Creams with acids for the face: learn to choose and use



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Cosmetologists recommend that all women after 35 years of age use at least twice a year a cream with acids for the face. These active substances as if specially created by nature in order to slow the aging process. Their rejuvenating and moisturizing properties allow for a long time to maintain the elasticity and youth of the skin.

With their active use, there is no need for permanent lifting cosmetic procedures, which are characterized by too aggressive action. And you can try this tool not only to ladies of Balzac's age: depending on the composition, It can be useful for adolescents to eliminate acne, and young ladies for a thorough and high-quality purification.


Deciding to use an acid cream to care for the face, you need to understand its advantages over other similar cosmetics. For example, the mask is characterized by a long, and therefore often aggressive, action. It often provokes allergic reactions and side effects. Peeling can end with a thermal burn. And here the concentration of the main active substance is such that it allows you to use a cream with acids even for those who do not respond to normal preparations with them too well.

It is universal, because acids are multi-functional in terms of cosmetic properties. Most of them have a curative effect. It's no surprise that they create real miracles with the skin:

  • return elasticity and elasticity to the epidermis;
  • remove excess water from the tissues, relieving the edema on the face;
  • make the skin soft and tender;
  • protect against ultraviolet, frost, temperature changes and other aggressive factors;
  • get rid of black dots;
  • normalize the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • have wound-healing properties;
  • bleach pigment spots;
  • prevent the development of skin cancer;
  • clean the pores;
  • Smooth wrinkles;
  • resolve scars, scars, stretch marks;
  • regulate skin pH;
  • soften peeling;
  • narrow the dilated pores;
  • moisturize;
  • improve the condition of blood vessels;
  • increase the effect of other active substances in the composition;
  • accelerate the treatment of dermatological diseases on the face;
  • eliminate post-acne;
  • effectively fight acne and acne.

Of course, do not delude yourself that a single jar of facial cream will relieve you immediately from all the above problems. Manufacturers painstakingly develop their formulas and emphasize with the help of additional ingredients some specific cosmetic property. T. e. if you buy rejuvenating, he will firstly smooth wrinkles, restore elasticity and elasticity, tighten age folds, etc. Therefore, pay attention to what the cream is for, in order to take exactly what you need.

Overview of acids

The cosmetic properties of a particular remedy are determined first of all by what acid constitutes its basis. And it can be alone or go in combination with others, enhancing its properties. Each of them has some specific effect on the epidermis.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of cosmetics, it is useful to know what kind of acid the cream provides:

  • with ascorbic - bleaching and smoothing wrinkles;
  • with benzoic, citric, oxalic - clarification;
  • with boron - clarification of vegetation on the face;
  • with wine, tartarova - care for dry, flaky skin;
  • with hyaluronic - moisturizing and rejuvenation;
  • with pyruvic - care for oily skin;
  • with glycolic - exfoliation, purification of pores, disposal of black dots;
  • with almond acid - peeling effect;
  • with milk - rejuvenation, drying;
  • with ant - treatment of rashes;
  • with nicotinic-getting rid of edema on the face, lifting effect;
  • with orotovoy - rejuvenation, nutrition, protection;
  • with salicylic - treatment of acne and acne;
  • with acetic - wound-healing properties;
  • with ferulova - lifting effect;
  • with amber - dermabrasion;
  • with apple - food, cleansing.

Often creams come with a complex of fruit (ANA) acids. They have mainly rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. They are also called organic, as they are found in various plants.


Despite all the versatility and stunning properties of such creams, they can be dangerous in some situations. This applies primarily to contraindications for their active use. Do not forget that they contain acids - corrosive, irritating and aggressive substances. Yes, their concentration is much less than in masks or peelings, but, nevertheless, caution does not hurt.


  • pregnancy;
  • warts on the face;
  • heat;
  • hemochromatosis;
  • infection;
  • couperose;
  • lactation;
  • Negroid and Mongoloid skin types;
  • recent hair removal;
  • exacerbation of dermatological diseases, herpes;
  • extensive foci of inflammation;
  • oncology;
  • open wounds on the face;
  • poor blood coagulability;
  • stay in a hot, sunny resort;
  • reception of glucocorticosteroid preparations;
  • rehabilitation period after recent cosmetic procedures of deep peeling or laser resurfacing;
  • fresh sunburn;
  • tendency to allergies.

Side effects:

  • allergic reaction;
  • atrophy of skin areas on the face;
  • hyperemia;
  • hypopigmentation;
  • dermatitis;
  • burning;
  • itching;
  • exacerbation of staphylococcal diseases and herpes;
  • swelling;
  • tingling;
  • addictive;
  • rash;
  • peeling.

To avoid side effects after applying acidic creams, it is necessary to observe contraindications, do not use them more often 2 times a day and for longer than 3 months. If there are unpleasant symptoms from the remedy should be discarded and just in case, consult a cosmetologist or dermatologist.


Criterias of choice

From the correct choice of cream will depend on its effectiveness. A small step-by-step guide will allow you to purchase a quality product that will help you cope with the actual cosmetic problem for you.

