Does hemorrhoids affect potency and how?


Table of contents

  • What is hemorrhoids?
  • What is the relationship between potency and disease?
  • How to fix the situation?
    • Ancient recipes of folk medicine men
    • Sitting baths

The appearance of hemorrhoids is more typical for men in adulthood, but this ailment is often manifested in the stronger sex at a young age.

The appearance of this pathology is caused by the following factors:

  1. The lifestyle is predominantly sedentary without active physical activity.
  2. Physical loads in excess of permissible standards on the body.
  3. Lifting heavy objects.
  4. Constipation.
  5. Uncontrolled food.
  6. Disturbances in the hormonal system.
  7. Mechanical damage to the anus.

The above reasons are to a greater or lesser extent in the life of every man, both young and older. Heavy physical work or associated with the performance of job duties at the computer, ill-conceived loads in the training hall, the use of fatty and spicy food - for most such phenomena become the norm.And so, when hemorrhoids appear, the first thing that worries the most is a man: how does the effect of hemorrhoids affect potency?

Interested in this problem, the representatives of the male are offered to understand all the intricacies and understand how hemorrhoids and potency depend on each other.

What is hemorrhoids?

The term itself consists of two words and in Greek means: haima - blood and rein - flow.
The disease is a thrombotic inflammation of the cavernous body, during which there is an increase and twisting of the hemorrhoid veins accompanying the rectum with the formed nodes. Symptomatic of hemorrhoids is usually considered:

  1. Bleeding of the anus.
  2. The emerging feeling of pressing gravity.
  3. Burning and itching in the rectum.
  4. Overflowing the anus of cones of hemorrhoids.
  5. Strong pain.

What is the relationship between potency and disease?

Hemorrhoids and potency - what is the relationship between them? Experts say that the development of hemorrhoids with the formation of hemorrhoids does not interfere with the usual activities of the sexual sphere and sexual function in particular. And this statement is more concerned with direct or direct influence on the potency of this type of disease. And if at least somehow the normal manifestation of men's potency affects hemorrhoids, then only indirectly. Let's understand how. If you approach the question with all seriousness, you can find that hemorrhoids affect the potency in a very negative way. At the very beginning of the process, a pathological disorder does not attract the deserved attention of the male, because there is no special feeling of discomfort.

Therefore, the initial stages of the onset of the disease do not appear in the disorders of the male sexual function. With the aggravation of the inflammatory process, nodes are formed, the symptom of which are pain sensations in the perineal region. The pain begins to cause serious inconvenience and anxiety. This stage of hemorrhoids is characterized by the appearance of difficulties of a psychological nature.
Constant pain, bleeding from the anus, regular feelings of discomfort in the position and sitting, and standing - all these manifestations of hemorrhoids not only make you sad, but also depress. A man begins to worry only about the problem of hemorrhoids, he completely lost all desire to have sex. And when considering the issue from a moral point of view, it can be confidently asserted that hemorrhoids on the potency all the same affects, destroying the relationship between partners first in sex, and then on a deeper level.


In the implementation of sexual intercourse, the man keeps the muscles of the inguinal zone and perineum tense, especially during the final stage, during ejaculation. In the presence of hemorrhoids in the sexual partner, active manipulation will not bring him satisfaction, but on the contrary, cause pain. Unpleasant experiences lightning fast leave a mark on the psychological state. The erection becomes weaker, at times it disappears altogether, the man appears uncertain. And as a result of all this, a complex begins to develop that discourages the desire to have sexual intercourse. Fear of repetition of unsuccessful experience is fixed in the head for a long time, which causes serious disorders on the part of the psyche. Therefore, the conclusion about the interference of hemorrhoids and erections will be: yes, the effect on the potency in hemorrhoids is, but mediated. And this negative impact is manifested at the psychological level.

Diseases of the genitourinary system, caused by hemorrhoids, can also become one of the reasons for the weakening of the potency. For example, problems in sex can appear due to prostatitis, the development of which is largely due to hemorrhoids. And in this case, the primary factor of the negative impact is the pathology of the rectum. Weak potency can also be indicative of other diseases that develop against the background of hemorrhoids.

How to fix the situation?

Make an appointment with a proctologist.
Proper nutrition is also of considerable importance. You should eat more cauliflower, rice, honey, potatoes, fish and meat.
Abstain from beans, pepper, mustard, black bread, unripe fruit.

It is necessary not to bring the situation with bowel movement to the state of constipation, it is unacceptable to push hard.

You should pay attention to increased hygiene - to carry out washing or wiping with a damp cloth (outside the home conditions) the area of ​​the anus.

Ancient recipes of folk medicine men

Treatment of hemorrhoids very well lends itself to folk remedies. It's only good to get advice from a doctor before using them, especially with bleeding. And the blessing is that there are many recipes for traditional medicine for these purposes. We now consider them.
A very effective tool for treating this ailment are candles made from fresh potatoes, which for the night are injected into the anus. Sore spots are processed from the outside with apricot oil.


For medicinal purposes it is shown to eat onion, and also the juice from it (1 tsp three times a day), grated raw carrots, grapes, fresh apples. The benefit is the ingestion of whole cleaned garlic cloves (undigested garlic, leaving with feces, will burn the damaged gut, providing the possibility of early healing).

On an empty stomach drink whey (1-2 glasses). If hemorrhoidal hemorrhages are observed, you should eat white cabbage or drink brine pickle brine (heated 2 tbsp.)

Sitting baths

Bath in a steam way with the addition of a milk-broth broth. In a dish of clay with thick walls pour half a liter of milk, it is lowered 4 bulbs. This mixture is boiled on low heat, closing the dishes with a lid. The intestines are cleaned with a normal enema, after which the anus area above this dish is steamed. The remedy is suitable for healing internal hemorrhoids.
Bath sitting in a cold. A liter of cold water is filled in the tank and takes a bath in the sitting position for one to five minutes. So do twice a day: in the morning and closer to the night. You can add a few grains of manganese to the water, bringing the solution to a light pink hue.

At an external current of a pathology apply infusion of a plant of a hemorrhage medicinal for the purpose of preparation of baths sitting (duration - 10 mines).

Cracks in the anus are treated once a day with pure ichthyol. At the same time, it is allowed to eat food in a liquid form, not allowing the appearance of constipation.

When the buds swell and it is impossible to get them inside better, if they break through. Why use compresses from bran and oats in hot form. When the cones are pierced, a stretching lotion is applied to them - a solution of water with tannin.

To exclude such a situation, when hemorrhoids affect the potency, immediate measures should be taken to eliminate the problem.

It is necessary to seek help from a proctologist and begin timely treatment, review your diet.