes may increase, abundant leucorrhoea, pruritus and irritation in the genital area may occur.

In the risk group are people who have chronic gynecological pathologies, girls and women who have made a large number of abortions, and carriers of sexually transmitted diseases.

HPV manifests itself in the female body in different ways, the group of external signs of the clinical picture include the appearance of warts and papillomas on different parts of the body, the formation may be of different shape and color, rise above the skin or adhere to the body and mucous shells.

Pointed condylomas can merge with each other, forming entire areas of damage, they are easy when placed in the vagina can create a danger during delivery and sexual act.

As experts note, the reasons for the appearance of genital warts also include excessive sweating and overweight, which signals slagging of the body, resulting in the immune system weakening and losing the ability to resist malicious virus.


Important: during the active phase of development of papilloma in women, febrile condition, lymph node enlargement, nausea, dizziness, tenderness of the location of the formations are observed.

Methods of treatment


Than to treat a papillomavirus at women, whether it is possible to do it in nonconventional ways or it is better to give preference to official medicine? When this disease was discovered, special laboratory research methods were developed.

Purpose of tests:

  • the presence or absence of a virus in the woman's body;
  • clarification of the type of HPV;
  • prevention of complications.

Today, there are many strategies to eliminate the virus, but there are no radical ways to eliminate HPV from the body. You can maintain the immune system in its proper form, so that the papillomavirus does not actively spread throughout the body.

Also, experts advise to remove the formation immediately after their manifestation. You can use destructive methods, however, there is a high probability of relapse.

The effectiveness of surgical methods of treating HPV is assessed visually, to eliminate formations, but this is not an indicator of the absence or presence of the papilloma virus in the body.

Laser radiation is suitable for the removal of papillomas to pregnant women, but treatment with this procedure does not exclude the appearance of scars. When using radio-wave coagulation, you can get rid of genital warts.

Medication rehabilitation

What is the treatment for HPV in women? The patient is prescribed medications that destroy the cells of the virus and help strengthen the immune system. Proceeding from medical practice, high efficiency is shown by such means:

  1. One of the best antiviral immunomodulators, which is prescribed for patients with high oncogenic risk - Allokin Alpha. The medicine is injected intravenously, it has a strong resistance to the virus.
  2. In the form of tablets, you can use the drugs Panavir, Epigen intimus, quickly eliminate the external symptoms of HPV in women, are widely used to combat papillomavirus in the world.
  3. Local immunomodulatory drug Viferon is available in various forms, ointment, spray, candles. Used for complex treatment, helps to get rid of external skin manifestations, stops the spread of the virus throughout the body.
  4. To enhance the barrier functions of body protection, Genferon is prescribed, based on interferon, taurine and benzocaine. The medicine is used strictly according to the doctor's prescription.
  5. Another of the group of high-performance immunomodulators is Isoprinosine, it can be used to treat HPV and prevention, pills enhance the effect of Allokin Alpha injections, help strengthen protective forces organism.

Attention: if the patient during the treatment has noticed a worsening of the condition or other side effects that are not indicated in the instructions for the use of prescribed drugs, you need to immediately seek advice from to the doctor.

Treatment of HPV types 16 and 18

The most dangerous for a woman's health are viruses 16 and 18 of the genotype, but even with such a diagnosis, one should not panic. This is not a 100% guarantee of cancer.

From the moment of infection to onset of oncology, it can take several decades, and if during this time effective complex therapy to maintain the immune system at a high level, then it is possible to avoid complications in 90% of cases.

Today, a vaccine has been invented that helps protect the body from the introduction of papillomavirus. It is recommended for girls who have not yet begun to live sexually, and also for those women who have not found HPV.

Presence of the virus in pregnancy

Separately, it is necessary to say about the treatment of papillomavirus when carrying a child, the fetus does not spread to the fetus, it can not affect the development of a new organism. However, the risk of infection is, with the delivery of a woman.

To avoid this, it is possible to use caesarean section, if there are no growths on the internal organs, then the birth can take place in the usual way, and the course of treatment is appointed for the postnatal period.


For qualitative disposal of pathologies and secondary occurrence of tumors it is necessary:

  • treat HPV in both partners;
  • to eliminate diseases of the genital organs, if available;
  • pass a cytological examination for intraepithelial neoplasia;
  • operative removal of genital warts;
  • during sexual intercourse use barrier protection.

Complications can occur against the background of diseases of the reproductive sphere and a strong weakening of immunity. If papillomas are found on the walls of the cervix, then serious risks of full-fledged babies are possible.

Treatment with folk methods

At the first stages of manifestation of papillomavirus, one can do without medication, using prescriptions of traditional medicine on the recommendation of the treating doctor.

Important: before complete recovery, refrain from sexual intercourse, visit the solarium, minimize exposure to the open sun, eat right and lead an active lifestyle.

What folk healers advise:

  1. Herbal phytospora (leaves of plantain, horsetail, lemon balm, rose hips) pour a liter of water on three tablespoons of raw materials, put in a water bath and bring to a boil. After 10 minutes, remove from heat and allow to stand for several hours. Take medicine for 1 hour. l. 30 minutes before meals.
  2. Fresh juice celandine - apply to affected areas three times a day, do not need to bandage, in order to prevent the occurrence of burns and skin inflammation. With regular application, the built-up edge will soon disappear.
  3. Castor oil is a safe and effective remedy against neoplasm. It is enough to lubricate the papilloma with a copious layer, fix the adhesive on top and hold for 8 hours, then change the bandage. So, until the wart disappears completely.
  4. Household soap - every day, apply a thick layer of the product before going to bed, until the build-up begins to inflame. After that it will dry up and fall away. Soap should be carefully, so as not to infect the infection again.
  5. To prepare medicinal cubes, you need to take 25 g of celandine leaves, alternating and chaga. Pour, ml of boiling water, cool, pour into prepared ice molds. Then three times a day apply cubes to the growth for a few minutes.

Attention: after the completion of the course of treatment it is necessary to undergo a control examination with a specialist if the virus remained in the body, it is necessary to monitor the state of the cervix, in order to prevent the development of oncology.


To warn occurrence of HPV in an organism it is possible, if to follow simple instructions:

  • carefully treat the choice of a sexual partner;
  • use contraceptives;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • regularly undergo examinations with a gynecologist.

It is obligatory to use the possibility of vaccination, these are Cervarix and Gardasil preparations, which will help prevent oncogenic disease.

Conclusion and recommendations

Papillomavirus infection is not a life sentence! It is enough to provide antiretroviral therapy in a weakened organism in a timely manner, to observe preventive measures, and not to start diseases of the genital area. Take care of your health and be in perfect spirits.

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