Cost of treatment of lung cancer in Ukraine


Treatment of lung cancer depends on the location of the pathology, its distribution and the number of metastases. Since the early diagnosis of cancer is complicated by the asymptomatic course of the malignant process at the initial period, an overwhelming number of oncological patients are treated in the late stages of the disease with the already existing metastases.

Cost of treatment of lung cancer in Ukrainewherei, xcept for therapeutic procedures, includes a diagnostic examination.

The price for the treatment of lung cancer in Ukraine

Early diagnosis

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging. Determines the exact localization and structure of a malignant tumor. The price of the examination is 1000 UAH.
  2. CT scan. The method allows to define a kind of pathological process and its boundaries. The cost of the procedure is 1200 UAH.

Treatment of malignant neoplasms of the pulmonary system

  1. CyberKnife.

The essence of the method is the destruction of pathological cells using high-precision radiation. Advantages of the method are the bloodlessness and noncontactness of the operation. Also, the manipulation does not require hospitalization and anesthesia. This method of treatment is used only in the early stages of cancerous tissue damage.

The price for the treatment of lung cancer in Ukrainewith the application of "CyberKnife" is from 9, 00 hryvnia.

  1. Surgery.

Depending on the removed fragment of the lung and the stage of the cancer, surgical operations are classified:

  • Lobectomy - this method completely removes one of the pulmonary lobes in which a cancerous tumor is found. This method shows positive results due to the removal of the tumor and local lymphatic vessels, which in the future prevents the formation of metastases.
  • Pneumonectomy is a radical method of removing one affected lung. Indications for pneumonectomy are late and neglected stages of the cancer process.

How much does it cost to cure lung cancer in Ukraineby surgical procedure:

  1. The removal of one share - 2, 00 hryvnia.
  2. Lung removal - 40000 hryvnia.

To date, surgical removal of the tumor is the most effective method of cancer treatment. Operative intervention can be carried out both in the early stages of the disease, and at later stages in combination with radiotherapy. During the operation, the patient is removed a cancerous tumor along with part of the healthy tissue, and the lymph nodes in the area of ​​the lesion are also withdrawn.

  1. Radiation therapy.

According to modern medical standards, when a lung tumor is detected in later stages, irradiation of not only the focus of pathology but also of nearby tissues is carried out. Because of the high likelihood of the formation of metastatic processes of radiation therapy, lymph nodes are also exposed. Beamtreatment of lung cancer in Ukraine - price70000 hryvnia.

  1. Chemotherapy.

The medicamentous effect on cancer cells can be used as an independent and additional method of treatment. Dosage is selected individually, and therefore the cost of the course of chemotherapy is calculated for each patient separately.

  1. Cryotherapy.

With the help of a special device - cryoscope, which is injected into the lungs through the incision of the thorax, deep freezing of the cancerous tumor with liquid nitrogen is carried out. After a while after the operation, the pathological tissues disintegrate. In this case, the patient does not feel any uncomfortable sensations. The estimated cost of cryotherapy is 5, 00 hryvnia.

  1. Electrocoagulation.

This is a method based on cauterization of the oncological process by high-voltage current, which is brought to the site of exposure with a special needle.The price for the treatment of lung cancer in Ukrainemethod of electrocoagulation - 2, 00 hryvnia.


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