Tips for treating herpes

Avoid the penetration of the virus into the body, as well as reduce the possibility of relapse can be, if it is to prevent herpes. It is undesirable to leave it without attention. Thanks to appropriate measures, the disease is manageable. In particular, preventive measures should be used by people who suffer from manifestations of infection very often. Controlling the activity of the pathogen, you can minimize the risk of relapse.



  • 1General characteristics of prevention methods
  • 2Therapeutic care for future mothers
  • 3Features of suppressive methods

General characteristics of prevention methods


Prevent a viral infection by using:

  • strengthening of defensive forces;
  • use of the vaccine;
  • preparations with antiviral action;
  • compliance with all hygiene rules.
Since herpes has the property of being transmitted during a contact, it is inadmissible to forget about hygiene rules in any case. In order not to catch, you can not take items belonging to the patient.

Experts advise carriers of herpes simplex to undergo vaccination. But this does not mean that this can completely prevent the risk of infection. The vaccine helps to increase the level of protective forces, relapses due to it happen much less often, and the disease manifests itself is not so pronounced.

The vaccine should be given to people who suffer from severe illness, with relapses occurring quite often. To pass the vaccination, you should wait until there is a remission. Such treatment and prevention of herpes involves the use of 5 injections, between which intervals should be observed.

Advice, which should be sure to listen, so as to prevent the disease:

  • When one of the family members is infected, you need to take action. So that he could not infect others, he should use only his household items and hygiene.
  • During accidental sexual contact, it is possible for the virus to penetrate, so it is necessary to abstain from such. Be sure to use protective equipment before contact, and after it is recommended "Miramistin."
  • It should be treated with a disinfectant toilet seat, because the causative agent is able to remain viable on the plastic surface for about 4 hours.
  • You can not overcool or overheat.
  • It is important not to let the stressful situation get worse.
  • Food should always be full.
  • The development of simple herpes can be avoided if the inflammatory processes of a chronic nature are eliminated at the very beginning.

Probably someone will seem, that at presence of a simple herpes of anything serious to health does not threaten. This is an erroneous opinion, because the immune system suffers greatly. In particular, an infection can harm a toddler who is in the womb. Sometimes labor is premature. In addition, there is a high risk of other complications.

Both treatment and prevention require periodic application of antiviral means. If relapses are frequent, Valtrex is prescribed. If necessary, resort to injections. When there are signs of herpes simplex the patient must adhere to certain rules so as not to infect others.

Tips that you can not ignore:

  1. Do not touch the affected lips. In extreme cases, the hands need to be disinfected.
  2. Apply the product only with a cotton swab.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to rip off crusts and squeeze out liquid from bubbles.
  4. The patient should have his own towel and utensils for personal use.

Therapeutic care for future mothers

Women during pregnancy also often suffer from a viral infection. Therefore, assistance must be mandatory and correct.

Therapy consists in:

  • reduce symptomatology and shorten the duration of exacerbation;
  • accelerate recovery processes;
  • reduce the activity of the pathogen in the lesions;
  • to duplicate the number of repeated occurrences.
Therapy completely from a simple virus will not relieve, because, unfortunately, have not yet figured out how to do it.

If before the pregnancy the woman has already dealt with characteristic manifestations, she is obliged to inform the gynecologist about it. He will give useful advice, thanks to which the bearing of the child will pass normally. But as soon as the first signs will make themselves felt, you should immediately see the doctor.

If treatment begins at the right time, it will be very effective. During pregnancy and before childbirth, the condition should be carefully observed, so that nothing could harm the baby.

The best antiherpetic drugs act before the blisters are formed, or during the day after their appearance.

Treatment in pregnancy, mainly carried out with the help of anti-herpetic drugs:

  • Acyclovir;
  • "Zoviraks
  • Valaciclovir;
  • "Penciclovir
  • "Famaciclovir."

During pregnancy, the virus can be in a dormant state. In this case, before the birth the woman is sent to any hospital.

But if there were relapses, she would need a specialized clinic so that she and the baby could be closely watched.

Also, before giving birth, the pregnant woman tests, so that the doctors decide how the child will be born.

If the herpes simplex virus is detected, then resort to:

  • natural birth, while the birth canal is treated with antiseptic means;
  • cesarean section.

The treatment process during pregnancy, as well as immediately before childbirth is complicated by the possible negative impact of some funds. Most likely, one of the ointments will be prescribed, which will have to be applied to the affected area for about 10 days.

Additional measures during pregnancy - a solution of interferon or vitamin E in capsules, thanks to which the sores will heal faster.

Before giving birth, and even more so during the entire period of pregnancy, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is necessary to maximally strengthen immunity with immunostimulants, moderate physical exertion, proper diet, hardening;
  • any harmful habits should be excluded from the lifestyle;
  • it is desirable that blood tests for the presence of the pathogen were given before conception.

Features of suppressive methods


It should be considered in more detail the treatment, through which it is possible to suppress the virus of herpes simplex and genital. It means suppressive therapy. Its essence is that the patient should take tablets with antiviral effect without interruption for a long period of time.

The most commonly prescribed pill:

  • "Acyclovir
  • Valaciclovir;
  • Famvir.

Suppressive therapy is characterized by the fact that while the patient drinks tablets, there are no repeated manifestations of the disease, or they happen rarely.

If the receipt of the medicine in the body stops, the disease can re-assert itself. But it happens that it is absent. In practice, it has been proven that if suppressive therapy is performed, and the patient uses protective equipment during sexual intercourse, the risk of contracting a partner is reduced by almost 75%. It is the suppressive therapy that reduces the activity of the pathogen and helps to strengthen the immune system.

There is a certain category of people to whom suppressive therapy is indicated. These are those patients who suffer from repeated manifestations of the disease more than 5 times a year. Whoever relapses are not so frequent, can do other methods.

Tablets should be taken according to a certain scheme. For example, tablets "Atsiklovir" are used in the morning and evening 1-2 pieces for six months to a year. If such treatment is carried out, the number of exacerbations is significantly reduced. Some patients do not have them at all.

The patient should take "Valaciclovir" tablets on the 1st morning (if there were less than 10 relapses) or 2. According to doctors, such tablets are much more effective than previous ones.

Although suppressive therapy helps to achieve high results, negative consequences are still not excluded. For example, tablets "Acyclovir" can provoke skin rashes, which disappear after giving up the remedy.

Sometimes this treatment causes:

  • nausea and the urge to vomit;
  • stool disorder;
  • intestinal colic;
  • pain in the head;
  • drowsiness;
  • an increase in the level of bilirubin (short-term) and other.

Physiotherapy is often used so that recovery with the help of the listed medicines is more effective. But before physiotherapy is prescribed, an immunogram must be made. Usually, physiotherapy involves treatment with ultraviolet radiation, which has a bactericidal action, as well as an anesthetic. Physiotherapy has a positive effect on the immunobiological processes occurring in tissues.

About prevention, no one should forget, especially women who are preparing to become moms. But at the first manifestations for medical help it is necessary to apply as soon as possible.

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