Wheat germ oil for the face is a faithful assistant in skin care



  • Amazing composition
  • Who approached the miracle tool
  • Application of wheat germ oil for the face

Wheat is our life, full-fledged food, nutritious and nutritious. But this cereal is amazing not only the dominant positions in the world of cooking. Wheat germs give the most unique in their constituent components and the effect of oil. The history of its creation goes back to the past. Now this healing oily yellow liquid with a pleasant aroma is one of the most popular, effective remedies in modern cosmetology.

Amazing composition

Wheat germ oil for the face just magically affects the skin. It has a huge amount of antioxidants that effectively inhibit the appearance of age-related changes, a powerful anti-aging effect, stimulate the processes of metabolism. In addition to antioxidants, a lot of other useful substances are contained in the miracle-extractor.

Component Effect on the skin
Fatty acid restoration of damaged tissues, strong protection from negative factors, improvement of circulatory processes, promote the healing of various skin lesions (cuts, abrasions, wounds)
Amino acids strengthen the formation of elastin, collagen, smooth the epidermis, remove wrinkles, exfoliate, remove dead, unnecessary particles of skin
Vitamins regenerating, whitening, rejuvenating, therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties, removing puffiness, significantly raises the turgor of skin
Allantoin elimination of inflammatory processes, antioxidant properties, increase of elasticity, general tone, improvement of epidermal color
Minerals deep cleansing, moisturizing, saturation with oxygen, soothing, bactericidal properties, elimination of toxins, anti-cellulite effect

Wheat germ oil for the face instantly acts on the epidermis at the cellular, deepest level, penetrating into its most secretive structures. The result of the unique squeeze becomes visible after the first procedures.

Who approached the miracle tool

The amazing properties of the healing substrate allow very effective use of wheat germ oil for the face of almost everyone, with any kind of skin.

  • Dry will restore, moisturize, relieve wrinkles, withers, scaling.
  • Normal will give the necessary prevention to prevent the appearance of age-related changes.
  • Fat will save from shine, narrow enlarged pores, deep cleans and refresh.
  • Withering will give strength for complete restoration.
  • Problem will help to remove inflammation, irritation.

Oil perfectly helps to treat various skin diseases: acne, eczema, dermatosis, psoriasis. It is not allergenic and very gentle, delicately affects the epidermis.


Application of wheat germ oil for the face

Wheat pomace has a fairly heavy consistency, so to care for the face, apply it most effectively in a diluted form (or in the composition of various caregivers). Dilute it with other oils, lighter (apricot, olive, peach or grape) in a consistency of 1x3 (where 1 is an oleaginous mash from wheat germs). A mixture of oils can be applied to the skin in its pure form instead of the usual, caring means, to keep half an hour.

Means and masks for face

  • Miracle cream around the eyes

Mix 3 parts of the embryonic substrate with 2 parts of rose water. Apply the mixture in a thin layer and lightly "slam" the composition into the skin.

  • For the growth of eyelashes

Remove makeup, rinse face with comfortable, warm water. A few drops of undiluted miracle oil brush carefully put on your eyelashes. After a few days the eyelashes will become noticeably thicker, longer and brighter.

  • For lips

Undiluted wheat oil, apply a thin layer on the lips. It effectively eliminates peeling, heals jaundices and cracks. The wheat substratum protects the lips from severe frost and wind.

  • As an auxiliary

Add it to the usual cream for 3-4 drops (based on one serving to apply to the skin).

  • In the form of compresses for deep moistening

Mix 3 drops of wheat oil with the esters of orange, karite, mint, sandalwood (1 drop of each). Stir the mixture with a paper towel and apply to the face for a quarter of an hour. Rinse the remnants of the healing mixture is not necessary - let the skin absorb all the healing substances.

  • For clarification(against freckles, pigment spots)

Mix the oily wheat liquid (15 ml) with lemon, grapefruit or juniper ester (1 drop each). Wet the makeup of the cotton pad and put it on the problem areas. The procedure is carried out twice a day for half an hour. The effect will be evident after 5 days.

  • For shiny skin

To treat a problematic, oily skin, combine wheat germ oil with lavender or cedar (take 2 drops each). Moisten the cotton pad and apply to the inflammatory areas for 25 minutes every day.

  • Against peeling

Scaly skin areas lubricate with a mixture of oily wheat extract (7 ml) with lemon balm esters, roses (1 drop). Dried areas should be greased several times daily.

  • Restorative from skin fatigue

To restore the health of a tired dermis, a facial mask with wheat germ oil from ground oat flakes (20 g), warm milk (15 ml) and wheat marvel (7 ml) will help. The composition is applied to the face for 25 minutes.

An amazing oily miracle extract, a healing gift of nature, wheat oil for the face will return your face to a young, radiant, youthful and healthy appearance in just a few procedures.

Beauty to you!