Herpes at men - what is this illness or disease?

Herpes in men is especially unpleasant when it comes to the genital virus. The disease manifests itself as a rash on the skin and mucous membrane of the genital organs in the form of vesicles filled with fluid. From such a disease no one is immune, it is very easily transmitted sexually, even with the use of contraceptives. It is worth paying attention to the fact that if the herpes is localized on the lips of a partner, it can easily be transmitted by direct contact on the genitals.



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The disease is transmitted almost immediately, by contact with the patient or with his personal items.

There are several ways to get infected with this virus:

  • direct contact of the mucous membranes, directly during sexual intercourse;
  • through the blood, even with the smallest wounds;
  • airborne droplets, (this explains why they do not save contraceptives);
  • household products (towels, washcloths, personal care items and clothes).

Herpes at men enough unpleasant disease. A few days after infection, rashes appear. They can be on the head of the penis or on the foreskin in any amount.

Even the appearance of one bubble indicates the presence of a virus in the blood. The disease is easy to diagnose independently, except for sores, redness is formed, causing discomfort. Local itching, burning and pain can accompany herpes.

Initially, everything begins only with redness, then there are bubbles. After them, there are ulcers that are covered with a crust. If you do not rip off the affected areas, then there will be no scars or other marks.

Herpes in men can affect the general condition of the body. Due to the fact that the entrance to the seminal and urinary canals is small, the virus does not always get into the blood. He can stay on the surface. Unfortunately, the spread sometimes goes around the entire body.

It is indicated by the following symptoms:

  1. Sore throat in muscles.
  2. Temperature increase.
  3. Weakness and malaise.
  4. Stomach upset.

Also quite common is completely asymptomatic herpes. You can find out about the presence of the virus by just passing certain tests.

Types of disease

Herpes virus is diverse, it can appear on the genitals, on the lips, sometimes eruptions occur even on the mucous membrane.

Depending on the specific form of the disease, the symptomatology can be different:

  • Erythematous. It is characterized by a frequent increase in temperature, redness is noticeable, itch can be very troubling and pain;
  • bullous. It means that the most unpleasant stage of the disease is the one when ulcers are already forming;
  • hemorrhagic. It is caused by the presence of hemorrhages inside the rectum and urinary canal;
  • itching. Can do without bubbles at all, but the burning and itching are strengthened.

Such forms can all be considered atypical, they rarely arise, most often the disease proceeds according to the classical scenario.

The quality of life

Not a single man is immune to herpes. Most members of the stronger sex have a fairly active sex life and often change partners. Some may not even know that they have this virus in a sleeping form. Therefore it is desirable to have sexual relations with one person.

It is necessary to use only your hygiene items and try to keep the genitals clean. Herpes is very afraid of alcohol, so alcohol wipes for intimate hygiene should always be at hand. Regular rubbing helps to get rid of bubbles and ulcers without traces as quickly as possible.

The herpes virus is quite stable, can live for many years in the human body, not manifesting itself in any way. It is worth noting that women in this matter suffer more. During pregnancy, critical days, they are more susceptible to infection. In men, the work of immunity is more stable, which means less risk of infection.

The prevention of relapses is directed, first of all, to strengthening the body. This means that you need to eat right, drink vitamins and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Herpes virus in men is often confused with other diseases that cause similar symptoms - redness, itching, digestive problems. To make an accurate diagnosis and for effective treatment should immediately contact the professionals. At the initial stage, the virus is much easier to cope with than later, when the herpes entered the body and hit other organs. With the right approach, this disease is easily cured without consequences.


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