Lotion of parsley: 3 best store brands and 12 home recipes



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The ancient Greeks called it growing on stone or stone celery. In Russia there were other names: the nest, the sverbiguz, the pestrel. In science, it is listed under a special term - petrosilia. Often you can hear that it is a gold supply of vitamins. And all this - about plain and well-known parsley, which is actively used in cooking, medicine and cosmetics.

This greens is especially valuable for those who suffer from pigmentation on the face or dark circles around the eyes. After all, the products based on it have excellent bleaching properties.

The secret of whitening

Refreshing and tonic parsley lotion, in addition to whitening properties, has a lot of positive cosmetic characteristics. Its benefits to the skin are determined by the chemical composition of the plant:

  • phylloquinone (vitamin K) - the leader in the fight against age spots and freckles, eliminates puffiness and acne (there are a lot of it in this plant);
  • ascorbic acid (C) - an antioxidant, which has a rejuvenating effect: smoothes wrinkles, tightens age folds, makes the contour of the face more distinct;
  • carotene (provitamin retinol, vitamin A) protects against ultraviolet and other external factors;
  • thiamine (B1) soothes irritation on the face, helps with acne;
  • riboflavin (B2) promotes cell renewal, useful for mature, fading skin;
  • retinol (A) makes the skin relief of the face smooth and smooth;
  • calcium with phosphorus allows you to use the plant to whiten the face;
  • flavonoids slow the aging process;
  • nicotinic acid (PP), magnesium and iron, affecting the circulatory system, improve the complexion;
  • potassium moisturizes;
  • pectin substances eliminate scarring and spots after acne;
  • fitontsidy return elasticity and elasticity is no longer young skin.

So you can safely use such a lotion for bleaching and rejuvenating the skin of the face. If pigmentation spots, pimples and the first age changes - your misfortunes, be sure to get this cosmetic. Or cook it at home.

Origin of name.In Greek, parsley means "growing on a stone." In Ancient Greece, she, absorbing all the most useful, stretched to the light through the rocks.


Brand lotions for the face, made from parsley extract, not so much. This is explained by the fact that on the basis of this plant, masks and creams that have a longer, and therefore a persistent effect, are produced. The best of the best in a small review.

Bodi D (Bulgaria)

Whitening lotion from the Bile-VA series. It is designed to eliminate freckles, hormonal and age-related pigment spots from the face. Regulates the secretion of glands, moisturizes, tones. Has antimicrobial properties, so it helps in the fight against acne. Gives the skin a natural color.


  • alpha-arbutin - depigmenting agent, patented in Switzerland;
  • parsley;
  • dandelion;
  • chamomile;
  • licorice;
  • vitamin C;
  • glycolic acid;
  • allantoin.

Can be used for clarification and purification of all skin types. Apply twice a day. The approximate cost is $ 4.

Ecocode (Ukraine)

Lotion has a bleaching effect, cleanses the face, relieves inflammation, disinfects, tones up, improves blood circulation. It has a pleasant cucumber aroma. It is intended for moisturizing dry skin.


  • alcohol base;
  • cucumber;
  • parsley;
  • panthenol;
  • Castor oil.

The price is purely symbolic. Estimated cost is $ 1.

Source of Life (Russia)

Balsam-lotion is declared as a means for rejuvenating and preventing aging. It improves blood circulation, cellular respiration, activates metabolism, cleans, renews cells, accelerates regeneration. Has anti-inflammatory, sebostatic, keratolytic and exfoliating properties. Restores turgor, elasticity. Eliminates pigmentation.


  • placental hydrolyzate, which contains highly active peptides, amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronic and nucleic acids;
  • vitamins A, E, C;
  • extracts of cucumber, oats, parsley;
  • microelements;
  • flavoring.

It is applied once a day: with a dry and normal type of skin - in the evening, with a fat one - in the morning and in the evening. Course - 1-2 months, three times a year. Estimated cost is $ 5.

Lotions can be replaced with tonic or hydrolyte. You can pay attention to such brands as:

  1. Parsley parsley. Russia. $, .
  2. Hydrolate. Cleona. Russia. $3.
  3. Hydrolate. Soap-house of the Romanovs. Russia. $, .
  4. Tonic for removing make-up with string and parsley. Domix. Germany. $, .
  5. The strength of the taiga. Parsley extract and provitamin B5. Sanata. Russia. $1.

The main advantage of branded cosmetics is their high efficiency. You can count on 100% disposal of pigment spots and drying out any rashes in the shortest possible time. But the problem is that their action is short-lived: once you stop using them, freckles and pimples can appear again, and in even more. The second drawback is that most shop lotions contain alcohol, which has a very negative effect on the condition of the epidermis.


Given all these nuances, you can bypass the disadvantages of branded bleaching lotions, preparing a similar cosmetic product from parsley at home.

