The best cosmetics for skin care after 40 years: review and rating



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40-year-old women, as a rule, are confident ladies who have already achieved a lot and know their own worth. Most of them follow their appearance to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. And many people do it, thanks to all kinds of creams, masks and serums with a rejuvenating and lifting effect.

Correctly selected and regularly applied facial cosmetics after 40 years can at least slightly hide, and sometimes prevent the inevitable age-related changes. Developing unique formulas, manufacturers tend to make them as functional as possible, because they understand how important this is for ladies of Balzac's age.


If you need good face make-up after 40, which will make the skin younger and more beautiful, take its choice with all responsibility. Examine the ratings, check the composition, determine the price range.

The best means can be found in pharmacies and on the shelves of specialized stores. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and peptides, they are multifunctional and at the same time purposefully combating the aging of the epidermis in its deepest layers.

Work at this age for creams and serums - more than enough. After all, age changes are striking in their diversity:

  • thinning of the epidermis, the death of the sebaceous glands;
  • reduction of mucopolysaccharides in the dermis;
  • her dehydration;
  • the most noticeable signs are aging in the eye area, since the skin here is the thinnest, the sebaceous glands and collagen fibers are few, and facial expressions are always very active;
  • "Crow's feet" in the corners of the eyes are marked more sharply;
  • increase and deepening of the nasolabial fold;
  • weighting and ptosis of the eyelids;
  • wrinkles on the neck;
  • the second chin is projected;
  • active growth of hairs above the upper lip;
  • problems of couperose and vascular asterisks, although before they were not;
  • The age changes that appeared after 30 are exacerbated when the 40-year boundary is reached.

And with all this, the qualitative and well-chosen cosmetics for the face, designed specifically for face care in 40 years, is successfully coping. Some tools focus exclusively on smoothing wrinkles, some have excellent lifting properties, and still others will purposefully combat the dryness of the skin, which invariably occurs in these years.

If you suffer from these age changes and want to correct them, then this cosmetics is for you. But there are situations that you will not be allowed to use it.

Interesting fact.In fact, Balzac described in his novels 30-year-old women, but a little later made an adjustment and the ladies of Balzac's age began to be called those who are over 40.


Do not neglect the manufacturer's recommendations, use cosmetics in accordance with the specified age range

In some cases, facial cosmetics after 40 years will not only not be useful, but can also cause harm. If you use it for other purposes, the skin condition will worsen, there will be more problems with it than before. Therefore, one should keep in mind contraindications for its use:

  • up to 40 years: such cosmetics will be a real aggressor for 30-year-old skin, as it will have powerful anti-aging and lifting components that can trigger the appearance of new wrinkles (about facial cosmetics after 30 years, read here);
  • after 50: it will be wasted money thrown to the wind, since flabby and already noticeably fading skin will not react to cosmetics, which for it is still too weak and ineffective;
  • exacerbation of any skin diseases and the course of treatment;
  • if after the last plasty, no more than 2 weeks have elapsed on the face;
  • surgical operations on the face;
  • an allergy to cosmetics components.

If you already wrote "40+" on the coveted jar, then it should be applied in accordance with the specified age limits. For other periods, there are other means that will differ and affect the skin, and composition. That's about the latter is worth talking about separately, because it is from the components of cosmetics for the face will depend on its effectiveness.


Did you know that 40 years, women look so delicious, because at this age there is not only a hormonal surge, but also the peak of sexual activity.


The best face make-up after 40 ta, in which most of the ingredients are of plant or animal origin. Ingredients should address lifting, rejuvenation and other problems of age-related changes in these years. These include:

  • vegetable oils, glycerin, hyaluronic acid - have a moisturizing effect, which is very important for the skin of the face, dried up at this age;
  • vitamins, beeswax, silicone are necessary for its nutrition;
  • coenzyme Q10, ceramides, collagen, proteins, panthenol, peptides, elastin, amino acids, fruit acids - the basis of anti-aging care: they smooth wrinkles, creases, give the epidermis elasticity and elasticity.

It is believed that the most good face cosmetics, designed specifically for women in 40 years, is sold in a pharmacy (for more details on pharmaceuticals for the face, see our article). It is certified, has passed a large number of tests and tests, has not only cosmetic, but also medicinal properties. This significantly increases its effectiveness in combating age-related changes. And to facilitate your search, we offer for study a small rating of the best products for those over 40.

Cosmetic educational program.The ceramides are the fats that make up the cell membrane. They help the cells to regenerate. Look for them on 40+ face packs under the names Ceramide NS, Ceramide PC-102, Ceramide PC-104, Ceramide EOP.


In this rating is presented cosmetics for the face, which is in demand by ordinary women in 40 years and cosmetologists working in salons. Different price range will allow choosing a suitable manufacturer, because creams and whey can cost $ 150 and $ 3. The choice is yours.

  1. Pionniеre XMF Perfection Youth Cream - a rejuvenating cream based on high-tech concentrate from marine sugars. Phytomer. France. $14, 2.
  2. Multi-Regenerante Jour is a cream that smoothes wrinkles. Clarins. France. $4, 2.
  3. Pro Bio Age - regenerating cream. Frais Monde. Italy. $4, 3.
  4. Resolution D-Contraxol - anti-aging universal (day + night) cream. Lancome. France. $4, 7.
  5. Healthy Skin Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream with retinol. Neutrogena. France. $3, 8.
  6. Liftactiv Supreme Yeux - anti-aging lifting. Vichy. France. $2, 1.
  7. "Radiant" - gel-like marie-cream for the eyelids. Live cosmetics of Siberia. Russia. $2, 5.
  8. Regenerist Luminous - bleaching-rejuvenating serum for mature skin. Olay. Poland. $1, 7.
  9. Cream with hyaluronic acid. Librederm. Russia. $, 4.
  10. Lifting treatment for wrinkles. Black Pearl. Russia. $, 9.

Each of these tools has its own advantages. Some are available at a price, they can be allowed by everyone, and in quality they sometimes do not concede to a branded product. Others stand as if they are made of gold, but they are based on unique developments to combat the aging processes occurring in the epidermis after 40.

Since full-fledged facial care requires the use not only of cream, it is better to buy it right away together with a scrub and mask that will go into one line of cosmetics.

From the history of the brand.The French company Neutrogena is the brainchild of Edmond Fromont, a Belgian chemist-cosmetologist who produced the same patented soap in the 1950s. It was distinguished by surprising softness, transparency, quickly washed off from the skin, leaving no traces. Since it began the history of the famous brand, which produces excellent cosmetics for the face.


Many brands produce whole lines of cosmetics designed specifically for face care after 40. This anti-aging, lifting means, even at this age look perfect.

A series of cosmetics for the face in 40 years is very in demand, so in the laboratory, these lines are constantly replenished with new products.

Despite the fact that most women prefer to use the cream as a basic care for already elderly skin, today it is time to expand the list of serum, fluid and filers. In the matter of rejuvenation, they do not know the competition.