Folk remedy for lung cancer


Cancerous lung damage takes the second position among the causes of death in oncology after malignant neoplasms of the breast. The main cause of abnormal cell growth in the pulmonary system is the inhalation of vapors of carcinogenic substances (tobacco smoke, contaminated atmosphere).

The most effective is the treatment of lung tumors in the early stages, since at a neglected stage of the disease, cure is almost impossible. Difficulties in diagnosis are the hidden nature of the course of the disease in the initial period. Definition of the tumor, mainly occurs during a planned fluorography.

In the process of development of pathology, patients are observed:

  • Chronic attacks of cough.
  • Dyspnoea and hemoptysis.
  • Total decrease in body weight.
  • Cyanotic face shade, rapid fatigue, headache and dizziness.

Treatment of lung cancer with folk remedies

After establishing the final diagnosis, the type of tumor and the prevalence of the malignant process, the oncologist doctor appoints an individual therapy plan that can include:

  • Surgical operation

This is a method of prompt removal of a cancerous tumor with part of nearby healthy tissues. Surgical intervention can be carried out by a radical type or a method of partial excision of pulmonary oncology.

  • Conservative treatment

It consists in receiving pharmaceutical preparations aimed at reducing the activity of thrombocytes in the bloodstream and in chemotherapy, which involves the use of cytostatic agents for the destruction of genetically mutated cells.

  • Folk methods

Traditional medicine in some cases allows not only to stabilize the growth of oncology, but also lead to the cure of cancer.

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The best folk remedy for lung cancer

  • Decoction of cetarium

Shredded herbal mixture, pre-soaked in a glass of cold water, after 12 hours, warm it over a small fire. This mixture should not be boiled and stir constantly. After evaporation of one-third of the liquid, the filtered broth should be taken 1-2 times inside the table spoon during the allotment.

  • Tincture of catarrhtum

The cataract is a deciduous plant with pink flowers. It is these fresh flowers that need to be insisted in a dark spot by filling with alcohol.

After cooking tincture a person uses it 5 drops three times in the first week. Subsequently, the amount of the substance taken is doubled every seven days.

  • Tincture musk musk deer

This substance is widely used in Tibetan medicine due to its detoxification, anti-inflammatory and cardiostimulating effects. Musk insists on alcohol and is taken 5 drops after eating.

  • Tincture Zamaniha and saffron

The method of preparation consists in placing two thirds of the roots of the lure in the jar, the rest of the container is filled with saffron stigmas. The tincture is infused for about two weeks on the basis of ethyl alcohol. Duration of the drug in the amount of 15 drops three times a day, is two months.

  • The roots of medicinal herbs

For the preparation of herbal tinctures, such plants are used: Amur velvet, membranous astragalus, wood angelica, yellowing sophora, cinnamon. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and poured with alcohol or vodka. Insistence lasts about two weeks. Take the drug should be 25 drops with a lot of water.

  • Amanita infestation

Tincture of fly agarics is prepared in the ratio of five fungi and a liter of 40% ethyl alcohol. This container is insisted in a dark and cool place for one month, after which it is necessary to start taking the liquid with one drop. Treatment can last even six months with the achievement of a daily dose of 30 drops.

!Admission of this remedy is allowed only with the permission of your doctor.

  • Tincture of celandine

The remedy for lung cancer in the form of celandine tincture is able to destroy cancer cells in the lungs in the early stages of the disease.

!Admission of this remedy is allowed only with the permission of your doctor.

  • Common cocklebur

The plant is recommended to be ripped off in the last days of August and stored in paper boxes. Before placing the cocklebur in a storage container, it must be shaken carefully from the particles of the earth.

In the treatment of lung cancer, dried plants are brewed and used instead of a tea drink in the ground state.

  • European Copenene

This herb is ground and insisted for several days. The therapeutic effect occurs after three months of taking the tincture and manifests itself in the form of an increase in the tone of the lungs and heart.

  • Propolis

As is known, beekeeping products significantly increase the level of immunity, accelerate the processes of recovery and regeneration of damaged tissues.

Oncological patients it is expedient to use on forty drops of 20% propolis tincture within three months.

According to another treatment regimen, the patient should chew two grams of propolis every day.

  • Baking soda

Scientists point out that metastatic neoplasms are formed in an acidic environment. Therefore, imparting an alkaline medium to internal fluids provides prevention of secondary damage to lung tissue.

To form such a favorable environment, the patient is sufficient to consume one gram of soda during each meal.

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