Psoriasis ointment based on solidol

Treatment of psoriasis with solidol is an effective way of non-hormonal therapy, which quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis and gives positive results. This method of influencing psoriatic plaques is known for a long time. Patients talk about accelerated healing, reducing lesions and forming scales on affected areas of the disease.



  • 1What is a solidol
  • 2Effectiveness of solidol ointments
  • 3List and brief description of solid-containing ointments

What is a solidol


A plastic substance that is obtained by thickening with the use of calcium soaps of an industrial oil of moderate viscosity is called solidol.

It has such characteristics:

  • homogeneous structure;
  • shade from yellow to dark brown;
  • can not be removed by water;
  • thick consistency.
The composition of the solidol should include the following components: up to 18% soap, up to 3% water and,% alkali.

Modern industry distinguishes three main types of produced product:

  1. Synthetic is made with the use of fatty acids of synthetic origin.
  2. Fat is made by thickening fatty acids from vegetable oils.
  3. Medical, which is used as a basis in the manufacture of oils for the treatment of skin diseases.
Before patients with psoriasis is always the task, where to get medical solidol. After all, to find it in its pure form is problematic today. Many consumers believe that medical saltol is a purified fat or technical product. But this is an erroneous opinion, since their components are significantly different. In addition, in the technical form of solidol contains ingredients harmful to humans, therefore, its use for medicinal purposes is strictly prohibited.

If you take into account fatty salt, its components are close to the medical composition. But here, harmful components are also harmful to human health (toxic substances, additives). In addition, today, in the production of fatty solidol, synthetic oils are used everywhere instead of natural oils. Therefore, carefully read the contents of the product.

The surest way to avoid unpleasant moments is not to experiment and use medical ointments based on solidol, which include more than 90% of the whole composition. And the main actions that they have on the affected areas of the skin, lie precisely in its properties.

If you read reviews of people suffering from psoriatic rashes, you can find many recommendations on the use of ointments based on solidol. Its action is rapid and removes the main signs of the disease, it gives a long remission.

Effectiveness of solidol ointments

In the treatment of psoriatic eruptions ointments are used on a natural basis, which bring a good effect from the treatment. Solid-based preparations refer to them. Their positive effect is that such ointments trigger metabolic processes at the cellular level, normalize the work, and the affected tissues begin to recover.

The effectiveness of such drugs began talking in the second half of the twentieth century, when a Russian scientist N. Rybakov conducted a series of studies. The discovery of positive effects of solidol on psoriasis can be considered random. The patient turned to the professor with this disease, whose body was covered with psoriatic plaques.

Only hands were left untouched. As it turned out later, the work of this patient was to repair the engines. It was the hands that were constantly dirty in the solidity. This forced the professor to conduct a series of tests and prove the effectiveness of its application. At that time, technical solidolol was used for treatment, which produced many side effects, which were mentioned in the works of N. Rybakova

Since 1973, drugs have been patented with another major component - pure solidol without harmful impurities.

Ointments based on solidol are characterized by emollient action, effectively remove the main symptomatic manifestations of psoriasis - itching, burning, inflammation of the skin. The cells of the affected skin resume their normal work, and relief comes. Solidolide from psoriasis promotes rapid healing of wounds.

Of the shortcomings that are inherent to him, as for any other medicinal product, we can distinguish such:

  • the need for long-term use to achieve a positive result, if we take in comparison ointments of a hormonal nature for the treatment of psoriatic rashes;
  • with prolonged use, the appearance of follicles on psoriasis-affected areas;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the ointment.

There are a number of rules that must be remembered for a patient with psoriasis, before using drugs based on solidol in the treatment of this skin disease.

The first thing to do before starting the application is to conduct a biological test. For this, a small affected area of ​​the skin is applied with an ointment and left for at least 4 hours. After this time, the remnants of the product are washed off, using warm water and tar soap for this.

The next step is applying the ointment to a larger area of ​​the skin. The procedure is repeated, each time increasing the area of ​​application. So, gradually the patient achieves full treatment of all affected areas.

It should be remembered that preparations based on solidol not have the property to quickly absorb into the skin. Therefore, the clothes and bed linen of the patient will get dirty. For such procedures it is necessary to allocate special cotton clothes. If you need to smear at night, then take care of a separate set of bed linen.

List and brief description of solid-containing ointments


Modern industry today produces a huge number of various ointments with a content of solidol. Let's consider some of them.

  1. Phytomass Ivanova AA (Antipsor). In its composition, in addition to the solidol, include petroleum jelly and extracts from medicinal herbs.
  2. The cytopsor is a remedy made up of many components. It is characterized by mineral and organic ingredients. It is considered an effective ointment in the treatment of psoriatic rashes. Lubricate an even thin layer on the affected skin areas. The course of treatment is up to 6 weeks, after which there is a break.
  3. Acrustal contains, in addition to solidol, plant extracts, products of beekeeping (wax and honey). This ointment is not addictive, so it is used not only to treat plaques, but also to prevent their reappearance.
  4. Psorilam is a cream-balm. The composition includes components such as solidol, lanolin, petrolatum, boric acid, vitamin A, zinc and other constituents. It effectively removes irritation, itching, burning of plaques.
  5. Magnipur is a phytomass, which has several release options with different contents of plant extracts. This allows you to alternate their options, which does not cause addiction in the patient.
  6. Kartalin - a tool that has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect on the skin. Contains products of bee production, vitamins. The ointment is applied to the affected skin and left for 12 hours. Recommend the simultaneous use of antihistamines.

Many patients also practice self-made drugs. For this, components are added to the medical solidol, which effectively fight the manifestation of the disease.

It can be:
  • olive unrefined oil;
  • bee products (honey, wax, propolis);
  • vegetable tinctures and extracts.

To make ointments, they also use juice of garlic, onion, crushed rosehip fruit, chicken or quail egg. Such homemade ointments help to use their optimal composition, which is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and his susceptibility.

In some patients, solid-containing preparations can cause an allergic reaction. In order not to complicate the development of psoriasis, patients are advised to carry out a test for sensitivity to ointment components. If there are no allergic reactions within 24 hours, then it is safe to start therapy with such drugs.

With the right approach, you can achieve a positive result within two weeks of such therapy.


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