Chinese ointments and creams from psoriasis

Chinese ointment for psoriasis is one of the most well-known medicines that helps quickly get rid of the main manifestations of the disease on the skin and significantly improve it state.


Another very famous tool is Chinese plasters for psoriasis, which also normalize the skin condition. However, not all Chinese medicines are equally effective, which is why it is worthwhile to carefully understand, what drugs of Chinese medicine can really improve the condition of the skin, and which simply will not bring result.


  • 1What is the disease?
  • 2Chinese lotions
  • 3Ointments for psoriasis
  • 4Chinese plasters
  • 5Psoriasis tablets

What is the disease?


From such a disease, as psoriasis suffers from 3 to 5% of the total population of the planet. This disease is a malaise of non-infectious nature, for which wave-like manifestations are characteristic.

The mechanism of development of this disease is associated with the accelerated division of skin cells, which is accompanied by the development of a chronic inflammatory process.

The disease affects not only the condition of the skin, but also all the most important systems of the body. For example, under the influence of this disease, the immune system begins to respond to accelerated cell division, as the effect of pathogens and begins to actively fight them. In addition, the disease, if it is complicated, can affect the internal organs and bone tissue.

At the moment, there is no consensus among doctors about the reasons that trigger the development of this disease. However, there are many different theories that explain the mechanism of its occurrence.

The most famous theories are:

  • Hereditary.
  • Exchange.
  • Immune.
  • The virus.

Since the disease is chronic, it can not be completely cured. Most treatment measures are aimed only at reducing the level of symptoms and prolonging the periods of remission. One of the most effective means to achieve this effect are the drugs of Chinese medicine.

Of course, it is worth noting that in Chinese medicine the approach to treating this disease completely another, but, despite this, most of the funds are quite well proven in the treatment psoriasis.

The effectiveness of Chinese drugs is due to the fact that their composition includes natural components that activate the body's internal resources.

But it is necessary to take into account that any impact on lesions in psoriasis should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. That is why in order to avoid the development of complications, before using Chinese medicine you need to get a consultation from a doctor.

Chinese lotions

One of the most effective tools offered by Chinese medicine are lotions from psoriasis. There are a lot of different medicines of this nature, however, the most effective of them is Fufn lotion.

This lotion is an orange liquid, which is supplied in small bottles, with a special brush for skin treatment.

The main effect that produces lotion on the body is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. The drug contributes to the narrowing of the vessels in the area of ​​the lesion and normalizes blood circulation.

In addition, this drug is very effective in helping to get rid of such negative symptoms as severe itching and flaking. Special components that make up the composition normalize the skin condition. Lotion is applied to damaged areas several times a day. Despite its effectiveness, Fuchon Lotion under certain conditions and in some special cases is not used to treat the disease.

Lotion should not be used when:

  1. Individual allergies.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Breastfeeding.

In addition, before applying lotion for the treatment of psoriasis, you need to get advice from a doctor.

Ointments for psoriasis


One of the most numerous groups of medicines for psoriasis, which are represented in Chinese medicine - ointments, as well as creams.

There are quite a few types of ointments, however, not all of them are equally effective.

Effective ointments and creams that are used in the treatment:

  • King of the skin.

This product is a homogeneous ointment of white color, which is available in small packages.

The main effect that this product has on the skin is a moisturizer. In addition, this drug reduces the activity of the inflammatory process and eliminates the effect of microorganisms on the lesion.

Very effectively the medicine struggles with the manifestation of such basic symptoms as:

  1. Irritation.
  2. Itching.

The agent is used to treat affected areas.

  • Chinese ointment Psoriasis cream.

This cream is one of the most effective Chinese remedies that is used to treat psoriasis. The medicine is produced as a cream, white.

The cream allows you to get rid of the main symptoms of psoriasis, but also the cream affects the cause of the ailment. The main advantage of this medicine is the absence of hormonal components.

The cream is used to treat lesions 3 times a day.

  • Nano-gel.

This cream belongs to wound healing preparations. One of the main effects caused by its use is an increase in immunity.

The use of this medicine allows achieving remission with a gradual transition to repression of the disease. Advantages of the ointment are that it fits well with other treatments and, in addition, the cream is suitable for treating any areas of the skin. Active substances, which further enriched the drug, normalize the external state of the skin.

Chinese plasters

One of the most common forms of medicines for psoriasis is used for local treatment in Chinese medicine - plasters. The popularity of patches is due to their ease of use and rather high level of effectiveness in the treatment of this disease. The most known plasters from psoriasis:

  • Chinese plaster from psoriasis "Gentle skin".

This plaster is used for local treatment of lesions. Quite often this drug is used in the role of one of the elements of complex therapy for psoriasis. Regular use of such a tool as a patch, allows to reduce the severity of lesions of psoriatic lesions.

Thanks to the active components that impregnate the adhesive, it is achieved:

  • Spasm of small capillaries.
  • Suppression of the process of cell profiling.
  • Activation of the recovery process.
  • Reducing itching.

Before use, a product such as a patch needs to be removed from the protective package and placed in the lesion. The medicine is used for several days.

  • Chinese plaster from psoriasis called Quannaide Xinmeisu Tiegao.

This remedy is one of the most popular in treating such an ailment as psoriasis. The use of this patch can reduce the level of manifestation of the main symptoms and achieve a reduction in the size of the lesion. Such a patch is very often used to treat severe forms of the disease.

With proper application, the patch significantly reduces the activity of the inflammatory process and produces an anesthetic effect. In addition, its use makes it possible to reduce the activity of cell production and accelerate the process of normalizing the tissue state.

To apply this Chinese plaster from psoriasis is quite simple. It is enough just to place it on the lesion and leave it for a few days.

Psoriasis tablets

Very demanded in Chinese medicine and psoriasis tablets, which help to eliminate the main symptoms and at the same time improve the condition of the body as a whole.

The most famous tablets are Xiao Yin Pian. These tablets are intended for oral administration several times a day.

Such tablets very effectively help to eliminate skin rashes and achieve a long-term remission. Tablets contribute to the acceleration of tissue regeneration and the normalization of cell production. Active components that are included in the tablets, contribute to improving the balance of the main components of the blood and the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.

Summarizing, we can say that the use of Chinese medicine in the treatment of psoriasis is quite common. This is due to the fact that in the majority of drugs only natural components go that do not produce side effects and do not affect the body as a whole. However, despite the effectiveness of such medicines, it is worth remembering that the treatment of psoriasis should be under the supervision of a specialist. Therefore, before using any medication it is necessary to consult a doctor.


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