Helpful information.Hydrolyte is known to many under a different name - scented or floral water. The liquid is obtained by distillation of plants to form an essential oil. But the hydrolyte is not as concentrated as the ether. Therefore, they can be sprinkled or rubbed face instead of tonic or lotion.

Basics of home cooking

To make parsley lotion at home, you need to know and consider the following points.

  1. You will need fresh leaves of smooth-baked (not curly) parsley or its root - fresh or dried.
  2. They are washed in running water and are boiled. The leaves are crushed with a knife or in a blender, the root on a grater. Then they are used, as indicated in the recipe.
  3. After preparing the liquid, moisten it with your wrist to see the reaction of the skin. If within a day there will be no side effects (itching, redness, rashes), you can apply to the face.
  4. Shelf life - no more than 3 days in the refrigerator.
  5. If you are preparing a product for the skin around the eyes, do not use any aggressive ingredients (alcohol, for example).
  6. Frequency of application - twice a day.
  7. The course of whitening or rejuvenation is 1-2 months. The interval between courses is not less than a month.

Since, usually, pigment spots are formed on the face in the spring and summer (under the influence of ultraviolet), it is in this the time of the year is best and prepare a whitening cocktail of parsley - especially since it's just a season of garden greenery.

More tips, recommendations, nuances of application and cooking lotions at home, in the article under the link.

On a note.Judging by the reviews, lotions from the root are much more effective than from the leaves. So you need to be able to get it right. Dig it mainly in the middle-end of September, dried, washed and dried in the oven. From such raw materials, you can prepare any whitening cosmetics.


To choose a specific recipe for yourself, you need to accurately determine your cosmetic problem.

  • Classic recipe

Greens (15 gr) pour a glass of hot water, bring to a boil. Insist under the lid, until it cools, drain. The best parsley lotion in its pure form from pigmented spots and freckles is ready. Wipe your face twice a day - and soon there will be no trace left of them.

  • From the root

Root (15 gr) pour a glass of hot water, bring to a boil, keep on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Insist under the lid for 6-8 hours, drain. This tool can save not only from sun freckles, but also from senile lentigo, and hormonal chloasma.

  • For the skin around the eyes

Stir 100 gr of greenery until juice is released. Mix it with a teaspoon of tea (green or black), which must be firmly brewed. A refreshing lotion for the skin around the eyes will lighten the dark circles, remove the bags and puffiness, refresh, smooth out the crow's feet. Apply twice a day.

  • Juice

Grind 250 gr of greens, wrap in a gauze pouch, squeeze out the juice with force. Dilute it in equal proportions with mineral water. Do not use in concentrated form, as it can cause severe irritation.

  • With lemon

An excellent whitening lotion is obtained from parsley and lemon. To do this, 50 gr of greens is poured a glass of boiling water, kept on the fire for 15 minutes, cool. Then mix with 20 ml of lemon juice (it can be replaced with apple cider vinegar).

  • With cucumber

No less effective will be a remedy for parsley and cucumber. Grind both products, mix 100 grams of the resulting pulp (mashed potatoes). Pour 500 ml of vodka. Leave in a dark clogged bottle without light, in the cool, for a week. Shake, drain, dilute with mineral water 1 to 1.

  • With a dandelion

Mix in equal amounts with dandelion greens. Pour mineral water (cold) to cover the raw materials. Infuse for 24 hours at room temperature. The resulting liquid should be drained and used as a lotion.

  • With sage (for sensitive skin)

Mix in equal quantities with greens of sage. Brew a glass of boiling water, insist under the lid for 3 hours. Strain. Sage in this recipe can be replaced with rose petals.

  • With yogurt (for fatty)

Mix 50 grams of juice with 100 ml of low-fat kefir.

  • With ashberry (for greasy)

Squeeze the juice, mix with the ashberry juice in a proportion of 1 to 1. Pour 100 ml of vodka, add 50 ml of lemon juice and 50 ml of mineral water.

  • With dill (for fading)

Mix in equal amounts with greens of dill, pour a glass of hot water, bring to a boil. Insist under the lid, until it cools, drain. Add 100 ml of vodka. Leave in a dark place for a day. Before use, add 50 ml of lemon juice and dilute with mineral water 1 to 1.

  • With garlic (for problem)

Squeeze the juice and mix it with garlic juice in a ratio of 3 to 1. Dilute in equal quantities with mineral water.

Parsley is considered one of the best means for whitening pigment spots and lightening the skin. Lotions from this plant not only smooth out the tone and complexion. They have a lot of other positive properties: rejuvenate, eliminate acne and post-acne, cleanse, refresh. They can be selected for any type of skin. And it does not matter - buy them in the store or you prefer hand-made cooking. The result you definitely will be satisfied.

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