8 characteristic symptoms of herpes simplex type 9

The herpes virus is a very widespread and diverse disease in humans, as there are many of its types, but the most unexplored is still considered herpes of the 9th type, his symptoms and treatment still cause a lot of doctors disputes. This anemia is especially active in people with reduced protective functions of the body. Take care of your health, temper immunity and will be healthy.



  • 1General information and signs of the presence of the herpes virus type 9
  • 2Stages of the course of the disease
  • 3Methods of treatment
  • 4Treatment of herpes simplex in children and women

General information and signs of the presence of the herpes virus type 9


Herpes virus of this type, all its manifestations and the mechanism of action at the moment are the least known to medicine. Such confusion arises due to the fact that it is difficult to diagnose herpes. Similar to him in the manifestation in the state of human health are at least eighty different types of viruses. Also, its varieties, which require different ways of treatment, become an important problem.

As the statistics show, the number of people infected with this form of herpes is the least, and the regularity is that the larger the figure of the type of the disease, the lower the number of herpes. To everyone's regret, the world has not yet developed a unified approach in the fight against herpes of type 9.

It is worth remembering that the herpes virus is present in the blood of every person, but not all of them go into the active phase. The fact that it is in action can indicate the presence of papillomas on the skin or eruptions on the lips and mucous membranes. It is necessary to fight with it, and not to translate into a chronic form.

Because of the small availability of information on herpes of type 9, the opinions of specialists on his symptoms vary.

Common are several specific factors inherent in the disease:

  1. Feeling of constant fatigue, which is reflected both in the physical state and psychological.
  2. The fall of immunity, as a result of which in the area of ​​the skin and mucous face begin to develop bubbles as a rash with a watery content. The difficulty in diagnosing and determining the correct diagnosis is that a similar rash can occur anywhere in the body.
  3. Hair loss. Most often, this symptom is taken for patients with lichen, so pay attention to the accompanying signs and not engage in self-medication.
  4. Weakness and muscle pain, often the pain is felt in the joints.
  5. Absence of fever.
  6. Absence of symptoms, characteristic of influenza and other viral diseases.
  7. Possible sudden vomiting and pain in the stomach. This symptom signals that the gastrointestinal tract is already exposed to negative effects from cytomegaloviruses, namely the products of their vital activity. Interestingly, these viral cells can not be suppressed by drugs, whose action is directed against viruses, and the reception of antibiotics in general is contraindication because of even greater damage to the human immune system, resulting in herpes only easier to parasitize in a weakened microflora.
  8. The main, most common and obvious sign of herpes simplex type 9 - bubble rashes with a very pronounced redness and pain, which can be described as bursting, pulsating, tweaking and whining.

Stages of the course of the disease

The clinical picture with herpes has a fairly rapid development, which can be divided into stages, replacing each other in order.
Stages of development of herpes of type 9 are:
  1. There is a strong pinching pain in the affected area. At the same time there is no itching, there are no other signs of the disease.
  2. An inflammatory process begins, which is accompanied by an arbitrary opening of some vesicles.
  3. More spread to nearby tissues and greater severity of the rash. Bubbles begin to open in large quantities, while from them oozes a colorless, sometimes whitish liquid. This process goes along with a feeling of strong tension of the skin, itching and burning.
  4. Places of rashes are covered with a dense cornified crust, which is made up of dead cells, scabs are formed.

How long each phase lasts, it is impossible to say, because it is individual and depends on the strength of the organism in the fight against the virus. The common regularity is the absence of the last stage. This is a negative factor, since scars remain in this place. The same result will be, if the crust is often broken, it can happen if it breaks and imperceptibly breaks.

Stages of herpes are allocated fairly conditionally, but it is known that different types of herpes affect the body in different ways. 9 type is the cause of the formation of a malignant tumor and on the skin, and in the organs of the digestive tract.

It is important to observe the doctor during the disease, since the speed of manifestation of each next stage makes it possible to diagnose how acute the form of herpes. On average, this virus spreads in the human body for 30 days. 2 months can last an incubation period.

Methods of treatment

. The complexity of treating herpes is due to the fact that it is a virus, and drugs that would kill only a specific virus do not yet exist. With these pests in the human body is called to fight is the immune system. Therefore, the main task of the attending physician is to prescribe drugs that strengthen immunity and enhance the fight against herpes. A useful way to treat type 9 herpes is to take antiviral drugs to slow the progression of the disease in organs and tissues. Another unpleasant point is that to combat the rash to date, antiseptic means by which the affected areas are treated, but they, together with the pathogenic microflora kill and healthy. After the course of treatment will need to help the skin recover.

The most common drug in the fight against herpes zoster type 9 can be called Acyclovir and its improved analogue - Famciclovir. It is more powerful on bacteria and viruses, which are resistant to Acyclovir.

Famciclovir acts overwhelmingly on the activity of bacteria - carriers of the virus and prevents the entry of human cells under their influence. This drug does not eliminate the rash, so do not be surprised if even with a smaller amount of the virus in the blood bubble rash becomes more, and the skin will turn purple.

The period of treatment of herpes is long and requires, in addition to taking medicines, to adhere to a strict diet. It should contain many products containing vitamins D and A, as well as zinc-containing food components.

The use of products rich in ascorbic acid, that is, fruits, especially citrus, will help to strengthen immunity.

The diet is similar to all the others with herpes all types.

At the time of treatment, you must exclude use:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • acute and fatty foods;
  • dishes with blood;
  • should quit smoking.

Of meat products it is better to give preference to chicken and other poultry, as well as beef.

Girls need to seek help from a doctor who will help reduce the bleeding profuse during menstruation. This is due to the fact that on such days infected cells along with blood can freely move around the genitals and infect them.

In nontraditional medicine for the treatment of herpes use brewer's yeast and garlic. These products slow the process of damage to the body and partially destroy the infection.

For an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to give a piece of skin to the laboratory, on which there are rashes.

Herpes of type 9 is most difficult to distinguish from others. It is determined by the wounds. Inside the wounds is lymph.

If you do not treat the herpes of type 9, then a year and a half after the conclusion of the diagnosis of a viral rash can go into the gangrenous form, and the deep wounds formed can be removed by surgical by way of.

Treatment of herpes simplex in children and women

According to statistics, it is children who are the most likely to be affected by the herpes of type 9. This is due to their still inadequate health and a lack of strength to fight disease. No other type of herpes affects children before the age of ten, and type 9 can.

In the west, Dokonazol is used to treat children. It has no side effects, but the recovery period lasts much longer. If the herpes is not acute, this is a very good treatment option. The preparation has the form of release both in the form of an ointment, and in the form of tablets.

For women, this type of herpes is very dangerous, since it can lead to infertility. Defeating the various organs involved in procreation (the cervix and other organs of the small pelvis, including its nervous system), they lose the ability to perform their functions. Possible development of pelvic pathologies and spinal cord injury.

Often the birth of a child naturally also becomes impossible due to the risk of internal bleeding, and one has to resort to surgical help in retrieving the baby.

A woman who has had herpes of type 9, increases the likelihood of a child with pathologies (most often of the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems).

During pregnancy, the risk of the disease increases against a background of stressful situations, depression and nervous breakdowns, that is, factors that reduce the protective functions of the body.


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