  1. Decide on what kind of acid you need a cream, based on the type of your skin and the shortcomings that you plan to get rid of. Do you want to lighten your freckles? Will help ascorbic and fruit. Do you dream of making the antennae above the upper lip not so noticeable? Feel free to choose boric.
  2. Study the ratings and reviews. Select 3-4 funds, depending on the problem that needs to be addressed.
  3. Carefully read the composition on the package: if it contains salt ("sodium"), do not take it. We need pure acids, which are referred to as "acid".
  4. Strong smell should not be: perfume compositions in excess worsen the quality of the product and often cause allergic reactions.
  5. In the daytime facility, a UPF filter must be contained.
  6. Check expiration date.

Buy cosmetics only in specialized stores, and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask questions to sales consultants.

How to use?

Acids are substances with which you need to be very careful in handling. This applies to creams that contain them in their composition. You need to know how to use them competently. Observance of elementary rules will allow to extract from them the maximum of advantage and to avoid unpleasant consequences.

  1. Apply to cleansed face after a mask or just washing.
  2. Avoid eye area (for this purpose, there are special creams for the skin around the eyes).
  3. On the street after the application it is desirable not to go out a minimum - half an hour, ideally - 3-4 hours.
  4. In the morning it is applied daytime, in the evening before a dream - a night cream.
  5. After 3 months of active use, the skin should be given a short rest from acids and use a normal, neutral cream of plant composition. In another 3 months you can return to your favorite acid product.
  6. Do not store in the refrigerator.
  7. It is undesirable simultaneous application of several acidic cosmetics at once. For example, wash with foam with ascorbic, make masks with hyaluronka, nourish skin with cream with ANA-acids. From the first two will have to give up for a while and choose something softer and more sparing.
  8. Using day creams with acids, it is advisable not to sunbathe. Ultraviolet promotes the disintegration of these substances.
  9. Contact with air also reduces their properties, so it is best not to keep the jar open for too long.

So, by acquiring this tool, first learn how to use it correctly and only after that test its effect on yourself.

Rating of the best

It's hard to say which acid cream is best. Each of them is good in its own way. There is premium cosmetics, which costs a lot of money and is highly effective. But often, the funds from the mass-market are not inferior to them in quality. Much depends on the individual reactions of the skin.

The best face creams with acids in its composition

A small rating will become your guide for prices, manufacturers and compositions:

  1. Hoch Akti Milky - highly active, with nicotine. From the Japanese company Hinoki Clinical. $82.
  2. Vitamin C Formula Action Cream HISCV3 is an innovative formula with ascorbic. From the Italian company Histomer. $7, .
  3. Salises Moisturizing Gel Cream - gel, moisturizing, with salicylic. From the Spanish brand Sesderma. $5, .
  4. Regenerative AHA Face Cream - regenerating, with ANA-acids. From the Greek company Argan Treasures. $29.
  5. Normaderm Anti-Age - anti-aging, with glycolic. From the French company Vichy. $2, .
  6. Lactic microdermabrasion peeling-cream - peeling, with milk. From the Korean concern Theraderm. $2, .
  7. AHA Cream Gel - gel, for sensitive skin, with fruit acids. From the Israeli brand Anna Lotan. $2, .
  8. Bio Hyaluron 4D - moisturizing, with hyaluronic. From the Polish firm Eveline. $1, .
  9. Energy, oxygen, with amber. From the Russian concern Medical Collagene 3D. $1, .
  10. Aksinia - from wrinkles, with amber. From the Russian company Repharm. $1, .

A wide range of products allows you to choose the right product and solve with it a wide variety of cosmetic problems.

Home recipes

Some acids can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized cosmetic shops in the form of tablets or ampoules. They can be used to make home face creams. This process is much more time consuming than creating the same masks, and more expensive, because you will need basic and essential oils, as well as emulsifiers for thickening the consistency. In this case, note that they are much fatter than store, but without harmful preservatives.

  • With hyaluronic acid

Mix 10 ml of olive, linseed and sunflower oil, hold in a water bath, to become warm. Add 10 ml of borax, dilute with 50 ml of mineral still water. Hold for 5 minutes, cool, stirring constantly. Season with ethers of lavender and ylang-ylang (2 drops each). In a separate container, 10 mg of hyaluronic acid dilute with normal water and only then add to the total composition.

  • With ascorbic acid

Mix 50 ml of coconut oil and 100 ml of olive oil, add 10 g of lanolin and wax to them. Put for 40 seconds in a microwave oven. Pour 150 ml of mineral water without gas and 50 ml of freshly squeezed aloe juice. Crush 7-8 tablets of ascorbic acid, add to the mixture. Stir, season with patchouli (2 drops).

  • With salicylic

Melt 10 g of wax on a water bath. Remove from heat, add as much rice oil and salicylic.

  • With Orotova

Mix 30 ml of almond oil and 10 ml of sucrose stearate. Warm up in a water bath for 5-7 minutes. Dilute 80 ml of basil broth. Next, orotic acid is introduced (crush 5 of its tablets to the state of the powder). After thickening, season with grapefruit ether (no more than 5-6 drops).

Brands and home creams with acids are highly effective. Their indisputable advantage over other similar means - their effect becomes noticeable already on the 2-3 day of application. Skin with their active use literally changes, if everything was done correctly.

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