Lung Cancer Treatment in Israel: Diagnosis and Therapy


Lung cancer is one of the most common oncopathologies, annually in the world they diagnose about one million new cases. In clinics in Israel have long been studying the malignant neoplasms in the lungs, creating new methods for their diagnosis and therapy. The high level of development of medical technologies and the professionalism of Israeli specialists make it possible to identify cancer at early stages and successfully treat even the most neglected cases.

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* Only with the condition of obtaining data on the patient's illness, the representative of the clinic will be able to calculate the exact price for the treatment.

The treatment of lung cancer in Israel is based on proven practices, modified and supplemented by innovative therapies. For each patient an individual treatment plan is developed that takes into account the nature of oncology, the extent of its prevalence, the general condition of the patient and many other factors.

Symptoms of lung cancer

The difficulty in diagnosing oncology of the lungs is that often the manifestations of the disease are not perceived as threatening. Sometimes patients coming from CIS countries admit that doctors at home did not pay attention to the symptoms in time and did not send them to the examination. However, it is the early diagnosis that completely cures cancer of the lungs. In Israel, it is accepted immediately, as soon as the following symptoms appear, be sure to refer the patient to a full examination to exclude oncopathology.

  • A cough that does not go away for a long time.
  • Appearance of shortness of breath.
  • Cough with bloody discharge.
  • Sharp and inexplicable weight loss.
  • Labored breathing.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • Constant headache.
  • Presence of chronic fatigue.
  • Pain in the bones.
  • Appearance of hoarseness.

Diagnosis of pathology

Lung cancer has a different histological nature (non-small cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, small-cell adenocarcinoma), different types of disease require fundamentally different approaches to treatment. Therefore, the correct diagnosis is so important. According to statistics, about 30% of patients coming from CIS countries are diagnosed at home in the wrong country. And it's not about the negligence of doctors, but about imperfect diagnostic technologies. In the clinics of Israel, the formulation of an incorrect diagnosis is excluded: the research centers are equipped with the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to deliver a 100% correct diagnosis.


For foreign patients, the survey plan is designed so that for 3 days of stay it is possible pass all the necessary diagnostic procedures, get the doctors' opinion and plan drawn up therapy.

Patient can be assigned such studies:

  • Laboratory tests of blood (biochemistry, on oncomarkers).
  • Diagnostic endoscopy (bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy).
  • Radiography (angiography of vessels, bronchography, etc.).
  • Ultrasound of the chest.
  • Tumor biopsy.
  • Sputum analysis.
  • Tests for visualization of the tumor, determining its exact size and prevalence of malignant process (MRI, CT, PET-CT).

When the results of diagnostic studies become known, a panel of specialized physicians is convened, which collectively constitute the most optimal treatment plan, which takes into account the individual characteristics of the clinical course of the disease and the general condition patient.

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* Only with the condition of obtaining data about the patient's illness the clinic representative will be able to calculate the exact price for the treatment.

Methods of treatment of malignant lung tumors

The doctors of Israel effectively use both traditional methods of therapy, as well as the latest developments.

Operation.Removal of the tumor surgically is the most optimal way to combat oncopathology in the first and second stages of cancer development. In Israeli clinics, it became the norm to conduct these operations in a minimally invasive way, without opening the sternum. Usedendoscopic method:Instead of a wide incision, several small incisions are made in the thorax region. They introduce endoscopic equipment to monitor the progress of the operation and surgical instruments. This type of intervention helps to avoid large blood loss and reduce the postoperative period. If endoscopic surgery is not possible (due to the size of the tumor or its location), Israeli surgeons dowedge resection:remove the cancerous focus and adjacent tissues. If significant lesions of the lung can be performedpneumoectomy- Complete its removal.

Chemotherapy.The use of cytostatic drugs makes it possible to reduce the size of the tumor to the operative, and to reduce the risk of relapse in the postoperative period. The drugs of the last generation, which Israeli oncologists use, effectively inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, but they have a minimum of side effects.

Radiotherapy.The course of radiotherapy is performed before or after the operation. Irradiation of the cancerous area is a traditional, reliable way to combat lung cancer. Modern devices for radiotherapy allow the most sparing influence on the patient's body and, at the same time, maximally effectively destroy the tumor tissue. A high result is due to the use of the newest linear accelerators, the accuracy of irradiation is, mm. Aimed irradiation of the tumor reduces the radiation load on the surrounding tissues. In addition to traditional remote radiotherapy, Israeli clinics successfully use innovative methods -brachytherapy.Its essence lies in the fact that the microspheres with radioactive particles are placed directly into the tumor tissue. This makes it possible to increase the radiation dose within the limits of neoplasia without harm to healthy tissues.

Stereotactic radiosurgery.A method that in many cases is able to replace a surgical procedure. When a traditional operation is impossible, Israel uses the Cyber-Knife system. Without blood, without incisions, without pain, the tumor is eliminated by powerful irradiation, which corresponds to the form of the tumor. The special controller monitors the patient's micro-motions, and, when displaced a few millimeters, corrects the target of the irradiation, thereby preventing the irradiation of healthy tissues.

Biotherapy.The innovativeness of the method lies in the fact that physicians seek to activate the protective functions of the body with the help of special preparations and adjust it to fight cancer. Drugs aim, at the cellular level, have a negative effect on the tumor cells without harming healthy tissues. The method has proved its effectiveness and is used in conjunction with other methods of therapy for lung cancer.

Cost of treatment of lung cancer in Israel

Factors on which the price depends: the stage of disease progression, the necessary volume of medical procedures and preparations. Treat cancer to Israel come from all over the world - both from developed European countries, and from the United States, the CIS countries. One of the reasons - the treatment of lung cancer in Israel has the optimal combination of price and quality. The cost of therapy here is 30-50% lower than in countries with the same high level of medical services, for example in Germany, the US and others.

Advantages of treating lung cancer in Israel

  • Many years of experience of doctors.Israeli doctors have long been involved in the treatment of cancer; Research centers of the country closely cooperate with clinics. As a result, according to WHO, in this country the highest percentage of successful cure from oncopathology.
  • Accurate diagnosis.The patient, coming to the survey in Israel, can be sure that he will be given a 100% correct diagnosis.
  • Development of medical technologies.Thanks to the modern technical equipment of clinics and the introduction of new methods of treatment, anti-cancer therapy in Israel is the most effective, but at the same time as sparing for the body as possible.
  • High level of development of medical tourism.In the country for several decades, a clear system of admission of foreign citizens for treatment has been built up. Each clinic has an international department. The treatment of lung cancer in Israel, as confirmed by the patients, is most comfortable, and the level of medical services is at the level of the best world standards.

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